Wimbledon 4R rankings - men
Last slam QF before Wimbledon: 2008 RG - Nadal 2008 RG - Federer 2006 WM - Ancic 2005 WM - Lopez 2005 AO - Safin 2003 AO - Schuettler 2001 AO - Clement Fi...

Federer had 21 aces today in three sets.
He is becoming like Sampras.

That guy called Safin worries me if he ended up playing Federer.
He is tough, very strong, he can muscle the ball for a winner from anywhere on the court, forhand or backhand.

Nadal could win 20-25 slams easily
Rafa can win the career slam 4-5 times *easily* with the form he's shown over the last 6 weeks. I say he'll hit 20-25 slams. With the consistency he's shown the last 6 weeks, he should be a...

Nadal's next two matches are easier than Federer's
Nadal booked his place in the final, Federer will be tested before he can face Nadal, Safin will be tough.

2 good legs?
BETHESDA, Md. - Tiger Woods does not know when he can play golf again, but he said Monday his rebuilt left knee has been sore his entire PGA Tour career and he looks forward to playing on ...

FEDERER: "The thing is Pete played on Court 2 after winning seven
Q. There's been a bit of an issue raised today. Maybe it was a little disrespectful to put Venus Williams, a four time champion, out on Court 2. Would you, if they scheduled you there, have ...

women's QF predictions ...
Dementieva d. Petrova 6-3 5-7 6-3 Serena d. Radwanska 7-6 6-2 Tanasaugarn d. Venus 7-5 7-5 Vaidisova d. Zheng 2-6 6-4 6-4 Only real upset will be Venu...

Is Gasquet really gay?
All those rumors. Hmm.

Are you kidding me?
I left the house to play some tennis when Gasquet was serving for the match and just came back to find a big surprise, man! I guess it's pay back for Roddick :)

Did U see the TV Spot with McEnroe ? Unreal .. you must see it
It is soo baaad ..,.it is good. In the spot ....John had told his friends about Raisin Bran and the 10 day challenge. Sho enuf .. it worked and they thanked John for info. Then the co...

The demise of Hewitt
Is quite something. He never had any punch, but you could count on him to keep the ball on court. These days he can't even keep the ball in play for more than 5 or 6 shots. Hardly recognizab...

best quarterfinals in recent memory?
i'm really digging W so far. Roger, Rafa, Murray, Safin and Ancic are really putting on a nice show. (Lopez, Clement and Schuettler not so much.) i can't remember a major that w...

How could Murray beat Nadal?
For example, how would you all evaluate Murray's serve and the challenge it poses to Nadal? Is Murray's serve tougher and more consistent than Gulbis? What would be Murray's game ...

Looks like Nadal has stepped on the gas
It was at this point at the FO that he began crushing his opponents and today probably is the beginning of something similar at Wim. Absolutely crushed Youzhny even though the knee was bothe...

ESPN360.com competing with Wimbledon.org
Some poor coverage from ESPN and ESPN360 this time (IMO, compared with coverage of other tournaments). Part of the problem might be competing with Wimbledon.org for profits from the ...

look what the fuglies/androgynous spaniards did to ballack's cute

Quarterfinal winners
I'll try that again Fed Safin Schuettler Nadal

quarterfinal winners
Fed Safin Schuettler Rafa

Murray + the crowd will be tough for Nadal

Shame Murray is in Nadal's half
would love to see Murray vs Fed at Wimbledon.

Sue Mutt, errr, Mott
Is this toothy, anorexic, wannabe-MILF aching to have Andy Murray's love child or what? She's embarrassing during her ESPN interviews with her gushing over him.

Gasquet served big
http://www.andymurray.com/uploads/assets/gasstats.jpg 123mph average and a 136mph top speed.

MARAT to star in Spike Lee film

If Nadal loses to Murray...
...will the usual suspects gloat as much as they did when Fed lost to him earlier this year?

Safin like Sharapova
Wants to win USO, AO and Wimbledon once!

Who will be putting money on Nadal now?
I was going to put some cash on Nadal but I delayed that until after today's match (was a little scared because of Youzhny's past beatdowns of Nadal). But now I'm worried fo...

Cakewalk draw for Nadal
Weren't Fed haters bitching about how easy Roger's draw was? What about Nadal's? LOL!

This is Safin's first GS QF since he won the '05 AO.
He's back!

How many games will Murray win against Nadal?
Predict how many games Murray will win against Nadal.

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