Whisper exposed!

How will Federer's new coach help him if he won't be with him during
This is the time where he can get Federer to learn few stuff or fix some issues in his game. It doesn't make sense at all.

How many think Grupedski is a sad grumpy old fool and extremely
*raises hands*

Arrogant things that Federer said in his MC press conference ...
http://www.asapsports.com/show_interview.php?id=49187 "But it's tough against him, you know, under the circumstances, you know. And he deserves to win in the end, you know, I think bec...

Finally saw MC 08 Final, Fed never had a chance
The only time he was ahead he was going for ridiculous line shots and made it. Once they stopped going in he look fried. It's obvious now that he cannot beat Rafa on the slow red clay.

OT: SPAM filtering instruction for thunderbird
Javier, I've been trying to reply to your post, but google groups is playing funny buggers. I'd like the instructions you offered, thanks. :-)

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The sore throat heard around the world -
Saturday in Monte Carlo 2008-04-29 09:12:00 Does everyone remember when Justine Henin retired against Amelie Mauresmo in the final of the Australian Open? The FINAL. Of a Gr...

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For all of you adding SPAM replies to spam messages...
NEWSFLASH: Usenet spam is posted by bots. Spammers do not monitor their messages in newsgroups. You do not "clear up the newsgroup", you duplicate the spam-related post count. ...

Kimiko Date
She's back on Tour under the name of Kimiko Date-Krumm and at the age of 37. She went through the qualifying at a challenger tournament in Gifu, Japan.

One handed backhand players won the FO
Do you know a one handed backhand player that won the FO more than once? And who out of these players managed to beat a two handed backhand player in their FO finals? I...

Ugly Djoko aint nothing more than a 1 time slam wonder.
and that was due to monofed~~ enjoy your 1 slam joker

Myskina's a mother
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LOL - this guy is amazing!

Be quiet and enjoy :)

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The last time Wawrinka cleaned Nalby's cage, he did a lot of bragging. Is Nalby ready for a re-match?

'In America, tennis players are not people...
=2E... If you are in tennis, you are a cross between a panhandler and a visiting in-law. You're not respected, you're tolerated. In England, you're respected as an artist. In Europe, you're ...

Lost in all the hullabaloo...
Rafa has permantely ditched the piratas. No more ass digging apparently.

Something I don't get...
all the haters and trolls like Whipser, how can they hate on Federer so much? He's such a great champ, can't they show some respect?

TENNIS; Sampras Loses Cool, Match, Slam Chance (Sorry it's painful
By SELENA ROBERTS Published: May 28, 2002 For months, Pete Sampras put aside his ego to embrace change, willing to put up a scaffold around a legendary style that had churned out a ...

Sampras regretted not trying to use a bigger racquet to win the FO
Why doesn=92t Federer give it a try before it=92s too late and there is nothing to do except to regret as well. Wilson can manufacture a bigger racquet for him that won=92t be very

What happened to Federer and what is behind this new "woo-hoo" thing? He did it once against Nalbandian and twice against Nadal. Is he becoming another Blake?

Roger is the best and the most complete!

I Would Like to See ...
1. Nalbandian-Nadal matchup on clay. 2. Safin-Nadal on clay when Safin is playing well.

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