President Clinton Speaks on US as Dying Idiots President Clinton - "We look like [DYING...

Men's Rankings March 10th
1. Roger FEDERER 6330 2. Rafael NADAL 6005 3. Novak DJOKOVIC 5145 4. Nikolai DAVYDENKO 2775 5. David FERRER 2770 6. Andy RODDICK 2440 7....

Absolutely certain. Loser psycho criminals here have ruined usenet
Absolutely certain.: And, people must know. Anon psycho criminals who have hung around here in auk for years are stalking harassers to many newsgroups and have ruined many complete...

DeserTBoB CORRECT ONCE MORE...Charlie Nudo looking like a complete
DeserTBoB <> wrote in > On Sat, 1 Mar 2008 04:40:19 -0800 (PST), soon-to-be-unemployed 'tard >...

The Sick Puppies of Anonymous (was: Re: Grounds for appeal)
Oh, look, it's "Snidely Whiplash!" - Hide quoted text - - Show quoted text - > On 2008-03-03, Anonology <> wrote: >&...

robin hood economics
1) haute culture 2) proletarian culture (those who have to work for their needs) 3) bourgeois culture http://en....

mono: ""How Can I Get Better?"
""How Can I Get Better?" There is no cure for mononucleosis. But the good news is that even if you do nothing, the illness will go away by itself, usually in 3 to 4 weeks. " ...

$1500 A Day Just For Checking & Sending Emails
How would you like to stay at home and make $15 for every e-mail you process online? How many emails could you process in an hour or in a day? If you could process 50 emails in one day, you ...

Daily Spirit-guided health tip for 3/5/08.> wrote: > the only friend listed on chung's blog scam site is a gay man who doesn't know chung'...

how can i forgive myself after writing all that crap after roger lost
i never thought that this would be so bad :-( God, heeeeelp him, please

faggot morons.
Ken? well, a ken doll doesnt have a dick, either, no genitals, at all...

You're stupid, big gay balls with a 110 IQ, you have no clue what
crack them all, you are insignificant, a 110 IQ, too dumb to understand how you're being trolled. And you will eat your dick, and those of your crews, too. Auchi, Sadd...

Los es cojera!!
Los tiene penes tan pequeno para sexo!!!!!!!! Las mujeres reyeles!!!!!! Pobre poquito hombres!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Numero uno! <...

Patriot Games - Stupid Nazi Kook Locked In Fridge Eats Own Ass
Recently the stupid little Nazi known as Patriot Games has DEMANDED citations to a couple of things that, as with almost everything in the universe, he's too fucking stupid to understan...

Stealing a laptop advice needed
Stealing a laptop advice needed I suffer from SEVERE depression and so can't work. I need a laptop computer. I went to steal one from a shop we have here in the USA and I became v...

Greaves will realise
Greaves will realise - maybe not today, or tomorrow, or even next year, but one day - that his whining was the fruit of his own jealousy and spite; and he will then itch with a unscratc...

Will F-LO destroy A-DICK???
F-LO is the future GOAT!

Federer's latest blog - shorter than normal
After some difficulty, Roger Federer's latest blog has become available. There was a long delay for some unknown reason since the last one, but here is the latest edition in full. ...

Federer has mono?
If this story was legit might it not have reached the wider press? If it is true might I be the first to exclaim: LOL.

They're changing the rules for the Sampras-Federer exo ...
... considering that both players suffer from debilitating illnesses (thalassemia minor & mono): - match reduced to one set - 5 minute break at change of ends - no rallies ov...

Federer-Sampras match to be offered by USTA
USTA.Com To offer FREE live streaming OF FEDERER vs. Sampras Netjets showdown ON March 10 AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN Live Coverage of Sold-Out Match Made Available to Worldwide Aud...

Sistahs to meet in Bangalore SF
One of them will meet a poor chinese girl waiting to be crushed in the final.

Go Lopez, beat that SOB
Go Lopez, beat that SOB

Roddick: "Arrogant jerk"
Connors: Therapist and Coach by: Peter Bodo, posted: Friday, March 7, 2008 Now that Andy Roddick and Jimmy Connors have split, many fans and pundits will assess th...

He added: "I've always thought he (Murray) was one of the most talented ones of the whole group, even more talented than Djokovic to be honest. I thought he would do the most first before Dj...

rst logic 101
Fed v Roddick 15 - 1 (Roddick last won Aug 03, when he was ranked higher) Inference: Roddick is a has-been. Roddick is a loser. Roddick is a joke. Roddick is a disgrace to tennis. <...

federer sickness resurfaced in feburary

Roddick v Lopez
T Does this tell you all you need to know about the court in Dubai?

All this time it was Connors
who was holding Roddick back :-)

Djokovic's fitness is a major concern
He's had no tough matches in a best-of-three set event, and after one tie-break set today he looked tired and lacking in spark. This despite being five years younger than Roddick, who ...

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