American Troops Going Insane

7543 is great if you add wieghts to it
7543 only needs little modification, the weight should be added to balance the great system. the weights system will reward the GS winner for consecutive titles won, heavily. for ...

Federer's sickness
...Is mental. God help Roger!

Where can I find Erich's highlights from 2006?
Hey, I've been looking for old fed highlights from circa 06, made by erichman of youtube. I know he used to upload a lot during 2006 (Indian wells, key biscane, monte carlo, rome). So i'm wo...

When will Federer start playing his matches in IW?
I know he is playing Monday with the goat, wondering if he will start playing IW the week after or in the same week!

Roddick - 25 career titles Only 23 players in open era have won more Not bad for a complete hack

Roddick's Wikipedia entry compiler wastes no time ...
... already updated with today's result Maybe it's mzgurl ...

Pete vs. Andy
how would Sampras have done against Andy Roddick? i bet Pete doesn't go 15-1 against him. it would have been more like 10-6, 8-8. Pete and Andy would have been an ace-fest, since nei...

Federer Virus Report
Went to Eurosport Espana looking for a Dubai Webcast, and saw this: "Eurosport - s=E1b 08 mar 22:00:00 2008 :ATP Tour - Federer sufre la 'enfermedad del beso'" http://...

Roddick back with a bang
Interesting. With Fed in his current state, could Roddick finally win Wimbledon ?

Is Dubai final coming live on internet?
please let me know quick. Roddick has won the second set and the decider is in progress.

Vamos Feli!
Lopez taking first set. ...And vamos Galo Blanco!

Federer's message to fans on his illness

FS: 1981 Wayne Gretzky 1st Edition "Tennis Classic" Badge with Signature
1981 Wayne Gretzky 1st Edition "Tennis Classic" Badge with Signature I have for sale the 1981 Wayne Gretzky, 1st Edition, "Tennis Classic" Badge with Wayne Gretzky Photo and Signature....

how much tax is deducted for winning each GS event
how much tax is deducted for winning each GS event both from a foreigner and local player prize money

Federer 2006 highlights
Hi, I've collected Federer's highlights since late 2006 and the begginning of 2007. I was wondering if someone has at least one of these highlights I don't have. I do have Indian Wells Fed v...

Novak's Nickname
"Iron Lung" "Breathless" "The Serbian Squid" (his famed flexibility) "Brillo Boy" "The Impersonator" P

how many 7543 points do you get for reaching AO semis with mono?
do you get only 7 points if you win Wimbledon with mono? Or, do you get an extra point or two? Do you get 5-6 points if you make the semifinals of the AO with mono? we need ...

OT: Obama vs. Clinton
Feels like the fifth set of a match that should have ended in the third or fourth, UEs flying, players trading breaks, headed for a heartbreaking tie-breaker ...

Ancic's mono!

Top 10 mainstream British rock bands of all times... MY FINAL LIST
Since I am totally drunk and watching Led Zeppelin DVD on VH1 classic (right after classic album episode of Whos Next), I am marvelled by these British mainstream bands who succeeded in both...

Fed's agent confirms he has mono
Agent: Federer sick with mononucleosis during Australian Open NEW YORK (AP)--Roger Federer couldn't figure out why he felt so sluggish at the start of this season. His doctors eventual...

What excuses will Federer have...
the next time he loses a few matches?

A song for Federer

List of countries which BLANDERS does not wanna nuke
1. USA 2. UK (provided they don't act snobby)

US Open Last year
Did Roger start to show symptoms at US Open last year? He was sweating a lott and looked downright tired at some stages (especially against Davydenko). Also his movemen was...

Federer: "it would be very premature, almost a little bit rude toward
He said those players were doing well, but he added: "I think it would be very premature, almost a little bit rude toward me because of everything I've already done over the last few years. ...

T0ILET B0WL ran out of drugs again!!

slow stupid, kfc, no rapid response ability, AT ALL, and in inability

Obama takes money from a former/current Saddam henchman, olbermann
Obama takes money from a former Saddam henchman, olbermann pimps Obama. yeah, that's our press, winning the battles for hearts and minds, getting into bed with the worst of the iraqi scum, <...

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