350 points between Federer & Nadal and Djokovic is very close!
Will the race for number #1 stay tight by consistent performance of these three players or will one or two of them falter making it easy for the others to reach the top? The probl...

whats IW time in GMT
whats IW time in GMT

Point System Based on Slams Only
If slam results are to be the be all and end all here is a point system that takes into account not only wins but early exits. The points are awarded as powers of two depending on whic...

What time is the Fed-Sampras match on ?
will it be streamed on the net ? where ?

Federer showed a lot of class while winning...
Federer is not near as gracious when he is spanked as when he does the spanking. I noticed that he hardly ever loses to an opponent unless he is sick or had a bad day or his opponent was luc...

Predictions for Sampras-Fed
Pete is now well accustomed to Fed game after playing him 3 times at the end of last year and closing the gap every time. This should be a routine victory for Pete, Fed will be quite easily ...

Federer- im looking forward to beating Pete at the garden
LOL- Never heard Federer say anything like this before for any opponent. even though Federer now knows why he wasn't playing his best in his 2 previous matches he sounds like he's...

As seen on Oprah - $6 and paypal
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No tennis for me.
Just realized that ESPN is not covering either the Pacific Life or Miami. Covered by FSN. I have no coverage and am very sad now. Boo..hooo... time for directTV. -- "It's...

ESPN: Fed Fans, Don't Panic
Relax Federer faithful, it's only March By Tom Perrotta Special to ESPN.com March 10, 2008 Times have been tough for Federer, and there are few signs that the competit...

Emerson won the career slam
makes him superior to Pete who lost EIGHT times at the FO and never made a final. So, even though Pete leads him 13-12 in slams (Pete won 2 by "accident", I give Emers...

This is funny .....
watch the video http://rawstory.com/news/2008/SNL_spoofs_Hillarys_3AM_phone_call_0309.html

Britain makes camera that "sees" under clothes
Britain makes camera that "sees" under clothes Sun Mar 9, 7:21 AM ET LONDON (Reuters) - A British company has developed a camera that can detect weapons, drugs or exp...

Waterboarding By WILLIAM SAFIRE Published: March 9, 2008 Some locutions begin as bland bureaucratic euphemisms to conceal great crimes. As their meanings become clear, these...

Djokovic expected Murray to win! What a class?!!
Was this based on Murray's slam achievements? or what? What did he gain when he said something like that?!! I guess, he considers himself the new master/king of the game, he is...

19,000 at the Garden watching two GOATs play
will this latest installment of current GOAT meeting the heir apparent be a real contest, perhaps decided 7-6, 7-6, in front of a capacity crowd at Madison Square Garden? how'd yo...

Now that you know Fed has had mono the past couple of months
Do you now still believe the Joker has caught up with Federer's game as he suggests? its amazing how fast people jumped on Federer's recent loss's like it meant a instant decline. does...

listen to this Fedfucker....
"I knew he was extremely talented then--a lot of power, didn't have holes in his game" What kind of clueless newbie would think that Federer has "a lot of power"? As any tier-one ...

more FEDDY possible excuses...
--Depressed about Mirka's weight gain --Feeling claustrophobic while trapped in the closet --Wishes he had Nadal's abs --Sampras bald better than FEDDY with hair...

Greatest rock solos?
I am not an expert of rock solos... but I like this list a lot (especially for band). They seem to pick only the best albums. So go by this list... the greatest rock solos should look ...

"With Seppi on court i'll never win indoors"
- a Spanish CLOWN named Rafael

Excuses of Roger Federer
Mono or not, he would have lost to Djokovic and Murray. Simply because they are better.

True Slam count for Men and Women
Replacing ATP+WCT championships for AO until 1987 for men and Relacing WTA championships for AO until 1987 and also adding Olympic Gold medal as a slam.... Tie breaker.....

Sampras the exhibition goat
read somewhere that he's playing in an exho against Nalbandian in Bunos Aires a week before French Open. Looks like he's on an exhibition trail.

Sampras vs Nalbandian
possibly: http://www.sportsya.com/english/news.php/Former_ATPs_number_one_Pete_Sampras_will_play_in_Argentina_Brazil_and_China.html?id_estruc=283&id=172540

Djoker should be feeling miserable right now
he actually cared Dubai tourney because he wants everything Roger's got

OT: Bush says US Federal agents can open the mail of citizens
Bush says feds can openmail without warrant: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2003508676_mail04.html

please recommend a tennis chat website
that can be accessed simply through a browser, without irc software etc

equal pay should follow equal sets by women
equal pay should follow equal sets by women ie 5 sets at GS. in all other profession, women has to work the same amount of hours to earn equal pay

Raja is that you?

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