Johny Mac said it... clearing some misunderstandings
they slowed down the grass in 2002 (the year Hewitt won his title), so when federer beat sampras in 2001's wimbledon, it was still on fast-grass. it was a legitimate victory for the y...

Wildcard for sampras at wimbledon?
does that work? or he has to go thru the challengers?

Sampras fans
I am not a fan, but I am a fan of other players, and I know what it means to be a fan and to see someone come back. It can be bittersweet because of the conflict between remembering how it u...

Giovanna, did you get the hat?

On the stupidity scale from 1 to 10
a serious discussion about an exhibition is rated 12!! :-)))

LMAO at the Sampras quote about Fakevic
"He's the guy with personality, who does impressions," Sampras interjected. "If you call that personality." lol.... pete hates him

Video: Federer passes Sampras with a running forehand at his

The world's 'best bad player ever'
"If you look at my record against the rest of the top 10, with the exception of Roger Federer, it's pretty good for a guy who can serve but can't really volley or hit a backhand or whose f...

NY Times Article on the Federer-Sampras Exo Something to Lose in a Just-for-Fun Match By HARVEY ARATON Published: March 11, 2008 Exce...

Indian Wells - The Draw
WTA draw is out. It is not a mandatory event in the WTA, I believe. Henin is sitting this one out. Top seed Ivanovic is projected to draw Vaidisova. It is about time Vaidisova d...

Pancho beat Laver in an exo at age 41 ...[Pancho Gonzales] could also beat the clear number-one player in the world, Rod Laver, on an occasiona...

Raja is fucked
He actually thinks Federer was going all out against Sampras in exo - just when you think he couldn't possibly get any dumber he lowers the bar yet another notch. Pu...

Tennis as if it mattered ...
.. in the USA. believe me, this sampras/fed exo created LOTS more interest and excitement in tennis here over the past few weeks than anything short of a slam has in recent memo...

federer is a dumb ass
all these exos actually have a negative impact on federer. after playing all these tough matches with sampras, other players start thinking "hey, if an old geez can give him so much t...

no. 1 ranking up for grab in miami

sampras wife still hot
more and more a MILF as the years go by...

What racket did sampras use tonight?
was it his old pro staff or was it a new model painted to look like the old pro staff?

Circumstances, fate and fortune
Now Fed looks like a genius, an accidental genius of course... loses to Djoker at Melbourne... loses to Murray... the mono story/revelation gets aired... but before all this he's heading int...

Todd Martin is better than federer
Martin just beat sampras a few days ago.... but federer needed 3 tough sets to dispatch sampras... Todd Martin is the king.

Anyone else get the feeling......
....Federer will fall just short of all of Sampras' great records? 13 slams 6 Wimbledons 4 USOs 5 yr end No.1 1 less week at No.1 4 YEC ...

Wither Tsonga?
Only an (L) to Ancic since the AO final, probably working on conditioning.

Fawning Sampras all praise for Federer
Thinking back on their lone professional encounter, seven years ago, Sampras was quick to point out: "I knew back then that he was special." Why? Sampras nearly ran out...

One thing only....
no more talks about Sampras' had tons of Whisper's clips, and now this. just look at it....playing against Federer who is 10 years younger than him, at the...

My Apologies
I must say I am extremely sorry for predicting that Sampras would win in straight sets - I was so wrong, he was crushed 7-6 in the 3rd after being up 5-2 and then serving for the match at 5-...

TTC now showing Wimbledon match
Interesting to hear the commentators. Rap on Federer is he has no plan B.

Vids: Madison Square Garden In case anyone wants files. Set 1 is up, the others will follow...eventually... Fed not likely to see serves of that quality (especially on that sup...

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what else can i say ?

Nice show!
Great spirits and fight from Sampras!!

Rahimasif's head just exploded!
Trophies? Isn't a gazillion dollars enough reward?

I predict that at matchpoint
a commercial will come on

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