I don't want to embarrass him...lol!
What Federer said in the locker room interview. hee hee hee.....yeah.

Nalbandian Indian Wells Factoid
Nalby has never beaten a Top 40 player in Indian Wells. 2008 was supposed to be the Year of the Nalby until he turned in a dismal performance at the AO. He has been socko on the clay ...

Borat = Sampras
Take a look at pictures of Cohen out of character and compare to Sampras when he had hair. I think they look very similar.

when is Fed and his better half ie Nadal playing
have IW announced date and time of fed, nadal and djokovic matches

Is Roddick finally beginning to play close to 70% of his potential?
Just beat Nadal and Djokovic convincingly on his way to the title in Dubai. Can he take advantage of Federer's state and get a win over his nemesis? Of course, there could be a M...

So how is the Hewitt-Roche coaching going?
Initially there was talk (from them). Results, not so much. Hewitt's last tournament was the Las Vegas bauble won by Sam Querrey. Hewitt destroyed Safin (or did he watch Sa...

The tough floaters in Indian Wells
Gasquet gets Soderling for his first match. Could be an Ouch! Ancic could be an Ouch for Gonzo. Any others? -- Cheers, vc

4 players monoply on No.1 ranking
the tennis ranking started in 1973 and now its 2008, so the ranking system is 35 years old, and there has been 23 guys ranked as No. 1 player over these 35 years. out of 35 years,...

Federer is sooooo lucky!
Roddick will knock out Murray before he can get to Roger :)

My summary of the game.
Set 1: federer came out very focused and sharp, broke sampras right away on the first game, then took a 2-0 lead. whereas sampras looked a little intimidated and nervous. Then sampras...

Great article on the exo (for RahimAsif especially)
http://tennisworld.typepad.com/thewrap/2008/03/glitz-mystery-a.html So, well, what was that all about? Nostalgia, private air travel, Puerto Rican rum, fabled New York hair--

The non Zeppelin album which all the four Zeps participated in ---
How many know this piece of trivia... I bet not many! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Week_Hero

Roddick, Murray and Mac want Davis Cup changed

Federer: My career is not in decline
http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080311/sp_tennis_nm/tennis_federer_dc;_ylt=AnhkEwv2gexTS188bxv6tV5Nz7QF Roger: "On RST there is a little too much speculation my career is over," the 26-ye...

Would Tilden beat Federer in an exo
I bet Federer would allow the corpse to :-)

What happened to the Al sharpton show and the Bev Smith show?
His Excellency Rev Al Sharpton!!...has not aired for two days from 1000 until 1300 PDT. His website won't pull up? www.sharptontalk.net What gives?

Would Nole have beaten Fed with TMC form?
Would Nole have beaten Federer had Fed been playing like he did before mono?| http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKnURhE6wwk

for raja should be music to your ears

Indian Wells - ATP Draw is out
http://www.pacificlifeopen.com/4/assets/common/TrackIt.asp?file=/4/assets/pdfs/draws/08ATP_MDS1.pdf Seeds Federer's Q Federer Almagro Ljubicic Robredo <...

Admiral William "No Iran war on my watch" Fallon resigns

Indian Wells - Men's draw
http://www.pacificlifeopen.com/4/assets/common/TrackIt.asp?file=/4/assets/pdfs/draws/08ATP_MDS1.pdf A pretty decent draw for Federer: 1. Bye 2. Garcia-Lopez 3. Almagro 4...

Indian Wells draw out
http://www.pacificlifeopen.com/4/assets/common/TrackIt.asp?file=/4/assets/pdfs/draws/08ATP_MDS1.pdf Federer has favourable draw until quarters where he could meet Murray...or Ro...

Since #1 ranking was so FU#$ED up in 70s and 80s should be add 50% of
Total weeks as champion = weeks as #1 + 50% of weeks as #2?

7543: Not perfect, but the best we have.
Like most people here I have always been critical of 7543 for its flaws but I think I've been guilty of missing the bigger picture. 7543 isn't perfect, but it's the best system we have for d...

atp playernumbers
does anyone know how the atp compiles the number for a players profile for example http://www.atptennis.com/3/en/players/playerprofiles/racepointsbreakdown.asp?player=F324 <- F...

The Urban Legend of Defending Points
A player gets assigned fixed points based on the tournament he has entered and the round he has reached. The points from all the tournaments entered over the last one year are added.

Once again a tough draw for Maria in Indian Wells
Danilidou - 3rd Mauremo - 4th Hantuchova - QF Kuznetsova - SF Ivanovic/Jankovic/Davenport - F

Why They Had the Exos?
Looking at the mess of posts here it looks like a lot of people were into the exhibition matches with fans of both sides talking trash so both the players made some money, generated buzz, pr...

The exo reminded us all of Sampras weaknesses
Okay first his strengths 1) Overhead smash 2) Second serve 3) Fluke "on the run" forehand 4) Mental Strength His weaknesses 1) Ordinary volleys 2) Wussy floati...

Federer & Nadal makes a deal
The details of deal are unknown, except the following part Nadal will have Federer No. 1 ranking and Wimbledon 2008 for exchange of his French Open 2008 to Federer Reporting...

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