The Sampras shot w/ Lansdorp imprint:
FH half-volley. Lansdorp was/is a stickler for fundamentals, and Sampras (God rest his Soul) executed this shot to perfection- staying down w/ the ball, almost exagggerated follow- thr...

Will Miami get a Nadal v Federer Final?
If so, who you got? I'd take Rafa on present form- thick air, heat, seemingly bouncy court- though I'll root for the Fed.. Probably Rafa in (close) straights, if it happens.

How the Hell did Borg get so much Top....with
..with an Eastern Forehand grip, per the Great RuPaul? Unprecedented in Human History... Secret Viking Pacts?

Andy Roddick's fiance is hot!!! The ace count is going to drop for him on the tennis courts, but I don't think he will give a shit!!! LOL

Geez I think I'm going to vomit...
Apparently the Djoker is in the April issue of Men's Vogue! >>Anna's taste in men has gone down big time<<<

Lendl reincarnated!
The Czech guy facing Roddick has a killer forehand and Lendlesque mannerisms. Dont be surprised if this due becomes a champ one day!

sickest ATP ever?
Federer, just over mono. Ancic had mono last year. Soderling just retired in his match with Fed. Haas retired with his last match. He also thinks he was poisoned.

Were Israelis Erlich and Ram denied entrance to Dubai?

Henin to meet Serena in Miami
This would be fun. Both hate each other

why cant a non mono player defeat a ex-mono player
why cant a non mono player defeat a ex-mono player

what happened to Tsonga?
Tsonga lost 3 and 3 to Benneteau. this is a surprise to me. Did anyone watch the match? What happened to the AO finalist?

Miami Men's SFs to be played on Friday or Sat?
Anyone know please? I'm guessing they'll both be on Friday, with the second at 7pm local time.

Serena is looking good today
I think Serena Williams looks a whole lot better in that two piece outfit than she does in a dress. Maybe she's in better shape than usual too.

Russians, Saudis Expect U.S. Attack On Iran

So who was more sick?
Federer or Söderling?

ATP players' plan for Federer
Keep him rusty by defaulting matches.

Soderling looks like he's gonna quit
heat exhaustion

Three aces and one DF in the first service game of Federer!
He does not want a long match!

Sony Ericsson "fat people need love too"
Watching the Justine Henin - Elena Vesnina match, wondering how many fat people Sony Ericsson can stuff onto one tennis court.

How many players have suffered a FO Final loss and then went on to
in the same year, besides Federer (2006-07) and McEnroe (1984) ofcourse just curious

Andy Roddick engaged,,20187154,00.html

Cleanest hitters (not topspin or slice bullshit, just plain flat
Lindsay Davenport James Blake Ivan Lendl Maria Sharapova (early) Mary Pierce Any one else you could think of?

Agassi won Nasdaq six times in thirteen years
1990 1995 1996 2001 2002 2003

Federer's h2h with Soderling All wins for Fed however, look at all the Tie Breaks! Never saw Soderling play before...

Can't wait for this tennis season to arrive!!!

Where can I learn more about Tennis?
I want to become an expert in Tennis, meaning - I want to know everything about the game. Starting from how high the regulation hight of the net has to be to the aerodynamics of a Wilson K F...

Sportsman of the 2000s
Basically it's only 2 guys: Tiger vs Federer Tiger - because he achieved 2 career grand slams, 1 Laureus award Federer - more majors(12-11), more super-dominating seasons(3-...

Andreev nukes Joker slayer (Anderson)
6-4, 6-7, 6-4

Canas plays forehands only!
He runs around his backhand all the time to the extent that he can go outside the court (his left side) to commit hitting a forehand.

Is Canas still using steroids?
Is it true it's hard to stop using this stuff?

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