sharapova in top 10

Federer Sampras slow motion serve compare Very similar motion!

Nice Backhands by Federer

Serena looking a little slimmer...
Not as lean as 1999, but better than last season. AO should be fun with Serena, Davenport and Mauresmo all in good health.

Lucky Schiavone
From the Gold Coast tournament: Francesca Schiavone (ITA) d. Meghann Shaughnessy (USA) 06 01 ret. (left knee injury) There's a truly deserving winner.... Meanwhil...

OT: Tom Brady, GOAT QB?
if Tom Brady and the Patriots run the table this year by winning the playoff games and then the Superbowl, Brady will: 1. match Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw with 4 superbowls. ...

Importance Notice !!
ENGLISH ================================ Dear subscribers, I would like to remind you our daily support to our member Michael. Keep visiting the following link once a day unt...

Lendl and Becker
Just came home and saw the end of Becker vs. Lendl 1991 Australian Open Final on Tennis Channel. Noticed the at best lukewarm handshake between the players, barely any eye contact. Then in t...

Hopman Cup - Serena arrives in Perth
The report on the Hopman Cup website includes the following cryptic construction: [Serena] has assured Tournament Director Paul McNamee that she had shrugged off a brief illness a...

McEnroe vs. Borg (VIDEO).....Guess who argues with the umpire?

Where to post video links?
I have some video of myself and a friend hitting some groundstrokes on I'd like to increase the view count (number of times viewed) on them. Whe...

[Hopman Cup] US-India (Spoiler)
Shaughnessy, substituting for Serena Williams, outlasts Mirza in an "extreme tennis" sitch, 6-3 4-6 6-3, to give the US a surprise 1-0 start, and then Fish wins comfortably over Bopanna 6-3 ...

Maria Sharapova says women's tennis has fewer gambling concerns than
WTF because no one give a shit about women tennis. It already boring as fuck if we had to worry about match fixing and women throwing match it would just be too much to stomach. Think about...

By Appeal-Democrat, Marysville, Nova Scotia
By Appeal-Democrat, Marysville, Calif. Dec. 21--Most Americans recognize that wastefulness is pervasive in the federal government. By now, revelations that once generated disbelie...

Hopman Cup anywhere on the Net?
Anyone found a stream from Perth? wg

OT - Is Bush a miserable failure?

Top guns not happy with new Australian Open surface
Top guns not happy with new Australian Open surface Perth: World No 3 Novak Djokovic and other top players have said that the new Plexicushion surface that will be used at next month's...

The tennis looks pretty good.....
...on my new 50 inch HD Plasma. I can swivel it too - cool.

Agassi would rather have an 8 minute connection than win the USO
from the Dec. 29/30 Financial Times: The last time most people saw Agassi was after his defeat to low-ranked German Benjamin Becker in the third round of the US Open on September 3,

Some Ben Stein wisdom for the asses...I mean masses!
Subject: Fw: CBS Sunday Morning Commentary The following was written by Ben Stein and recited by him on CBS Sunday Morning Commentary. My confession: ...

AO & betfair
Federer 1.65 followed by Nalbandian 13 followed by Djok 13.5 Nadal 15 Murray 25

Whisper can meet Fed..... I guess you might be the only one who can enter this....not that you would, lol. Sorry Dave, I don't think you're ...

The Modern Game
Is there really a reason for anyone to call this era boring?? Do the RST guys really miss the Samprasian style of serve and volley tennis? With the Federer era in full flow now, would you gu...

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New AO surface
Doesn't appear to play too different from RA;

Topless Woman Lured Perverts for Police Why do I have a feeling that this would work on 80% of RST posters....... -D

Video: does Sampras really need to fly or pretend to fly?

2007 - Bush's very good year
"Bush's very good year The Washington Times By Lawrence Kudlow December 26, 2007 Against all odds, and despite the usual drumbeat of criticism, President Bush had a very...

great hands
How many players can pick up a full blooded Agassi return like it was nothing?

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