Re: The 60s and 70s were really British invasion - only 2 American bands (Monkees/Beach Boys) in the top 10 in terms of chart success
On May 25, 12:47 pm, Joe Ramirez <> wrote: > On May 25, 8:43 am, ^R^A^J^A^ <> wrote: > > > > > ...

Any connections between this article on Nadal and the commercials on the right side?

Federer's hitting partner Jonathan puts Roger through his paces Roger Federer had his first training session at Roland Garros on Wednesday...

A day for Majors
This is the biggest weekend for major sporting activity in the world. I'm speaking of the events that are termed, or should be termed, Majors. Like Wimbledon, The Masters and so on. Motor...

The Tennis Channel
The Cable Guy is supposed to be at my house between 4:30 and 6:30 this afternoon to install my cable TV box! The tennis channel will be online in my living room just in time for the start o...

*skriptis = Whisper
why does one poster write under two different names? It's so obvious as well. Please explain.

Re: Did Federer start working with a Sport Psychologist?
On May 25, 10:00 am, wkhedr <> wrote: > "In Monaco, I had a bad approach," Federer told the French media on > Friday. > > "I went into the final...

Federer wins!!

Is TTC covering the entire FO?
Or is ESPN taking over the semis and the finals?

Nadal will have to play real tennis to beat Federer again!!
Federer will not have mercy on his high bouncing shit any more!! C'mon Federer, let's get this trophy!!

Official rst Roland Garros predictions 2007
The draws are out. Same rules, predict the winner/finalist for both men and women. Scoring allocation: Winner Pick is Winner 6 points Finalist Pick is Finalist 4 po...

Forget about Federer's draw
Gasquet is seeded 11. Damn!

French Open Qualifying
Kvýta Peschke made it through qualifying, as did Su-Wei Hsieh. Veterans Alina Jidkova and Rossana de los RÝos are also in the final qualifying round. And surprisingly, Emma Lai...

"I've never entered Roland Garros feeling so strong mentally"
Federer banishes French Open fears Fri May 25, 2007 2:40 PM BST138 By Patrick Vignal PARIS, May 25 (Reuters) - Roger Federer said on Friday he had banished any remainin...

Did Federer start working with a Sport Psychologist?
"In Monaco, I had a bad approach," Federer told the French media on Friday. "I went into the final saying to myself: 'I'm going to see what happens'. In Hamburg, that wasn't the c...

Bodo on Lendl Knock yourself out Raja. -D

Who is where in the FO draw?
On Federer's side: Ferrero, Safin, Volandri, Davy, Chela, Almagro, Gasquet, Canas, Gonzalez, Nalbandian On Nadal's side: Djokovic, Moya, Hewitt,

Fed has a tough FO draw.
Nadal has Hewitt to contend with. Other than that he should sail to the final.

FO Tipping Comp
The draws are out, time to pick winners and runners up. Page will be up in the usaul place. Nadal d Federer (shocking) Mauresmo d Henin (who will fake another illness as she start...

atp Poertschach - streaming?
is this tournament or the current match being streamed anywhere?

spoiler monfils-hewitt
monfils took the first set current score 6-4 2-1 ALLEZ MONFILS!!! the last time they played hewitt won but it was 3 years ago and one of monfils first tournaments ...

Video: Hingis vs Graf 1999 French Open
This was the match that turned me into a Hingis fan :-) I've included some of the non-tennis incidents that made this match such a classic.

Even the birds shit on Bush !!! He called it an act of terror and an attack on the white house. Henceforth, no birds will be allowed to fly within a 10 mile radius ...

It's official...
Gasquet is 11th seed at FO.

Live draw online
Er, this is really exciting. Static picture of Nadal and empty lines for 20 minutes.

Federer spills out more about Roche
"The situation with Tony had become really complex because all of a sudden we just didn't talk any more," Federer said. "Imagine if we had spoken more often, with all he knows and all I know...

FO mens draw - R16 seeded matchups
Fed v Youzhny Robredo v Ljubicic Davydenko v Nalbandian Gasquet v Gonzalez Djokovic v Ferrer Baghdatis v Roddick Blake v Berdych Hewitt v Nadal Fed looks ...

FO men's draw about to happen on-line now

uploaded 33/13 rare vinyl album information to this site
ImHotep, I'm just starting to catalogue my library. I have thirty records in it right now. I uploaded it a few minutes ago. You can download the "Filemaker Pro 8.5 file" b...

Federer is a master of his own
Federer is a master of his own By Charles Elmore Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Friday, May 25, 2007 What surprised many people about Roger Federer was not si...

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