Federer faces moment of truth
Federer faces moment of truth Serve & Volley Naresh Kumar Roger Federerís decisive victory over nemesis Rafael Nadal in the Hamburg Masters has given him pole position...

Where in the draw is Paul-Henri Mathieu?
He gave Nadal arguably the roughest time last year- but for his intermittently weak head, he would've won.

Chrissy Evert -always a class act
http://sports.espn.go.com/sports/tennis/french07/columns/story?columnist=desimone_bonnie&id=2882705 Q: So who's your pick? Evert: Well, for Tennis Magazine, I picked Federe...

Pat Cash on Federer's Serve

Henin feels she's old
Henin feels she's old By CHRIS LEHOURITES PARIS (AP) - Justine Henin will celebrate her 25th birthday during this year's French Open, and the three-time champion is already ...

French Open 0R Rankings
Note that this includes points from Qualifying. As far as I can tell, Tatjana Malek wasn't ranked high enough to gain direct entry, so this isn't a required event for her and she does...

Shang Xi Ping Yao 518
ChinesePingyao518 http://www.py518.comhttp://www.py518.com World culture inheritance history famous city --- PingyaoWorldcultureinheritancehistoryfamouscity---Pingyao oldcity,histo...

newspaper article about Djokovic
from the 5/26/07 New York Times (by Christopher Clarey): Djokovic Is on the Rise, Just as He Expects to Be There is something ominously methodical about Novak Djokovic at work...

Tennis4you Prediction Game
Join in on the Tennis4you Forum Prediction Game. Each round a handful of matches are chosen and you predict who will win. The more you get right the more points you get. We do t...

Federer's Monte Carlo comments in hindsight
After being beaten by Rafael Nadal in the Monte Carlo Masters final, Federer said this in a post match interview: "But I feel this match gave me some information. I think I'm abso...

My son hates the French (Open)
My teenage son does not have much interest in tennis. He didn't want to learn to play the game, and watches only when I am watching and he has nothing else he'd rather do. Yet somehow he has...

Federer talking again!!

Federer's realm is in danger!
We (rst) should collect money and hire a specialist (G=FCnter).

Fed making karaoke with the song "simply the best"
"On verra notamment Roger Federer et Rafael Nadal se livrer =E0 un karaoke r=E9v=E9lateur de leur sens de l'humour. Federer interpr=E8tera ainsi =AB Simply the Best =BB tandis que Nadal ento...

The Best Place to Be for Vacation....Newly Discovered
The real pleasureable vacations for you & ur..... visit the following link...ENJOY 25 Hours a Day.. http://www.tangraphics.com/younas/info/holiday.asp OR UND...

Qualifying question
Emma lost in the 3rd round of qualifying, but made the main draw. The usual lucky loser rules are that if someone withdraws from the main draw, the highest-ranked loser in the last rou...

Federer will beat me again: Nadal
Federer will beat me again: Nadal Rafael Nadal, whose record streak on clay was stopped by Roger Federer last weekend, believes the world number one will beat him again on the slo...

Is Pistol Pete aiming at Federer?
Amusing little story, specifically for Sampras fanboys. ****** Is Pistol Pete aiming at Federer? By Mike Cormack, Sportsnet.ca May 25, 2007 Sportsnet.ca ...

Cold and wet weather in Paris
This is not good for Rafa!

Hewitt and Agassi

Virtua Tennis 3 - very disappointing
Just bought VT3 (the PC version) having loved the first two VT games and waited 6 years for this new one, but it's very, very disappointing. One of the great things about the first two VT ga...

Riddick bitches about his muscles !

French vital to Federer - Title means career Slam
French vital to Federer Title means career Slam By Howard Fendrich Associated Press PARIS - For all of Roger Federer's titles at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and the Austral...

Neapolitans are the cum of the peoples
Do you know?

Do you guys think Fed may have prematurely shown his hand?
Whatever he was doing different in Hamburg to beat Nadal is now under scrutiny. Do you think Tem Nadal is studying the tapes so that they can come up with a counter strategy?

Rate Sania mirza and Maria Sharapova wallpapers
i like maria's wallpapers i rate them 10/9 how do u rate them www.funatoz.com/us/wallpapers.php

when did rec.sport.tennis become overrun with absolutist idiots?
-Federer loses 2 matches and goes winless for 4, and his reign is suddenly over. -Nadal, clearly tired, struggles through matches before losing, and he's lost RG i blame the ...

Famous sayings by GWB not heard on Letterman
"There is a line in our time, and in every time, between those who believe all men are created equal, and those who believe that some men and women and children are expendable i...

French Open Legends
Andre Agassi 1 (USA) def. Andrei Medvedev (UKR), 1-6, 2-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4 It was an incredible final and the last time an American won at RG.

Hottest WTA player?
I nomiate Gisela Dulko, extra points for dating Mr. Hands of Stone, Fena Gonzalez!

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