Dont laugh....
Maybe not strictly relevant at the moment (clay season) ....... But Nadal could win Wimbledon this year ...he came mighty close last year (just rewatched last years final again) ...

Canas out
Federer was seen wiping his brow after the match ...

Will Nadal even lose a set this clay season?
Scary!! The chance of that happening is highest in Rome, though.

I am not a Clijsters fan but...
I am not a Clijsters fan but feel like throwing up at these losers who try to diminish her. She may not be the greatest but she has one slam and that makes her part of tennis history. Many o...

Bodo is just some jerk who gets paid to write about tennis
How many slams did the big mouth win?

TVU player what gives ?........
unable to access tennis channel - even though it's listed ? Having to use poor quality starsports feed anyone else having problems ? Jim

Federer practices 4-5 hrs a day on clay and still favors Wimbledon!!
May 8, 2007 Roger Federer ROME, ITALY THE MODERATOR: Questions, please. Q. Considering how tight the match was here last year, were you pleased w...

How many Wimbledon's would have Sampras won if he was in Lendl's place from 1983-1990
Lendl's best chance to win Wimbledon was from 1983 to 1990. He made 5 semi finals and 2 finals in that period. One thing unfortunate for him was he had natural grass courters playing at thei...

Gonzo finding his form?
I am watching him play Tursunov and his game is looking *crisp*. Too bad he is in Federer's half of the draw.

What's wrong with Gasquet?
Just turned on the match and commentators talking about how he can barely move ....

So Hops, you still confident of Gasquet...
getting into the top 10 prior to the FO?

Djokovic vs Soderling *Spoilers*
A tough, gruelling match won by the Djoker. Soderling came out firing and was bossing the Serb from the backcourt, winning almost all the lengthy baseline exchanges. After the first s...

live telecast in india
which sports channel is telecasting rome masters live in india?

Partial Rotator Cuff tear questions
(Plus I have moderate shoulder osteoarthritis at the ancient age of 51, but I won't worry about that yet.) Story: After 8 months of pain, intermittent playing, X-Rays, cortisone s...

Is Anna K. retired?

Could Henin become an Olympic figure skater?

Could Federer become an Olympic swimmer?
... -- Posted via a free Usenet account from

So is Bodo right and all of them wrong?
The world of tennis has been paying tribute to Kim Clijsters who has announced her retirement. Here are what some of the key figures said about the Belgian superstar. ...

military rule in the US
i dislike living in a country which is a military dictatorship. i much preferred civilian control over society. Pentagon tells 35,000 more US kids to deploy to Iraq and occupy the

Sabatini > Clijsters
Both won 1 USO and 2 YECs. Both were weak on clay and best on HC. Sabatini was good on grass though. Both were chokers. But Sabatini fought until the end. Clijsters chickened...

Borg article -- Larry

Assuming Gasquest gets through his next match, which he should.

Baghdatis needs to hit the gym
TTC showed about 5 seconds of the match and Baghdatis was starting to cramp during hwat looked like a relatively easy 2-set match on a not too hot day.

Was Agassi a better slow court player than Sampras?
Agassi beat Sampras whenever they met in AO and FO. AO (rubber) is slower than USO (cement) and FO (clay) is of course very slow. I think it is pretty much a no-brainer that the 20-14 ...

So frustrating to watch. He really needs to develop some killer instinct. What is it with these Frenchies?

FedGod 63 64!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
one Spaniard down...

Same day tickets to the French Open?
Our trip is not until 2008, but I am hoping to get some advice from those who have gone, or are going this year. I've checked the official site, and understand the advance ticket reserv...

Yes! Rome finally got rid of the birds eye camera angle for main
Its about bloody time! only took about 4-5 years LOL- this tournament will be much more enjoyable to watch now.

Biggest insult of a fellow player
Has to Agassi's comment on Sampras... "No-one should be Number One who looks like he just swung from a tree." It was a classic... Not even Connors/Mac/Lendl/Becke...

Serena interview,,2070702,00.html Two-part interview in UK Observer Sunday newspaper

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