Quik Quiz #221
Before Davydenko, who was the last player to win a set off Nadal on clay?

To the Graf lovers as well as haters
If you are to have a list of the greatest player for the last 35 years (WTA ranking started around that time), What would be Graf's rank? I would place her at 1st and have Evert/Navrat...

Clay-court tennis = Clown court tennis
Why is it that other surfaces (Wimbledon being the prime example) have to adapt themselves to other players (i.e bum-rooters) yet clay remains not only unchanged, but less fair than ever to ...

Fed tanking theory
Fed does not want to play Rome/Hamburg btb, too much clay tennis in short period before RG. And, if he does have to play Nadal before RG, rather at Hamburg where Fed's won three tim...

Outstanding second set from Davydenko!!
That is what it takes...to get a set off Nadal on clay. Hats off to the most underrated player in rst.

Get the linespeople off the court!
With athletes getting faster and stronger, they are a hinderance.

How many set points on his serve does Davy need?
to win a set!!

We have a new second favourite
The machine has replaced Federer as second fave based on this. Only guy to challenge the King thus far. This is the guy who shocked Coria in 2005 and should have made the Final.

Is Nadal getting tired finally or something?
I'm just watching the score and he seems like getting broken a lot!! I hope he wins Rome and Hamburg!!

The machine has set point
pressuring the sand man!!

Davydenko might end Nadal's streak
He's playing very well, and Nadal is not.

Poor GAY FAT FEDDY! He needs HAZEY to comfort him!

I wonder about Murray...
... does he use Wrist Assist? ;-)

Bjork's new album
I must say it's the biggest piece of shit I've ever heard - God it's painful to listen to. I got it as a gift & now it's a coaster for my beer.

Graf most overrated
Graf was definitely the most overrated player in the history of women's tennis. She won many of her slams against a past their primes Navs and Evert and of course she benefitted enormously ...

Hmm... Gonzo vs Nadal?
Anyone think Gonzo might be the *real* Nadal Stopper? I think he has a good shot at ending the run of the Clay Court Pimp!

Nadal against the Machine...
... Davydenko certainly can't afford a slow start today.

Go Gonzo!!
As I had predicted (after seeing him play Tursunov), Gonzo is back in form. With Fed out of the way, he now has a shot at the title. Hope he makes Nadal sweat for the title.

Just came back from Rome and... No news
I usually like Fed more than others, but now I understand why Nadal is unbeatable on clay. He made impossible passing shots. Watching him live made me see how ubiquitary he is on a clay co...

An out of this world station folks!
I know I sound rough to you all most of the time, but the conditions that many people of color are forced to live under is very very rough. So rough conditions call for rough words. <...

Italian fans
http://www.eurosport.com/tennis/rome-masters/2007/sport_sto1178206.shtml Wild card Filippo Volandri became the first Italian player to reach the semi-finals of the Rome Masters in 29 y...

WTA Berlin, Prague QF Rankings
Note that JankoviŠ and HÚnin haven't completed their quarterfinal yet. HÚnin will be #1 regardless of what happens this tournament; JankoviŠ can only move up to #5 if she reaches the fina...

Rome QF rankings
1 (1) 7015 Federer, Roger 2 (2) 4600 Nadal, Rafael* 3 (4) 2955 Davydenko, Nikolay* 4 (3) 2930 Roddick, Andy 5 (5) 2735 Djok...

Federer's FH shanks: parallax error?
Or something like it, seems a likely cause for his errors on that side. He hits the ball further out to the side than any good player I've seen, and with that stroke, the ball is not coming ...

OT: what makes a great rock 'n roll band?
yeah, you have to have good songs, songs people like listening to, but that's not enough to be a great rock band. if that's all you have, you are a great 'pop' band at best, muzak at worst...

None of us here knows what Federer is planning for himself!!
It's for sure, he needs to win the FO and he will give himself every chance to win it. He mentioned the same exact words many times. He may believe that playing many clay tournaments be...

Only six men who have made finals of all four slams in open era
Players who have reached all Grand Slam singles finals during the open era These are the players who have during their open era careers reached the final of all four Grand Slam singles ...

Go Gonzo!

Bryan/Bryan beat Nadal/Nadal
6-3, 6-3

Most titles won by male players
ATP is a major screw up and they have omitted many tournaments it seems http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tennis%2C_male_players_statistics Rod Laver : 181 tournaments Bill ...

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