Nadal made a huge mistake
He should have skipped Hamburg. too much tennis before the FO starts. this move seems to be playing right into Federer's hands to win his 1st FO title. if Federer ever had a good shot to def...

Is Federer getting over his slump?
Beat Ferrero easy

did Roche help Leyton beat Davydenko? Hewitt beat Davydenko on clay? is that because he's working with Tony Roche now?

Why Nadal will be #1 soon
Main thing is that Nadal has that attitude - "I'll fight you to the bloody end, spartan style!". Federer has a total front-runner's attitude that he's confident when he's ahead, as soon as...

Bearhug Submission PIC: Over the shoulder Amateur Bearhug ...WOW!
Bearhug Submission PIC: Over the shoulder Amateur Bearhug ...WOW! 1 Super Hot PIC, May 18, 2007 ...Safe pic for all ages, as always! To view PIC go to following link (Copy/paste link ...

Has Federer ever played against Nadal coachless?
on clay

Federer's new anti-Rafa racquet ... Is this his secret plan for the FO? LOL ...

Sampras talking about Federer

Kuerten out of FO ... ... small sigh of relief from Federer

I have an idea to make grass tennis watchable
Serve underhand.

I just thought about it...
Rafa Nadal vs Raja Nadar (thats me) that would be a fun match for commentators. It would be quite a tongue twister

Jarkko blows it
points to hold for 4-2 in the 3rd. had Djokovic 4-4 15-40 as well lost 6-4 sigh ...

Serena hit the ball at a line judge?
Serena missed a serve and hit a ball in anger. Crowd started booing. Eurosport 2 commentators spent the next five minutes saying "I have never seen her do that", "That was very unchara...

Williams d Peer
Looked easy for Serena

Fed's next Hamburg victim
David Ferrer, gobble gobble

If Federer reaches the final in Hamburg
He will win it.

FedGod 62 63
Just over an hour Nice to hear Roger's doing better. One hard win, and a relatively easy win. Good! Funny how first serve went from 75% to 43% though. Nice win to get into ...

I'm tipping Ferrer...
to beat Federer tomorrow. Barry Cowan seems to think a win over a washed up has been turns it all around, I'm not so sure.

Ferrero has less power than...
an old granny. He's kidding himself if he think he can ever get back into the top 10.

FedGod 6-2 !
Only 20 min! We've been waiting for this for a while. Keep going!

That's $500 you owe me Hops..
How do you wish to pay?

Nadal gets a FRIGHT !
But he wins first set 6-4. Too bad.

Sorry Hops ..
.. the kid will never grow up!! what a waste of a BH. bg

Federer vs Ferrero
Looking at my crystal ball I see Ferrero winning in two sets. ...There's more...I see year coming to end, I see a spanish looking guy, very muscular, I see number one. You heard it her...

Sorry Hops ..
... so sad for Gasquet. what a waste of that BH. wonder if he will ever get into single digits. bg

Sorry Hops ..
.. seems like gasquet has a long long way to go. what a waste of that BH. bg

MuscleBear Bearhug PIC: Buff and strong, John Cena out-muscles Shawn Michaels
MuscleBear Bearhug PIC: Buff and strong, John Cena out-muscles Shawn Michaels (Michaels attempts side headloack in order to eascapefrom Cena's massive bearhug!) 1 Super Hot Muscled...

Sampras must have never heard of Nadal
Sampras speaking of Federer: "He is the strongest for now and will be for the next couple of years," Sampras said. I wonder if he knows who Volandri is :-)

Not sure what smaller racquet he is talking about!!

Funny how Dias, Vari and Hazelnut
Have either vanished or drastically cut back their posting since Federer hit the rocks. Sorry guys, I know you were so sure Federer was going to do all you wanted him to and more, but it a...

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