Federer eyes completing career Slam
Federer eyes completing career Slam May 30 2007, 06:22:42 PM EST in category [General] PARIS - For all of Roger Federer's titles at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and the Australian Ope...

I have seen the future of tennis
Went down to the tennis club yesterday, where they were running a tennis camp for the school holiday. Seventeen 8-11 year-olds, mostly boys. And the boys were all wearing - pirate pants. The...

New surface for the Australian Open
"Australian Open chiefs are set to scrap the Rebound Ace playing surface in favour of a new acrylic court composition for Melbourne Park in 2008" http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/tenni...

further reading: what separates Federer from the rest?
further reading: what separates Federer from the rest? Roger Federer entered this week’s French Open with a 2300-point lead over world #2 Rafael Nadal. By now we all know the reasons b...

Thoughts on Roland Garros vs. Wimbledon
I've been reading a lot of discussion here concerning whether this year's French Open or Wimbledon would be a more important prize for Federer - the French would obviously give him all four ...

Re: Good News For Viewers: Americans Losing
On May 29, 8:38 pm, Voice of Reason <sasidha...@gmail.com> wrote: > Now, I won't have to look at Blake v Kohschreiber when there is a > Safin v Ferrero going on.. I don't mind w...

Good News For Viewers: Americans Losing
Now, I won't have to look at Blake v Kohschreiber when there is a Safin v Ferrero going on.. I don't mind watching Serena and Sharapova since they actually play decently on this surface.

Federer shines as sun returns
Federer shines as sun returns By Dave James May 29, 2007 12:00 Article from: The Daily Telegraph ROGER Federer's latest bid to add the French Open to ...

Wimbledon Videos....
here..... http://wimbledon.mediazone.com/UK/2005_federer_roddick.html Just a reminder... I realise most the HC fans will already have these ? Jim

Mats said he's pegging Roger for the win
On "Game, Set and Mats" - the Eurosport show with Mats Wilander, Mats said he's pegging Roger for the win, and totally think he benefited from Hamburg. He was impressed with that Bagel, I th...

Sampras delaying his comeback until this guy retires ...
http://www.atptennis.com/3/en/players/playerprofiles/playeractivity.asp?player=D316 Won't risk another defeat while he's still around

Would Fed-sticks be as good if he used a 10 oz racket?
NOT A CHANCE! Hell, Sampras and Laver wouldn't have either. (both, like Fed-boy, used logs {heavy rackets}) They all needed the help of a heavy racket to g...

Knobbick + Black
OUT first round. God bless the cowardly French and their contempt for the USA.

Re: Video: Federer vs Russell
On May 29, 10:30 am, "Erich" <don...@mmeoriwillgetangry.co.aus.de> wrote: > 1 down 6 to go(at) :-) > > http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DO19LQ2P Fed's being m...

Question about the serve speed
Are there any official tables with the world record serve speed by men/ women ? Who owns the record these days ? What was the history ? And i would like to know is there much difference betw...

Hurry! The plane carrying the US mens entrants to the FO is heading back now ...
... just time for Blake to make the flight back home. Only Ginepri won't make the flight - he's at least managed to win a set against an Argentinian dirtballer. Oh well - at...

GULBIS defeats Henman
Gulbis, 18, makes more headlines by defeating "the old" Henman 6:4 6:3 6:2, as BBC Sport's John Lloyd writes: "I hope Tim will not get too many questions about his future, an athlete ha...

Blake vs. Karlovic
Is anyone watching this match? How is Blake doing?

15-16 40-40 final set

del potro can take Nadal out easily if he matures a little!!
great strokes, very tall, has no problem with Nadal's high topspin on his backhand, he simply drives it flat!!

Babolat and similar tennis racquets ruined the game!!
Promoted baseline game, muscling the balls, made anybody to be able to play tennis, no timing for balls, just ugly tennis!!

Petriova vs Pesche (spoiler)
Did anyone see this match? I'm curious to know what happened to Petrova. Peschke is, of course, anyone's nightmare for a first round when she's playing well - but latterly, she hasn't been...

What's up with Gonzalez?!
Loses first set 6-2 to Stepanek? Please tell me he's gonna reverse this. (I'm watching the score from work ... )

Is it important for Fed to beat Nadal to win the FO, or just that he wins one?
As long as he wins one, I think his resume for GOAT is pretty strong, but winning one against Nadal would give it a little extra punch...taking out the 2-time defending champ/his nemesis is ...

Roddick Andreev
Is Roddick playing better or Andreev is self destructing?

Video: Federer vs Russell
1 down 6 to go(at) :-) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DO19LQ2P

Who owns The Tennis Channel?
What corporate entity owns The Tennis Channel? Is it a division of Disney to further segments their Sport venues - ESPN ESPN2 ESPNC ETC? Does one of the other media giants - Viacom Sony ow...

First the Federer-GOAT and Federer-Nadal Logomachies . . . .
And now the Federer-Russell match . . . . (Between the delays and the replays and now the resumption . . . .) -- Take a deep breath, take a walk, cool off, plot a bit...

Patentpalooza.com Aces!!!
Most rocking invention website I've seen for those of us with those great tennis gizmo ideas. They have free late night phone support to answer questions and promote saving your money and pa...

an excerpt from Federer’s new biography: peek into his life with girlfriend, Mirka Vavrinec
an excerpt from Federer’s new biography: peek into his life with girlfriend, Mirka Vavrinec Tennis Served Fresh got an advanced look into the biography of Roger Federer hitting th...

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