OK is the Fed Nadal match on Web TV anywhere ?

Can anyone upload the match?
Either a small highlight file or the entire match on usenet to download.

Will Nadal make the cut ?

Today is the Birthday of one of the greatest humans to ever walk the Earth!!
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Racquets for Tennis Elbow
I am a 3.5 male player who mostly plays doubles who has struggled with tennis elbow for about a year. I switched to a Pro Kennex Kinetic 110 inch headlight racquet. It seems OK and better fo...

Philippoussis to star in Americn TV show?
I just saw a TV commerical promoting an upcoming series in which 20-something women compete with 40-something women for "a tennis superstar." now I'm admittedly a little drunk, bu...

hooray! Chelsea beats MU for FA Cup!
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Nadal will win 0-6 6-0 6-0

When will the number two player in the world stop looking for his uncle for advices?
It became annoying!

You 'Blewit Hewit'..
Far To many errors and an inability to find a 1st serve - Given those basic errors, it's amazing it was so close Jim

Nadal can win Wimbledon
anyone who pays attention to his clay court matches can see that he comes to net, he executes drop shots, and he can flatten out his forehand whenever he needs to hit a winner. He just nee...

Nadal wins 6-1, 6-2
Roger's final stats: 17-20 winners 45-50 UFE(20 shanks) 48% 1st service % you can quote this post!

Hamburg final odds
Nadal 1.35 Federer 3.55 The market really not giving Federer much of a chance

so, 2 Masters Finals at Hamburg and MC with the #1 and #2
can't yet speak for the final, but the play from Hamburg this week has been of exceptionally high quality. Monte Carlo had great matches also. De Villiers is looking more like an...

OT: Chelski deny Man U the Double!
heh heh - tough luck ... no double this year. Terrible match, spared penalties by a decent goal near the end. Now just need a Liverpool win on Wednesday night ...

Nadal obviously does not want to win today
How many chances does he want?

Hats off to Hewitt
Great match from him.

Dave, please stop posting until it's over!!

Nadal taking it to the Aussie punk
Up 2-0 3rd set.

Nadal is huffing and puffing but then ...
he does not seem to be able to blow anybody but uncle tony.

It does not matter if Nadal wins or lose in Hamburg!!
He over-played on clay and if he is not physically tired, he will be mentally drained!!

First Davydenko now Hewitt ... is Nadal losing it on clay ?
The FO looks impossible for him now. Next season on clay is a big question mark too.

Of course if Nadal truns it around ....
all you so called people who saw it coming (Hewitt beating nadal) will be the first to heap scorn upon me for picking him right ? hypocrites.

This could change my opinion of Hewitt bigtime and ...
increase Whispers hatred of him to unforeseen vitrosity. a vitrosity heretofore unknown, even in rst.

Is the Nadal v Hewitt match being shown online anywhere?
If so, what's the URL?

Hewitt Breaks Nadal AGAIN !!!
Is Lleyton on Federoids ? Remember folks I am the ONLY one who called this on RST.

Hewitt looks very focused so far!!
flat strokes and sending the balls to Nadal's backhand until he opens the court to send a winner to Nadal's FH.

Hewitt Breaks Nadal !
Looks like Lleyton has his number !

I like what I see from Federer so far!
Questioning himself, showing anger, raising his game when he has to. Bye Roche!!

some great clutch play from federer this week
pulled out the good stuff in the decider a few times now. mark of a champ... ;)

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