Wondering if Federer is not a clutch player!!
He came from a set down in many matches!!

First comment from Whisper: the match was close!!

Second comment from Whisper: It's was not convincing win!!

The most important thing is Federer manages to make it to the final of FO
No early loses!!

King of clay was bagelled!!
My guess if Federer beats the king of clay, he should be number one clay player.

I like to read some expert analysis about the match from Whisper!!
It should be fun!!

why does Fed like Hamburg?
is the clay faster there? -- "when i visited Aden before collectivization, all the markets were full of fish product. After collectivization, the fish immediatel...

Wow.. Federer did it
.. always will be a feather in his cap, and makes this FO interesting again. -- "when i visited Aden before collectivization, all the markets were full of fish product. Aft...

Nadal Sandbagging?
I didn't see the match, but I'm wondering if anyone who did thinks Nadal might have strategically tanked this match? Wouldn't make a lot of sense imo, but he's been playng so well and F...

Q. What is 2-6, 6-2, 6-0 in Whisper logic ?
A. Fed almost lost. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

You could see the first Grand Slam in Tennis in ~40 years !!!
THIS YEAR !!! Get excited man ! Get behind Roger ! Rafa is NEVER going to do the slam that is for sure !!!

FO in the bag?
FO in the bag? As much as Hazey would love to, far from it. Nadal unbeatable on clay? Not anymore - a Fed win was unexpected, with a bagel set was ridiculous, I couldn't believe it. Th...

Oh well guess Rafa is no longer #1 even in the locker room once again ?
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Oh and there goes whispers prediction of 8 right down the drain ! Of course you won't hear him m...

Great strategy from Nadal
Nice win for Federer...but. The fact is,Nadal was tired, he played 4 clay tournaments, not just physical fatique, but also a mental one. Guys like Davydenko and Hewitt were clos...

Federer ends Nadal's 81-win streak
Federer ends Nadal's 81-win streak RAFAEL Nadal's 81-match winning streak on clay came to an end yesterday when world No. 1 Roger Federer won the Hamburg Masters in three sets.

Amazing how Federer solved Nadal's game right out of the blue
After losing the 1st set and nearly going down a break in the 2nd. Roger yelled come on after saving break point. it was all Federer after this in the match. its like he flipped a whip ass s...

What was all that crap about Nadal having great stamina?
LOL he was so tired towards the end it's now apparent that he's pretty unfit and much less fit than Fed. Only a very unfit player would get tired in a best of 3 set match. How the hell is he...

Federer ends Nadal run
Federer ends Nadal run By Telegraph online Last Updated: 3:59pm BST 20/05/2007 Roger Federer ended Rafael Nadal's 81-match unbeaten run on clay to win his fourth Hambur...

Federer puts end to Nadal's clay-court streak in Hamburg
Federer puts end to Nadal's clay-court streak in Hamburg HAMBURG, Germany (AP) Roger Federer beat Rafael Nadal 2-6, 6-2, 6-0 Sunday to win his fourth Hamburg Masters title and end Na...

Fed fed Nadal some bakery product
and a hungry Nadal eagerly consumed! Munch, munch.... Mmmm tasty bagel!

Federer ends Nadal's streak
Federer ends Nadal's streak By John Bagratuni, dpa Hamburg (dpa) - World number 1 Roger Federer ended the clay court winning streak of Rafael Nadal after 81 matches wh...

Congrats TMF
I always believed in you. *darts eyes*

A BAGEL for the "king of clay" ?????????
What a way to end an 81 match streak on clay losing the last set with a BAGEL !!! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha His confid...

Congratulations to Roger Federer
Ending the streak. Sorry Rafa.... :-( You're still better looking though! Heh.

Congratulations are in order....
to me! For predicting Roger's win today! LOL! Congratulations Roger. Now excuse me while I go cut myself. heh.

That felt even better...
To listen to the mutual respect these two great players have for each other. Well Done Rafa! Well Done Fed! I love this sport. :)

Can anyone give an analysis of the match?
Okay, know there's a lot of trash-talking going on right now immediately after the match. I couldn't see it as it wasn't on American television, but can someone please give a detailed analy...

I am so happy!
That Roger won :) He is the greatest.

Tony Nadal back to soccer referee-ing after match...

Other players must be licking their chops to get at Nadal. FO will be interesting now...
I feel bad for Nadal....

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