Just a little drop off in speed by Nadal...
and he gets eaten alive 6-0 by Fed. Great win for Fed today even though Nadal was obviously worn out by the 3rd set. We've always asked what would happen if Nadal's court coverage...

I don't think Rafa ceases being the HOT favorite for Roland Garros...
The Hamburg result should not be given a lot of weight. What cannot be denied though, is that this victory has given Fed a LOT of confidence and brought him out of his slump. So any suggesti...

Federer is GOD
I love u, u r the best! NADAL WHO?

Video: Federer vs Nadal highlights
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UECAZR30 Good win for Federer. Nadal was clearly a bit tired at the end, but after a shaky first set, Federer started doing all the right things. Aggressi...

Nadal should get a proper pair of shorts
Those things he wears look silly.

Another thing I noticed
watching the 2nd set video again, Federer's sliding brilliantly on the clay. It will give him good confidence at Roland Garros.

I guess it's not a bad year for Federer so far!!
One slam-Won-AO HC, Dubai-Won HC, Final-Rome clay, and Hamburg-Won clay.

Just clear this up for me
Federer loses twice in a row to old man Canas, and it's means nothing. Nadal loses to the world #1 and his most consistent rival on clay and he's finished? How exactly does that work?

Not sure I get it!!
Federer is really good on quick surfaces (HC & Grass) but he is not as good on clay because it's slow surface. Then they say he did well in Hamburg because it's slower there and the FO is fa...

Federer's strategy vs Nadal
1. Hit good solid 1st serves to dominate the point right from the start 2. Hit solid angled volleys when coming to net, not those weak ones which Nadal will blast a winner or hit a ni...

This is like when Roddick 'beat' Fed in Kooyong final...
Throw him a small bone & then pow! in the slam.

Kuznetsova-Jankovic (spoiler)
Jelena has guaranteed herself the 4th seed at the French Open! Just thought I'd mention it as everybody else here is talking about Federer and Nadal and the winner of a WTA Tier I titl...

Federer's rookie year - 1998
2-4 overall, 2-2 on HC, 0-2 on clay in 4 tournaments. Who would have thought.

Fed & Nadal - both a lock to reach the FO final?
It seems to me that everyone assumes so. But who is the more likely to go out before the final? Who are the players that could prevent a Fed/Nadal repeat? There aren't many candidates, imo. ...

No doubt now who is #2 on clay ...
... why Nadal of course ... :-)

Today is a good day... Congrats Hazelwood!
All the trolls Groundaxe, boobs, Whisper will go hide somewhere in a cave ... ahahahhahahahahahahahahhaahhaahhahaha Congrats Hazelowoood!

Evn though Masters tourneys were officially nam "super 9" or "master" from the 90s onwards, these tournments to the xtent some of these existd pre-1990, they were al;ways very prestigious. T...

Masters Titles
This was Fed's 13th title - he is catching up on Lendl (15 titles) and Agassi (17 TITLES). He will probably equal Lendl this year.

Muster on the Hamburg final
http://www.blackrocktourofchampions.com/5/news/2007/hamburg4.asp "REACTION TO ATP MASTERS SERIES HAMBURG FINAL Thomas Muster on Federer vs. Nadal It was a gut feeling ...

I had a Fed-gasm
So there I was masturbating at the live stream feed during match point and timed the ejaculation perfectly to Nadal's UFE into the net. Safe to say, my monitor's seen cleaner days. ...

Damn it brutal being federer, falling to win a tournament in four events and the world is ready to rid you off. I guest it his on fault for wiping player ass all ear long for three years an...

Thanks, EW, for the video of the third set. You are my hero...
I can't get tennis coverage worth shit where I live. So, thanks for video.

Question Dr.
Being that Federer beat Nadal and Hewitt only manage a set does that mean, federer is the superior clay-courter or does the title still belongs to Hewitt. Just going off one of your early p...

Nadal said: he was not physically tired!
``I don't know why the match turned around,'' Nadal told reporters. ``I feel a little tired mentally, but physically I was okay. I have had a lot of matches and it's difficult.''

Please tell me...
....that there will be a torrent or usenet posting of the Hamburg final. Googling and searching fruitlessly at this point. Hook a guy up please.

Roger requested a video of the final!
According to some blokes on radio 5 live Roger asked for a videotape of todays final against Nadal very very smart move! im starting to wonder if Nadal is even a factor for Federer at the FO...

Federer's face looks like aged 10 years in the last two months!!
Too much stress!!

Quick Quiz (Fed/Germany)
When did Federer last lose a match in Germany?

EW - Thanks for the clip !
what a great point !

The stress and efforts that Nadal put on his body the last two months will work against him in the FO
He needs at least a month to recover.

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