Nadal v Youzhny, Fed v Djokovic: Who ya got?
I think Youzhny will take Nadal out again, in three, and Fed will win, but be pushed by the Joker this time.

historical query
A friend asks: >>do you or anyone at know who it was who was asked "When's the best time to attack Player X?" and replied "At the changeover". And who wer...

Igor beaten, Colonel Dinky next
Igor beaten. VAAAMMMOSSSS!!! Fed lovers are going to have nightmares tonight hahahahahahahaha

Andreev up a break in the 3rd.....
but there is only one winner of this match.

Igor getting smashed

Video: Federer hotdog

Federer's great hot dog winner
Watch for it - deep behind the baseline, through the legs shot down the line past Bracciali ... Great shot!!

Play of the day
If you didn't see it - you will, for sure.

Davydenko vs. Rochus spolier
Olivier beats Davydenko in three sets ... And Federer appears to be struggling some against a girl!?! (It was a joke, get off my back.)

when will Whisper switch?
it is only a matter of time until RST's resident Tier One Analyst switches from touting Sampras with every post to endorsing Federer as GOAT. all those posts praising Sampras will...

If you like Guga and you have TTC ...
... you can watch him in action against Benjamin Becker at 3 pm EST. Las Vegas has been awfully windy and cold to boot. -- Cheers, vc

Connors must be pissed at that one missing week ...
After 160 straight weeks, on 23 August 1977 he lost the #1 spot to Borg. Then another 84 weeks at #1 for Jimbo - 244 out of 245. What happened that week and how come Borg lo...

Sampras #1 fact
Even though he was #1 for most of the time from April 1993 to early 1999, he never managed more then 102 weeks consecutive. Also he never had huge margins over the #2 like Fed-God. ...

Fed will have another 162 weeks in a row at #1
Then the Sampras-nuts can truly go home.

Connors - Lendl - McEnroe
The 3 players with most relevance, influence, quality of achievement, over long time period. Look at these competitions they faced & who they had to beat (especially in big matches/finals) ...

Vamos Dubai! Vamos Rafa!
Rafa will retain this title. I'm never wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VVvvvVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...

Patriotic Americans Saddened Cheney Escaped Attack
Cross posted from alt.activism.......Thought it is very funny........ Americans sorry Cheney survived 'You can never find a competent suicide bomber when you need one' ...

Racism in the 21 st century: The problem of the color-line
Racism in the 21 st century: The problem of the color-line By S. S.z Eminent scholar, intellectual and founder of the NAACP?s The Crisis news publication, Dr. W.E.B. Dubois ...

The Bush "Gulags" - Where America "tortures" the innocent.
Many CIA 'ghost prisoners' still 'disappeared' 02/27/2007 @ 12:34 pm Filed by Michael Roston A report released yesterday by Human Rights Watch revealed that at least thirty-e...

Nadal has his Wimbledon game back
Sets 2 and 3, Nadal was playing as well as he did in Wimbledon (or better). Very aggressive, always in front, on, or close to baseline. Hitting winners moreso than Bagman. ...

Gaston Gaudio back to his winning ways?
Was 0-5 in 2007 before Luis Horna retired at 1-1 in the first set (Acapulco 1R) handing Gaudio his first win for the year. He also lost his last 3 matches in 2006. Damn! He...

Nadal's best hardcourt victory in some time
Defeats Bagdhatis in 3 sets, winning the last two rather handily. Albeit in the first round and albeit Bagdhatis, a young still up-and- coming player, this is Nadal's best hc victory in a wh...

Federer, Mauresmo, Sharapova Laureus Award nominees
"Federer, Schumacher, Woods up for Laureus Award Tennis world number one Roger Federer, seven-times Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher and top golfer Tiger Woods are all in ...

Federer and Wimbledon
WIMBLEDON FEAR "For me it's Wimbledon (that is my main focus)," said Federer. "I'm very proud to be the Wimbledon champion for a year. "I have a fear every year I come...

Fed playing doubles in Dubai
from today's results at Dubai: Allegro/Federer d Davydenko/Youzhny 67(4) 64 10-5 (Match TB) i have never seen Fed play doubles. how does he look at the net?

Nadal is down one set against bagman!
he was broken twice!!

Federer - ATP Press Conference Excerpts: Q. The Sony Ericsson coming up, Tiger Woods is going to be playing here also, which is unusual for the two of yo...

Federer to feature on a Swiss postage stamp!
A rare honour. Well-deserved too!

Agassi pays $30 to get into his home tournament "Las Vegas native Andre Agassi, rugged up in coat and beanie, braved the chilly conditions on Day 1 of the Tennis Channel Open to catch

OT: Deep Purple in Rock
A freaking good album. Probably the 1st extremely loud album. And also the 1st speed metal album. All the songs are great. The best songs being Flight of the Rat and the jamfest Child in Tim...

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