Washington ATP tournament coming soon!
For those of you who actually play or participate otherwise in tennis, rather than arguing pointlessly about who's the best player ever.... We had our volunteers' organizational meetin...

Brad Gilbert to resign from ESPN
.=2E.and may become the *British* Davis Cup captain, at least according to this article: Tennis: Murray will learn to win ugly BARRY FLATMAN Andy Murray, a player of un...

Serena vs. Myskina
1R of Cincinnati.

Coaching Experiments
http://www.usatoday.com/sports/tennis/2006-07-13-on-court-coaching_x.htm?POE=SPOISVA Dobru noc

Andy Murray's career just ended...
lost to Gimelstob without managing to get a single

what brand of tennis balls are mostly used on the ATP and WTA tour ?
Wimbledon : slazenger FO : penn What about the other GS ? What about the master series ? Are they free to choose ? Are tretorn tennis balls used in any tournament on the ATP / WTA ...

why 90's is the weakest era ever.
lendl, king of 80's.. dominated all the top players from the 90's.. he treated agassi,courier,chang,ivanisevic, etc like his bitches.. whereas sampras, king of 90's.... got whipped a...

Mary Carillo sounds just like a man
"she" does. I'm not joking.

flipper beats meltzer
flipper wins 6-7 6-3 6-0 at that grass "hall of fame" tourney in newport, RI. always fun watching a little more grass tennis, especially since both guys served and volleyed (well actually ...

WTA Tour to test on-court coaching
in my opinion a ridiculous decision, thet should change the complete WTA board immediately ! NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) -- The WTA will try out on-court coaching for the first ti...

This is sooooo gay
http://youtube.com/watch?v=_CLwF9iATTk Nadal should be ashamed that people will no question his inclinations.

Greatest tennis star by decade?
This is based on "on-court influence/off-court influence/controversy factor/just plain importance/positive media image/negative media image" all combined. 20s: Suzanne Lenglen

Top 25 of all time (1977-present)
This is based on "on-court influence/off-court influence/controversy factor/just plain importance/positive media image/negative media image" all combined. 1. Steffi Graf: pretty m...

Top 25 of all time (1977-present)
This is based on "on-court influence/off-court influence/controversy factor/just plain importance/positive media image/negative media image" all combined. 1. Steffi Graf: pretty m...

Question about vibration dampeners.
I have recently started playing a bit of tennis after a very long break and have found myself having a bit of trouble with my elbow. Just wondering if there are certain vibration dampeners...

Rewind grip racket?
Hi All, I'm no native english speaker and I don't know the Dutch word for it as well :) so I can't use google to find what I need. What I'm trying to do is, to rewind the g...

RG Final vs. Wim Final
Stats: RG FEDERER NADAL 51 UFE 28 35 Winners 25 109 Pts W...

Federer is the best, Sampras says
Federer is the best, Sampras says Swiss star likely to break records BY HOWARD FENDRICH ASSOCIATED PRESS July 12, 2006 WIMBLEDON, England -- Coun...

WTB: Tennis Ball Machine, Used
Got one to sell? If so, please contact me directly with model and asking price. Would prefer one with a remote, but open to other options. Thanks! Al Ruscelli ...

Gonzales on Don Budge's backhand..
"Even now, I think he had the best backhand ever developed.. His ball off the backhand was the heaviest ball I can remember." -Pancho Gonzales, shortly before his death.

Jack Kramer's GOAT picks:
Don Budge (consistently) and Ellsworth Vines (peak). Then Tilden, Gonzales,et al. (Ref. Wikipedia) Fascinating reading on Pancho Gonzales's Wiki entry, btw..

The Real Men: Don Budge and Rod Laver, *real* Grand Slam winners.
None of that modern-day hype for those guys- just the *real* results.

Pet names for rst posters
Steve Jaros: Roast, Steve Roasted, Cockroach Whisper: Whimper, Whipster, Sampster, Jester bob: boobs, Whisper's biaatch Uranium Committee/Michael Scarpitti: Jackaxe, tree-hugging bastar...

Good day to you
A u f w i e d e r s e h e n u r e v o i r See you in autumn. If only you knew the pleasure of playing tennis during summer...

Jarkko in Båstad
Let's make another post on actual tennis being played this week. So most of you can skip this and get back to Federer-Nadal threads. Jarkko is showing again this week he deserves...

Fed Cup SF
Having been in Belgium to watch Belgium beat Russia in April, it is disappointing to notice that Justine is not playing against USA this weekend. Belgium with Kim and Justin...

Murray Kendrick *spoilers*
Ouch!! Double bagel for Kendrick who you'll remember nearly beat Nadal at Wimbleddon.

Funny Federer quote
"I used to love reading everything about me. I kind of stopped doing that. Even press conferences sometimes are tough to do on a daily basis, because you feel you're talking to a psychiatr...

These two kidnapped Israeli soldiers must be sons of powerful families eh ?
I mean they wouldn't be starting WW III for your kid or mine would they ?

USA protects the devil and Bush calls himself a Christian ?
US vetoes UN resolution urging end to Israeli attacks in Gaza Jul 13 3:50 PM US/Eastern Email this story The United States vetoed a UN draft resolution that would have called

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