Federer's domination at Wimbledon is a sight to behold
Federer's domination at Wimbledon is a sight to behold Updated 7/6/2006 9:30 PM ET Here's just a suggestion on how to fill a few spare moments Friday or Sunday morning. Take a sea...

So much for the Bush/Blair fight them there so we don't have to here bullshit !
Police report: foreign policy helped make UK a target Vikram Dodd Friday July 7, 2006 The Guardian The effect the war in Iraq has had on motivating Muslims planning act...

Bush hands victory to the terrorists !
The loss of our freedom means they win. Tax dollars to fund study on restricting public data By Richard Willing, USA TODAY The federal government will pay a Texa...

Bjorkman v Bargitis Wimbledon final...?
What are the odds?

Nadal served 18 aces???
are you kidding me?

IF Lendl played in the 90's.
IF an OLD Lendl still had winning records against all of sampras' primary rivals. Then it would be logical that a PEAK Lendl would crash them all if Lendl played his peak years in...

Tennis/Wimbledon: Federer : I even surprised myself
Tennis/Wimbledon: Federer : I even surprised myself LONDON: Roger Federer demolished Croatian dangerman Mario Ancic 6-4, 6-4, 6-4 yesterday to move just two wins away from a fourth Wim...

Genius of Federer comes in many shades
Genius of Federer comes in many shades Chip Le Grand July 07, 2006 ONCE more, Roger Federer gave the rest a look at his best. Once more, it was frightening to behold. Fe...

Federer’s latest win a thing of beauty
Federer’s latest win a thing of beauty By Associated Press/ Wimbledon Thursday, July 6, 2006 - Updated: 08:23 AM EST WIMBLEDON, England - The “Ooohs” and “Aaahs” from an appreciat...

Will Henin-Hardenne pull out again?
If H-H loses the first set will she quit instead of losing the match? Then she can say that she was seriously ill, etc. like she did at the AO. These make believe illnesses are a very ...

The wprm turns as Whispers lover abandons him !
Sampras - Federer will surpass me Pete Sampras Sampras is returning to competition but not on the ATP Tour American tennis great Pete Sampras has backed Roger Federer to sur...

will it be two nice guys or will it be another war?
#1 Fed v. Bagman, two very nice, very sportsmanlike grasscourt artists will face off. the winner will undoubtably have the most skill under pressure. #2 Fed v. Juiceboy...

This time the Bag-man has his mother watching!
He will never get her upset, so watch out tomorrow!!

Go Mauresmo!!!
I am so psyched she made it to the final. Talk about drama! AO rematch! Go Amelie!

Henin v Kim clip
Kim looks very pissed off here.... http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=EAF82C261C41C148

Nadal vs Bagman is going to be awesome!
This match up has all the makings of a classic. i can't see ether guy rolling. its going to be a war!

Semi-Final predictions, everyone ??
Mine: nadal in 5 fed in 3

How cruel to poor Henman....
that a guy who 'can't play on grass' may well acheive what he never did

Fed and Nadal's draws
I noticed an interesting trend about Fed and Nadal's draws here at Wimbledon. Fed by all accounts has had a very tough draw, while Nadal has had a rather favorable one to say the least. Stra...

Nostradamus and Nadal
"At the end of the sixth month of 2006, the King of Spain will cross the Pyrenees with his army. The legions of Beelzebub await the battle on the central European planes. Destruction and def...

Berdych the cheat
Just heard John McEnroe on air grie about his favorite pet peeve, now that he's dropped having let's be playable: abolish the medical timeout. Looks like the abuse of the timeout rear...

Why are you prolonging the agony....
...the nervous anticipation, the rising hope, dashed by the sudden implosion of your game, the hope rising again, to end with shredded nerves as you just hang on. Amelie, why are ...

Sampras expects Federer to break his records
"I'm pretty confident that he's well on his way to not only breaking the No. 1 ranking, but this Grand Slam record." http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/tennis/5156620.stm ... a...

Is Federer still saying....
...that Nadal can't make the final? He's been implying that so much this week that it sounded more like wishful thinking --he must be really freaking out now. Midnight phone calls to the <...

If Federer does lose to Nadal....
you can always blame th courts.

You lika da juice, eh?
I get you more juice!

The grass bald spots at Wimbledon
Not that many years ago, they used to be around each side of the net, now around the baselines. So, I'm not sure the game has improved for the better, though I do think the player...

bag-man vs. juice-man...
should be a good match, although i expect juice to win it.

PISTOL PETE WEIGHS IN: Pete Sampras laments the dearth of serve and volley in tennis
--- PISTOL PETE WEIGHS IN: Pete Sampras laments the dearth of serve and volley in tennis. "Since there aren't really any true grass-court players, guys that can really serve ...

Advice for Baghdatis
When receiving serve, perform Nadal's service ritual but start two seconds before him! :-) -- Cheers, vc

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