Blake on ESPN's Quite Frankly
Interviewer doesn't know anything about tennis but semi-interesting anyway. Blake's SAT scores were 1350.

Where is Dent?
Great volleyer! under-achiever! Is he injured?

Dressed for success: Federer happy to serve traditions
Dressed for success: Federer happy to serve traditions By Neil Harman Our correspondent finds the champion looking immaculate both on and off court ONEUPMANSHIP with a real dash. T...

Federer has overtaken Sampras in the goat race
MYEAH MYAH MYEAH. Lets celebrate Bakri id and sacrifice a goat.

Brad Gilbert predicts 20 slams for Fed !!!
He must have read my earlier rst predictions. :))

246 points wre played in the men's final.....
5 were serve-volley. 1 out of 50. 2% Modern grasscourt tennis. I recall Mac came to net 139 times v Jimbo in '84 USO semi, & that wa...

Those who like former player Pat rafter
Pat will be inducted in the tennis Hall of fame on the 16th this month. TC will be showing it live at 1-pm. if anyone wants this on dvd let me know.

Scratch Nadal and Federer is 60-0 this year !
Last year I suggested Fed might go undefeated this year and was scoffed at BUT minus Nadal Fed would be 60-0 already. In any case Fed is on his way to his THIRD season of l...

Bryan Brothers blog - Nadal tactics in locker room
Apparently Bryan Brothers think Nadal's tactics in locker room are borderline. Nadal does warmup exerciees and jogs "right in front of" his opponent before matches in the locker. ...

Video: Wimbledon Final Set 1
There seems to have been enough interest in the Set #4 upload so here is the Blowout set #1 complete. I was gonna wait and do the rest all at once but it takes too long and I can't tie up...

Roche said Federer's latest title was clouded by more pressure than at any other time.
So this probably gives some answer for people that expected a much easier final for Federer. Also he said: Nadal will get better,8659,19...

Poor Donald

Martina N wants ban on grunting sharapova was quite ridiculous this wimbledon - when she was on court it quite distracted from everything else

Roche & Rosewall on Fed, Nadal,20797,19751822-10389,00.html Some interesting comments.

Nice group pic--ATP
They must have shot this during the Wimbledon final, because it looks like they go everyone except Fed and Nadal in it: ...

So, how much did you lose betting on Nadal?
I would have lost $60 had I been able to bet at Betfair. I'm just wondering what the figures are for some folks around here. I know Hard-Cell and Whisper both bet, for instance. ...

There is no GOAT
For the ZILLIONTH TIME...There is no GOAT...There is no GOAT...There is no GOAT why are tennis fans so fascinated by this topic? Are there frequent discussions in soccer about GO...

Justine's behaviour on Saturday
BBC radio were commentating on the final and during the ceremony afterwards JHH apparently kept trying to leave the court but an AEC official told her she had to stay. LOL.

Graf will introduce Sabatini in HoF ceremony
Nice! Max

is nadal good for tennis?
is he?

So who else will win a slam from Nadal's generation?
Berdych, Murray, Djokovic, Monsfil, Baghdatis etc Can any of them win a slam?

Some of the pressure Federer had
Late on Saturday night, Robert and Lynette Federer were dining in Wimbledon Village at the Indian restaurant Rajdoot. Two stories above the raucous pub crowds, they shared a bottle of Shiraz...

Special-the best of Federer uncut
This special will debut on the TC channel in a few days. if any real Federer fans here would like to have this i will dvd record it for you.

Federer's dropped sets at Wimbledon
28 matches, 5 sets dropped: 2003: R32, Mardy Fish, 3rd set 4-6 (6-1) 2004: QF, Lleyton Hewitt, 2nd set 6-7 (6-0) 2004: F, Andy Roddick, 1st set 4-6 (7-5) 2005: R32, Nicolas K...

Fed v Nadal clips
Typical Rafa point - give him a chance & he'll crack the crap out of it for a winner. Nice point, but it highlights Fed's weakness at the net - did well constructing the p...

Is Federer overrated?
This might be coming at the wrong time. But is really Federer the best player ever as some oldies are saying. First of all most of Federer's talents are because of modern racket t...

Hey Whisper.....
In honor of Feds victory I just emailed you something useful. It is better than winavi.

Wimby PROVES who's got the best game!
Mauresmo, of course! :-)

With the courts being this slow how many Wimbys would Sampras have in 00s?
0? 1? 2? I cant think of him winning more than 2.

B. Gilbert: "US Open going to be tougher for Nadal"
Brad Gilbert previously said that Nadal has a better chance to win Wimbledon than he does at winning US Open. He attributed this to the faster speed of the court (that tells you something ...

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