Nadal's style of play suits FO +++ and AO++
I watched the Wimbledon final again, and noticed that: Nadal forehand topspin, requires the racquet to have a big swing in a vertical plane. So he needs time to take a big swing o...

FO / Wimby withdrawals
You can tell a main part of the tennis season is over, because passions are running at a real low here right now. People are sedate and nearly polite to one another! Mind-boggling. <...

Need an address! wg

Connors once beat Borg 5 times in a row
Then Borg beat him at Wimbledon and Connors won only 2 of their next 10 encounters.

Graf turned Agassi from showman into sportsman
We all know the relation started at the FO 99. At 29+ Agassi was still capable to win 5 GS which is remarkable. Before Agassi turned 29, he only won 3 GS.

Federer likely to break Sampras 14 GS record
If Federer won't have serious injuries in the future, he'll break the 14 GS record. Point is that Federer is a baseliner. Serve and volley players, like Sampras was, have more difficulties t...

Is it all downhill for Federer from here?
Federer handed out 4 bagels at a tough AO 2006. Only managed to hand out 3 at Wimbledon 2006. The SF and F in each event included the nutritious snack! Nadal hadn't had a bagel ...

tennis lessons in Miami
I'm planning to take some tennis lessons at the beginner level. Can anyone recommend a tennis club/instructor in the North Miami area? Thanks.. Matt

Jimmy Connors (age 37) thrashing peak Edberg at Flushing Meadows
Incredible. But of course using John Newcombe's logic no way can Connors be considered a great.

when will Roche dump Fed?
Tony Roche has got to be embarassed at Roger Federer's hesitation about going to the net against Nadal. Time and time again Roger passed up an opportunity to attack in the second and third ...

Video: Wimby Final Complete Match
Here's everything consolidated. Files are big: Set 1: Previously posted 253MB - In which Fed gets another nuclear start to a match. Blowout.

Weird... Nadal Car Accident;_ylt=AgzVE6Jj4ZdF2oMOdCUp9_Y4v7YF?slug=reu-nadalaccident&prov=reuters&type=lgns What a nice lady happened upon the scene! AndyNYC

Fifa investigates Zidane red card
He was told "you're the son of a terrorist whore"

Twist and Shout - Beatles
Becomes a new meaning in football now.

I like polyester strings
After trying polyester string for the first time, I really like it. I put a lot of spin on the ball, and my problem was that other strings start to move after four or five hours of play. Onc...

Newk gives Fed an asterisk for now,20867,19760597-2722,00.html Newk puts asterisk on Federer's status July 12, 2006 ROGER FEDERER cannot be considered an all-time great ...

Most masculine female player?
martina? mauresmo?

OT: Bomb Blasts in Bombay... many dead
My brother travels my train and he hasnt returned home yet. I am worried. Can't reach my parents either. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Tennis is taking an exciting turn, without Americans by Bruce Jenkins WIMBLEDON WRAP-UP Tennis is taking an exciting turn, without Americans Bruce Jenkins

Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett dies
Sad day for the rock and roll world.

Interview with Wimbledon chairman Two variants on the same interview. Very interesting ...

Mauresmo used to wear glasses?
Before the final they showed her wearing very futuristic glasses at the under 18s at Wimbledon. She should have kept wearing them, she looks better with them.

Nadal escapes unhurt in car accident in Mallorca,,-5943605,00.html Nadal escapes unhurt in car accident in Mallorca MADRID, July 11 (Reuters) - French Open champion Rafael Na...

OMG Coria ...
... is back and winning!!! leading 5-2 against acasuso (whoever). wonder what happened to his double faults!!! bg

Which of these will be exceeded first....
6 slams in a row 1 CYGS (open era) 4 FO in a row 6 FO 5 W in a row 3 FO/W in a row 7 W 14 slams and which will fall last?

Clown era...
I could win a slam with all these clowns. Now as for Fed/Nadal, I'd hope one woudl get knocked out early and if I had to play Fed in the final, I'd unleash my secret arsenal of deadly gase...

Question about Borg in 1982...
Is is true that he didn't qualify for Wimbledon and need a wildcard and AEC denied it? Is that why he retired?

Lube-man wins 1st round match Wow, can you imagine Fed's ignominy that someone other then himself will win a SWISS event?

Federer not one of the greats yet, says Newcombe
Okay, I don't disagree with this one, but thought I'd post it. A bit harsh, to Federer, but even more so to Pete, who's career is finished.

OT: Tendulkar at Wimbledon Final

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