Israelis now shooting at American reporters !

Rumor: Israel Tells Condi Rice to "Back Off"
July 13, 2006 Rumor: Israel Tells Condi Rice to "Back Off" Headlines throughout the American media read: MAJOR ESCALATION as Israel has intensified its bombing ca...

Bush sets the "tone" for "torture". So much for human rights !
Report: Treatment of US suspects at home mirrors that of terror suspects in military custody Larisa Alexandrovna Published: Thursday July 13, 2006 Hum...

Nadal saving himself for USO Rafael Nadal focuses his attention on the US Open The Mallorcan changes his schedule to try to win the last Grand Slam ...

Federer and his magic (Expresses my feelings to a tee)
Federer and his magic 'Seeing Federer at his best is like listening to a master pianist playing a Mozart concerto.' ? Tennis legend Martina Navratilova. ...

Is this what Bush meant by "Mission Accomplished" ?
Oil hits record over $78 Thu Jul 13, 2006 10:23 PM ET By Paul Marriott SYDNEY (Reuters) - Oil prices surged to record highs above $78 on Friday as global geopolitical s...

Bush screws up the world and his party takes a KO punch for it.
Most Americans Plan to Vote for Democrats Jul 14 2:57 AM US/Eastern Email this story By DONNA CASSATA Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON Republicans a...

Radiant Venus
Anyone else notice how happy Venus seemed in her mixed doubles matches. I caught a couple of her matches on TV and she seemed really happy, positively beaming. Even losing the final she had ...

wimbledon final torrent just grabbed this - appears to be whole match in pretty good quality avi - it's well seeded too. it is a rip from channel 9 australia - no...

List of the most (in)famous and known persons worldwide
Rank Name Percentage of publicity worldwide Rank last week #1 Zinedine Zidane 99.76% (65) #2 George W. Bush 98.23% (1) #3 Marco Mate...

Sampras/Federer video request..
A while ago Erich (I think?) posted a video file with highlights from their Wimbledon match-up. It was quite popular & highly praised. Erich, is there a chance you can post it again?...

Sampras duff volley It's XVID compressed (sorry it was vcr recorded).

Was Roger on SI cover this week?
If not, shame on them!

5 most consistent and quality wise great rock bands from the 70s
1) Led Zeppelin: They were probably the most versatile. They stretched blues and folk music to its limits. They also have influences of funk, soul, reggae, country etc. 2) Yes: pr...

Sampras lucky in the autumn of his career?
In that whilst his game crashed and burnt out on most tournaments (particularly 98-01), the ridiculously fast and low bounces of The All England Club could effectively hand him, almost liete...

Article on Roddick from 2001
Almost five years ago. But all the things the author predicts havent developed because nothing has really changed :) "Thus, his backhand is only adequate-and Pavel worked his backhand ...

If Federer v Nadal = Graf...
...slice, slice, slice your opponent to death, wait for the short ball, then crunch the forehand... ...what should Nadal do? Hit deeper - easier said than done Change ...

win multiple slams (ao/fo can be replaced by atp yec/wct yec before 1988) in the same year we have laver - 69 (ao+fo+wim+uso) rosewall - 71 (ao+ wct yec) rosewall ...

Simmons: tennis on life support
From a Bill Simmons Q&A today on ESPN: Tennis (Flushing Meadows, NY): Will anyone ever, ever care about me again?! Bill Simmons: Hey, it's tennis! I was just thinking about you o...

How will Serena do next week?
Serena is returning to tennis next week at the Cincinnati Open. No draw yet but any early predictions? Loses in semis? field includes: -------------- Schnyder, Pa...

Only 1 player will beat the 21 straight final win record
And that's Federer

"dominance" defined
Resolved: a player is "dominant" when (1) he holds two slam titles *and* no one else does. (2) A player is "supra-dominant" if he holds 3 slam titles, and (3) he's "off-the-charts do...

Get back to me when Nadal beats Federer in USO and AO
Until then Nadal is not a threat.

Mauresmo looks feminine in this picture
I can't believe how good she looks here. She doesn't look like a man in this picture at all:

Proposial to solve the Materazzi-Zidane conflict.
Put them both in a bag, close it. Then hit hard with a club on this bag. You are guaranteed to score the right hit each time.

Help with my Sport Mindset dissertation research
As part of my graduate school dissertation research project I am conducting a study about Sport Mindsets. I am seeking athletes who might be willing to assist my research by completing a bri...

More proof of Clown Era
1.. Federer(39 titles, 8 grand slams), 6 titles in 2006(2 grand slams), 10 finals/10 events 2.. Nadal(17 titles, 2 grand slams), 5 titles in 2006(1 slam), 6 finals/10 events ...

Nadal's best hope

Hingis != Class Act!!! I bet she's regretting her comment about MoMo.

Simply based on dominance
Who were the most dominating guys in Open era? Lets give the year to whoever wins multple slams or wins 10 tournaments (why 10? because few have done it and it a nice round number) in ...

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