Smith-Nastase 1972
not only do you get live feeds from all the courts, you can download past matches, with good video quality. I just watched 50 minute package of 72 final. They have long stretch...

Blake and Nalbandian far superior to Edberg, Becker, Lendl, Agassi etc
NOT!!! I know there have been many comments on this but really....... The quality of the so-called "top" players in this era is ludicrous, pathetic, shameful, disgusting, na...

Anyone knows?
Is there Wimby live streaming? Thanks!

Anyone knows?
Is there Wimby live streaming? Thanks!

How accurate is it?

Aacck !!
i just realized that "saturday" = "NBC coverage" = "no live Agassi/Nadal"... gosh that sucks. -- "when i visited Aden before collectivization, all t...

Fed had talent to win Wimb 01 & 02
Does anyone deny the fact that Fed had the talent to win Wimb in 01 and 02? The guy really should be chasing his 6th title this year. In 01, he had an emotional crash after an e...

Unfair to Sampras
Sampras's last match at Wimbledon was on the graveyard of champions. It was a disrespectful gesture by the LTA towards one of the greatest grass court players of all time. Agassi ...

This Ain't Skinny
Hantuchova's first serve percentage against Srebotnik was 73%? Go Daniela! (She can always eat later.)

Blake Interview
Q. How do you explain the last two sets? What happened out there? JAMES BLAKE: He played well. My serve stopped going in. One of those things. He's one of the toughest guys to play wit...

Novak Djokovic exposes British follishness,,1808410,00.html,,1802197,00.html ...

Handling People Who Play Tennis...
... ;)

Blake is Bleak!!
STILL Sadly, this couldn't happen to a nicer person. It is important not to confuse a person's tennis ability with any other ...

Federer the best ever - Mirnyi Q. You also played with Roger Federer in doubles. What do you think about him as a doubles player? ...

Nalby's interview
Concise responses, I think you can say ... D. Nalbandian Interview - Day 5 Friday, 30 June, 2006 Q. You must be bitterly disappointed with that? DAVID NALBANDIAN:...

Federer on speed of courts on the tour Q. Across all surfaces have you noticed any sort of change since you came on the tour or not? ...

Handling people that play better than you, any ideas?
I thought to summarize all the old threads and the future ones that simply fall under this category :)

Clown of the tournament
Some strong contenders for this title so far ... Nalbandian - lost so he could watch Argentina go out of the World Cup Blake - 2 sets to 1 up against Max "I can't hit a groundstoke" Mi...

Wimbledon will not screen England
Wimbledon will not be showing live coverage of England's World Cup quarter-final with Portugal on Henman Hill on Saturday. They gave the following excuse: "People are here to watch the tenni...

Italy is gonna kill Ukraine.
Nuff said. The most worthless team in the WC quarters getting its ass kicked

F espn goes off the air 2 hours and 15 minutes early today!
God damn this channel!!!!!!!

so it was ullrich and basso...
.. not armstrong, who were cheating with drugs. LOL. -- "when i visited Aden before collectivization, all the markets were full of fish product. After collectivization...

Good job birdman
Good job birdman. Now time to bend over and get sodomized.

Wimbledon tickets
Hello All, What is the rule on getting tickets for Wimbledon?. I have read the official website but i still do not follow. Can i turn up on the gate and expect to get in on one of...

saturday scheduling...
the aec decide to schedule murray vs roddick 3rd on centre court so will certainly clash with england vs portugal. but i guess the needs of us tv networks take priority...

Argentanians cant take penalties. And what was their coach thinking? subbing Riquelme? Holy cow. I have never ever seen such a blatantly idiotic decision

Fed through to final
Birdman and Haas beating each other up... easy win against either for Fed. Thereafter, who? Ancic, who's struggling with S. Wawrinka? Easy win for Fed. Then in th...

Do you like Andy Murray?
Most of the people i know want someone other than Andy Murray to win Wimbledon. Even i dont want to see Murray win. I will be cheering on Andre Agassi. My question for British rea...

"I want a coach before 2 masters series events in states.."
"I want a coach before the two masters series events in the Unted States, Toronto and Cincinnati." -Andry Murray

Ai Yi Yi Sugiyama!!!
What a fighter... buh bye Hingus!

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