Quik Quiz #178
What do these players have in common: Rafter, Chang, Kafelnikov, Ancic, Kiefer, Hewitt, Henman, Schalken And what do these players have in common: ORochus, Coria, Andreev, Gaud...

Berdych will topple Federer!
Mark my word! No French final for Federer this year. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Dave : <

When Blake loses to Almagro tomorrow . . .
What will all the people say who predicted that Blake would first beat Almagro, then Nadal? Hmmm, let me guess: they will say, okay, we were wrong about Blake but Almagro will now beat Nadal...

Hey Hazelwood
Do you have TTC? It's showing a Borg profile now.

This is just SICK

IDIOT Capdeville
awful behavior by Paul

Federer needed four match points today to close-out...
he shanked two of those in the stands on his forehand. Looks like he's making a habit of shanking forehands on the match-points ;-) Fortunately for him the guy on the other side was a no nam...

Molik-Perianu (spoilers)
Molik makes it to the third round. Excellent news! Well, three tight sets against the 177th player in the world, but still! It's the third round of a Slam, and she has been struggling ...

Emma almost bagels Venus!
4-0 anyway... :-) And had a set point. And served for the set twice. Good effort. A bit sad for Emma that after all the rain delays the match was so late that the stadium ...

Rafa's wife? Really?
http://msn.foxsports.com/id/3216398 Dave

Tim down 2 sets before bad play stopped light
Tim down 2 sets before bad play stopped light - Tursonov is battering him once again from the back, hitting some huge groundies and pretty big first serves. Henman looks passive and generall...

Federer's backhand look solid
As Vilas mentioned two days ago. Big change in the way he plays his backhand now.

Nadal should have by till the finals...
they should give nadal by till the finals...

Tennis Jeopardy: "Holding serve" (spoilers)
I'll say "What can't Emma Laine and Venus Williams do even if their lives depended on it?", Alex. Laine and Williams head into a first set tiebreak with four breaks per side! ...

I can't believe his name really is Bozoljac
I half-thought the earlier post about him was a joke. It's just too perfect...

Foul play?
It must be all of 10 degrees in Paris right now. And they let a Finnish player take the court with an American girl that was raised in Southern California. Unfair advantage to Finland.

Gutless Gasquet chokes on huge Argie BAGEL
Way to go Nalby!

Wilander: grace
Just now on Eurosport, David Mercer asked Wilander if he had come to RG as a 17yo believing he could win the title. No, he said. He had belief in his own game and that he could play better...

Gasquet is off to a bad start...
AGAIN! :( When will the most talented player of his generation find his groove? (if ever)

What's going on with Kiefer?
Starts off serving a bagel and a breadstick and now he's being tested in the fifth. Is anyone watching?


American Tennis player suck
I come up with just on word: PATHETIC

Hazelwood making an arse of himself....

Did Corretja ever formally retire?
Just saw a replay of matchpoint for Moya's 1998 win. I don't recall Alex every making much ado about leaving the game. He's still young enough to play, certainly. Was there...

Can the guys have a female medical trainer?
I sure as hell would prefer a female tennis trainer if i needed any medical attention. is this not allowed for some reason? the guys always have a stupid male trainer for medical attention....

Roland Garros 1R rankings - men
Safin plummets to mid-80s 1 (1) 6370 Federer, Roger* 2 (2) 3580 Nadal, Rafael* 3 (3) 2950 Nalbandian, David* 4 (4) 2640 Ljubicic, Iv...

Upskirt shot of Martina Hingis!
http://us.news3.yimg.com/us.i2.yimg.com/p/afp/20060530/capt.sge.bqf16.300506132512.photo00.photo.default-371x512.jpg?x=249&y=345&sig=4UoXlugWk.KVdZcsiim8vQ-- She should put these up f...

History of Tennis
http://www.cliffrichardtennis.org/planet_tennis/history.htm Note: Whisper may get upset since they still have Sampras with 12 GS. Also they did not update it to have the tennis greates...

When is Fed match?
Approximately what time (either Paris time or Eastern US) is the Fed match tomorrow, assuming the first match on the court is of average length?

Website For Contest Yet?
Has Hops posted the addy for the FO contest? I couldn't find it... If it's the same as the AO, I haven't got it anymore, and would appreciate a link.

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