"Major" changes to WTA rankings
http://sports.espn.go.com/sports/tennis/news/story?id=2288575 Most folks are already aware of the removal of quality points, but the other change, zero points factored into the rankin...

Vaidisova the new Sharapova...?
http://www.smh.com.au/news/tennis/rising-star-ready-for-spotlight/2006/01/11/1136956243443.html ..& a video snip; http://s22.yousendit.com/d...

For Mac fans....

Roddick I/V - angry.
From Wimbledon - pretty funny. Used Dave's prog to compress to WMV. http://s28.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=14EHSKFJ4XJKS1SW86E06KDEP1

Federer interview
http://www.aamiclassic.com.au/files/Press%20Conference%20-%20Roger%20Federer%2012%20Jan%202006.DOC Interesting snippets: Q: The match before it looked a bit difficult to hold ser...

Haas interview
Q: Nadal and Safin being out, with the guys who are left who would you see as being the guys with the best shot? A: I don't know. Nalbandian has a bit of a chance, one of those guys. ...

Clijsters ready for Aussi Open
Just announced on the Belgian news that Kim will be ready to play the AusOpen. The article in Dutch : Goed nieuws voor Kim Clijsters: ze heeft geen spierscheuring opgelopen en ra...

The Rebound Ace in Melbourne
Will it be any faster than the Rebound Ace in Adelaide and Sydney? Just wondering. Dave

Why do they play the Australian Open in January?
It is the hottest time of the year, they players are only just back from having a break, and there are always more injuries. I think the tennis suffers from players having to play in e...

The Incredible Tennis Machine
http://time-proxy.yaga.com/time/archive/preview/0,10987,924275,00.html?internalid=AC excellent article on Borg written at the apex of his career. <...

Hewitt Seppi (spoiler)
Hewitt broken twice while serving for the match (in second set and third set). his preparations dont seem to be adequate bg

Hass def of Fed in the exo means nothing
LOL- you guys are nuts getting so carried away on this exo loss. even Vari in this group has turned to the dark side. and she appeared to be a Fed supporter. go figure with some people here....

Nice articles
http://www.tssonnet.com/tss2902/stories/20060114006100800.htm http://www.tssonnet.com/tss2902/stories/20060114006301200.htm bg

Haas defeats ratboy
6-4 6-4

Ancic waxes Gonzo
6-0 6-3

Couple of surprise results
well, not the outcome, but the magnitude of the victory in ... F. Gonzalez 0 3 M. Ancic 6 6 P. Srichaphan 7 7 I. Karlovic 6 6 so the tha...

Another 'how to beat federer' ...
http://www.eurosport.com/home/pages/v4/l0/s57/e11348/sport_lng0_spo57_evt11348_sto812179.shtml Nobody is unbeatable. But Roger Federer sure comes close. With only four losses in 2005, ...

Federer d Ljubicic 6/4 6/3
Ho Hum

Nalbandian out of Kooyong....
replaced by Miryni. Told you Vari.

Karatantcheva is banned over drugs
Karatantcheva is banned over drugs Wednesday, January 11, 2006 Posted: 1815 GMT (0215 HKT) Bulgarian teen Karatantcheva must serve a two-year drugs suspension P...

Haas up a set agains ratboy
Haas broke, got broken back and then broke again to take the set.

Idiots fighting on the internet
Do your favorite players give a damn about you? Why are you investing time looking up quotes, articles and bunch of non-tennis related news about your player? Does it really matter whether y...

Regarding Hazelwood's operation
I know Dave has received a lot of supportive emails since he announced he had the final date for the operation. I just wanted to say publicly that everyone on r.s.t wishes you all the best...

Sydney - Hope it is Hewitt-Blake Final
They have had some good matches in the past. I can't see any other matchup being of nearly as much interest. Got any preferences? Cheers, vc

Hass proves a cut above
http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,5205-1981139,00.html HE minute Roger Federer loses any match, the pet theories about what is going on assume an unrealistic hue. It was n...

Coria a dark horse for Melbourne?
Has been injury-free for a while and had a good run at the USO - the slower courts at the AO will probably suit him even better. He won't win it but he could do well....

AO draw on Sunday?????
The AO website says "The Main Draw will be released on Sunday 15 January and play begins Monday 16 January, 2006." It sounds very hard to believe. I think AO draw has usually bee...

Federer not so hot in 2006
Federer in Doha 2005 Converted 17/33 break points for a 51.5% conversion rate. Saved 7/7 break points for 100% conversion rate. Federer in Doha 2006 Converted 14/...

Serena looking trim ...

Federer pulls out of AO
and Groundie/Whisper come in their pants. Arf arf.

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