Oh - that match rocked! I've never seen Federer on the ropes like that in any match, ever. Jeanne

Fed's play
Fed's forehand is looking shaky and he can't seem to buy a first serve in the 4th set

Will Federer be another Sampras ?
Unable to win FO ? He's in trouble.

Nadal/Federer on Saturday - possibly
If it goes to five sets, we won't see the conclusion today. I hope it goes to five. Jeanne

Does NBC want to screw ESPN?
OK, so NBC only wanted to show one men's semi. But was there a need to tell us who had won the first set in the other semi, while announcing that ESPN would be showing it? And then to ...

Nadal takes 3rd set...
pretty good match so from both.

Clay-court tennis sucks so much
Nadal hitting half as many winners as the other guy but still winning. Just doesn't make any sense. Tennis wasn't supposed to be like this.

Johny Mac on Federer's playroll?
Johny Mac is dissing Nadal big time and not giving him any credit. Nadal hits a fantastic dipper that Fed can't volley, all he has to say is Fed miscalculated. He is blowing wind from his be...

Did Nadal run out of Gas?
Federer is hitting more flat strokes, and more casual!

Federer is toast -- Nadal on his way!!
1st set no problem for Nadal. Only regret I have is not loading up on Nadal. Federer can now concentrate on his grass court etiquette. Clearly, he hasn't the nuts to do it on cl...

Fed/Nadal Odds
Nadal -156 over Fed +150 after 1st set. Wonder what the odds were of Nadal breaking Fed 4 times in the first set!! ----== Posted via Newsgroups.com - Usenet Access...

I just turned on NBC (10aPST) and they're showing Nadal/Ferrer quarter. What's up?!??!?!?

10:10 Pacific time and they're showing Ferrer-Nadal! WTF?
help! update please!

Good lord! Nadal already broke Fed and leads 2-0
Could roger be nervous?

Federer/Nadal Match Thoughts (spoilers)
Federer isn't shanking shots like he sometimes does early in matches. Good sign.

Fed Vs. Nadal is underway...Fed serving
Is it being shown live in the US west coast ?

Justine vs. Pierce predictions ?
Anyone ? Watching Pierce demolish the Russian Elena yesterday, not so sure. Pierce is playing exceptionally well, her best tennis on clay in years, as good as in 2000. Still thi...

Making it hard to tape or watch
Trying to go by TSN and NBC schedules, but rain and match lengths making it hard to keep up. Gotta see Fed-Nadal, and HH in women's final.

Federer on Eurosport
Said: "Every Grand Slam is equally important to me, except for Wimbledon, which is my absolute favorite tournament. But sometimes I dream that I'm holding the trophy here because I want it...

Commentator just said that they won't be playing other semi today
The light is really bad apparently and there is heavy rain on the way. Nadal/Federer are 1st on tomorrow.

Women's SF Doubles Rankings
Sixth consecutive Roland Garros final for VRP/PS; they've won three. They have to win the final for VRP to stay #1. Suarez falls to #3 no matter what. Huber is #5 no matter what. ...

Fucking 5th set!
This is a totally disaster for the other semi, they should have just played it on another court.

Davy down a break in 4th again
This could well go to 5 sets, in which case Nadal/Federer won't start today.

Idiotic FO scheduling.
Given that Federer/Nadal is the de facto final, you would think they would want to ensure it is played on terms likely to bring the best out of both players. As it stands, both Nadal and F...

davidenko up 2 sets to 1 ...
so far puerta bumrooting hasn't paid off........ -- "if federal judges have the final word over its meaning, the Constitution would be a mere thing of wax in the han...

NBC telethon?
Anyone else getting this damn thing instead of tennis on NBC? what rotten timing for such things to ruining regular programming. especially today! thank heavens espn 2 will show the Fed-Nada...

Federer/Nadal Match Time?
What time is the F/N match today (Friday)? State the time zone please with your time; I am CDT. Dan

Puerta / Davydenko update (spoiler)
Davydenko takes the second set 7:5 , Puerta has a few problem with judging the length of his shots, many unforced errors that way...

Puerto / Davydenko score update (spoiler, naturally)
6:3 to Puerto so far....

maybe now the west coast will get Fed-Nadal live on NBC?

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