Talk about contrast...
apparently Nadal apologised to Federer at the net for winning, apparently feeling somewhat bad for denying him a FO title.

the cinderella story
9 months ago puerta was ranked 400, he was sanctioned for dopping and almost died in a elevator accident, then he started to play futures!!!!, challengers, and got a wildcard for Buenos Air...

Nadal won the FO?
seems like nobody gave Puerta a chance... so i guess this thing is over huh?

Fed's legacy
Assuming he doesn't win a slam this yr & Nadal takes his yr-end No.1 ranking, how will people view his standing v Sampras? He'll have 4 slams v 14 for Sampras, 1 yr No.1 v 6, 2 ...

Nadal serves like a ... ???
Here are statistics from RG SF: Here are the serving speed averages (Wide, Middle, Center) : Nadal: 1st serve Deuce Court: 163, 162, 163 1st serve Ad Court: 187, 164, 1...

Nadal looks like a....
.... cartoon character. Well, the more funny looking characters on tour the better I say.

well, now that Federer's ..
.. dream of winning the career GS has been dashed for this year, he console himself with getting back to the easier task of piling up more Ws and USOs. -- "if federal judg...

Can Federer go slamless this year??
This may be too bold a question if it were asked in the beginning of the year....

Federer's interview

Federer's arrogance
My disappointment is obvious," Federer said. "I was in the final four and with a chance to win. I was trying my best and didn't always play that well. In know I can beat him on any surface...

Federer = Sampras-reincarnated...
federer will continue to pile up his grand slams... the way sampras did.. i say when it's all said and done, he'll end up with at least 10 slams, or maybe even edge sampras' 13.. ...

Serves mean shit in FO..........
when was the last time a big server win the FO? ace machines like goron and richard k never even smelled the quarters....

Fed looked frustrated with himself today.
Haven't seen him this pissed with himself in a match in a long time. And he was whining to the umpire about the bad-light and screaming and yelling at himself. Perhaps he didn't have th...

Puerta - Davydenko on ESPN 2 now
For those who want to watch it in all its five-set glory! Dave : >

Roland Garros SF rankings - men
First slam final for Nadal and Puerta. Nadal youngest slam finalist since Chang (1989 RG), and 7th youngest in OE. Federer sets all-time entry points mark, breaking his own record set last...

Look at the bright side of things
Those of us who live at GMT-4 or GMT-5 won't have to get up early to see the final :D (I still remember the sleep pattern disorders I got from the AO :)

fed observations
1. healthy nadal will beat fed on clay routinely. it would be fairly large upset for fed to beat nadal on clay in future. 2. watch out for nadal on HC. healthy nadal is going to be even fav...

FO is the only slam Nadal has chance of winning...
cuz you can't win grand slams outside of paris with 70 miles / hr serves..... federer looked like a sampras-reincarnated today.... every long rally would end up in errors rather t...

Old man Roche is really earning his shilling.
That partnership is really paying off.

Nadal = Hewitt
Not since Hewitt made such an ass of himself at the AO this year have I seen more unsporting behavior from a player as manifested by Nadal's dancing around after lucky shots (for him...

Amazing- another rare semi loss on a opponents B day
Some things are just meant to happen in this world i guess.

Spanish matador slaughters Swiss milk cow.
As if.

Tennis forums the Internet over chime.....
to the tune of "Federer sucked hard...jeez Nadal is soooooo lucky". The golden boy falls again at a slam semi, and the sycophants once again bleat.

That Miami final...
....looks more like a fluke loss given their overall record.

That Nadal guy looks promising...
...just think what he can do once he grows up as a player...

Nadal = young Michael Chang?
johny mac says Nadal is like a young Becker... noway... becker was a big server w/ one hand backhand, and his best surface is on grass... whereas, nadal is a crappy ser...

Federer won't have wasted too much energy on this
He's increased his ranking points and only played one match more than 3 sets. He can rest the weekend and tune-up for Wimbledon next week at Halle.

Looks like I get to stick around....
as Federer can't win FO this year now. 2 slams pass, 0 for Federer.

Federer/Nadal (spoiler)
Nadal takes the fourth and the match. Great play from the youngster. Amazing mettle. There were several points in the match when he could have gone walkabout, but each time he revved himself...

Some fucking yelling....
when federer was serving 40-30, up 3-1.. that caused him to double faulted and lost the game.. then he went on to lose 5 straight games.. WTF.. that fucking fan should ...

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