Davenport pulls out MI
Lindsay Davenport today pulled out of the Medibank International in Sydney because of bronchitis. Davenport's sudden illness comes after she withdrew from the Hopman Cup last week due...

Dave Henry: Is your boy on roids?
Saw the last few points of Hewitt's match today and he's looking unusually (almost strangely) large in the arms and shoulders... there also appears to be a fair amount of cut, along with p...

Field weakening by the minute...
Forget the dramas of all the women pulling out, look at the men's... Injury clouds over: J.Johansson Dent Srichaphan Agassi Nadal Flip Ancic .....

Who Is 5th Player Missing?
Aussie Open website says 15 of top 20 women are entered...Who else is missing? 1. (8) Henin-Hardenne 2. (10) Capriati 3. (16) Suarez 4. (20) Clijsters 5. ____________???...

Aussie Open Mens final on tape delay
Just read this in Tennis Magazine: The OZ men's final normally slated for late night Saturday p.m. is now going to be shown on tape delay at NOON on ESPN on Jan. 30. I don't really thi...

Molik-Zuluaga Spoiler
Molik whips Zul 6-1 6-2. Molik in the zone, playing better than I've ever seen her and this wasn't even as close as the score suggests (the first set took 17 minutes). Has s...

Peng defeated Petrova in Sydney
6-3,4-2(ret.) after defeating Myskina 6-1,6-3 seems to be another rising star

Agassi injured at Kooyong
Was 5-6 against Roddick and his hip started locking up so he retired, looked pretty concerned so not sure if he will recover for AO.

Worst chokes in Slam finals
1. 1976 US Open - (Green Clay): Borg loses to Connors US Open was played on green clay for 3 years. The winners were Orantes, Connors and Vilas for those years. Orantes and Vilas were ...

Fellow pros fall asleep at Fed press meeting

Old Prince Thunderstick Still Around?
I'm not optimistic about this, but I had some Prince Thunderstick rackets many years ago and would like to have them again. This is NOT the CTS Thunderstick. These rackets were (very) wide...

Sydney, Canberra 2R, Hobart QF Rankings
1 (1) DAVENPORT 4666* 2 (2) Mauresmo 4320 3 (3) MYSKINA 3934 4 (4) Sharapova 3536 5 (5) Kuznetsova 3526 6 (6) D...

Serena makes worst-dressed list
http://msn.foxsports.com/story/3316708 Dave

Can you like a great match if you hate the players?
For me its no. i have to care about at least one of the players to like a great tennis match. some will disagree im sure. this is a question a friend asked me. just curious what you all thin...

Anyone have access to Kooyong results?
Is there a web site that posts results? Thanks, Dave

Roddick explains firing of Gilbert
http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/news/archive/2005/01/11/sports1405EST0333.DTL Dave

Courier headlines 2005 Hall of Fame inductees
http://www.sportsnetwork.com/default.asp?c=sfgate&page=tennis-m/indexpic.htm http://sports.yahoo.com/ten/news;_ylc=X3oDMTBpNDU1cml1BF9TAzk1ODYyNTg0BHNlYwN0aA--?slug=ap-halloffame&prov=ap&ty...

It's official: Capriati withdraws from AO
http://sports.yahoo.com/ten/news;_ylc=X3oDMTBpNWZic251BF9TAzI1NjY0ODI1BHNlYwN0aA--?slug=ap-australianopen-capriatiout&prov=ap&type=lgns Dave

My Annual "Screw The Colonial Mutual" Post
Once again Channel Seven (Australia) gives precedence to the meaningless exhibition in Melbourne. Missed Daniela in Sydney as a result. Well, I guess the housewives think Ag...

Who is Ivo Minar?
He's swept past Davydenko and Verdasco pretty easily in straights in Sydney. I've never seen his name before this tournament. Anyone have any interesting tidbits? Dave

Svensson retires...
Don't think anyone really cares, but Aasa Svensson (Carlson) is apparently retired. Read this from a Norwegian source. Some kind of injury :) First Dyrberg, then Svensson... ...

CBS "Memogate" Puzzle
With regard to CBS' "Memogate" problem, why didn't CBS simply take FoxNews' tack, and claim, as FoxNews did in Federal court, that they have a Constitutional, First Amendment right to distor...

Hingis to rescue WTA from ...
http://foxsports.news.com.au/story/0,8659,11919017-23210,00.html "A five-times Grand Slam singles champion and winner of 76 WTA Tour titles, Hingis would be a welcome addition to...

Where is Ancic?
Does anybody know which of the AO warm-ups he's playing in (if any)?

no sense
To my mind that kind of system doesn't belong at all to tennis. Why did they generally play that match? The tougher match the better possibilities players ought to have in getting into the m...

Hewitt destroys Beck 6-1 6-2
Wow! He was just awesome today. He will win this tournament and become the no. 2 player in the world. GO LLEYTON!

Nadal retires
... in Auckland. He lost the first set to Hrbaty and then retired. Anyone know what happened? Thanks, Dave

Myskina Spoiler
Lost badly to Peng of China 1-6 3-6 in Sydney, playing as if she was burnt-out. A couple of days ago she talked as if she wanted a break and might not play the AO in future. ...

Dark horses at the AO
Me again :) Hopefully I'll go to Melbourne Park tomorrow to see some great tennis. Fingers crossed. Dark horses... *Schnyder She wins Gold Coast....

First double bagel of the year (mens)
Spadea d. Sanchez 6-0 6-0 Guess Spadea wants to prove that he deserves the number 2 DC singles spot in the face of heavy competition from Dent (RU in Adelaide) and Fish (d. Soderl...

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