Rank Federer's strengths - here's a start at a list (not exactly ranked yet, but sort of...)
Forehand - the biggest weapon, Balance - leading to efficiency, Footwork - speed/quickness leading to great defense, Court awareness - knows where he is, his opponent is and where the b...

Wimbledon Public Ballot
I've entered the AELTC public ballot to try get a pair of tickets for Wimbledon 2005. Can anybody rate my chances of succeeding?

Steffi Graf, her original used tennis shoes from 1996 !!!
Steffi Graf or Stefanie Graf, here you can get her original adidas tennis shoes from 1996, both handsigned. Auction ended on Dec. 05/2004 at ebay germany!! http://cgi.ebay.d...

Fed and Sampras
I think peak Sampras would beat the Federer rite now. One reason: serve. Sampras would never give fed a chance for a point - I have seen some matches where games have gone by without o...

Pat Mac should yank Fish
I am sure he will if Fish loses the first match, but I say put Spadea in from the get-go and stick with him. Seems to me that Fish has a zero chance of beating a Spaniard on clay in Spain w...

I saw a snippet of a Grinnin' Greg match on TTC last night. First, the hair is just hilarious. Is he wearing one of those skinny plastic headbang things? His hair looks like it belongs on ...

Outrageous prices for Davis Cup final in Sevilla
Tickets for the final series are going for 1600 Euros ($2120). Considering that it is a 26,000 capacity court I think the prices are way overblown. Anyway I believe that the americans are wa...

Google groups question
Why does it take so long for my very important tennis insights to post on rst? I often notice that by the time I do see my post others have already responded, so they must be seeing it earl...

Tennis RSS Feed
I just discovered the benefits of RSS-feeds. What is the best/most useful tennis RSS-feed? Thanks for helping me out, Jan-Willem

The Seles Rehabilitation [was: Sharapova not welcome to Fed Cup]
> > the world got over it (unfortunately it took a stabbing for everyone > > to *love* seles, but there you go), and i think we should too. > > the world *never* ...

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PreOwned Racquet Deals?

Possible Fed combos to surpass Sampras
14 GS titles with 7 W and 5 USO 5 Masters 6 years #1 Short of just one-upping everything that Sampras did, which is doubtful, what *minimum* combos can Fed put together to ...

good thing about fed/sampras....
..... is that it made us realize how ridiculous agassi/sampras was :-) bob

Why is Australia such a Great Country?
As a non-australian I thought I'd pose this question. Is it because of the great tennis heritage? The scenery (i'd be interested in getting some guidance on what to see since I'll...

Davis Cup Preview
It won't be so easy! Spanish team: Carlos Moya, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Tommy Robredo and Rafael Nadal America's team of Andy Roddick, Mardy Fish, Vince Spadea, and the Bryan twins

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Are all baseliners bashers?
Except baseliners from Bollitieri and some few others, I would not consider everybody a baseline basher. A baseline basher is one who hits as hard as possible and waits for oppone...

Fed-Sampras and New Balls update
updated comparisons through Masters Cup: http://www.tennis28.com/studies/Federer_Sampras http://www.tennis28.com/studies/NB_Compare.html added surface spli...

Federer video

Russian coup against Maria
http://www.canada.com/sports/tennis/story.html?id=1857f488-7f0c-4635-ba39-617e769dc8bf Let the bitching and the catfights begin! But I think Maria should be intelligent enough to...

TODAY: Ilie Nastase on ESPN Classic
this must be TODAY hope those in US will be able to see it and perhaps tape it for some of us:-)) --------------------------------- http://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/view...

TRIVIA PART 7 -- X Is For Cows
About surfaces, and the players who like or hate them. Unless otherwise specified, the questions apply to the final Top 20. You may look at the list of Top 20 players. Some q...

Whisper adores Fed?
Subject -- Regards, pager.

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Seles thinking about retiring
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/tennis/4047821.stm An era coming to an end. I remember her for all the close fights she gave to Steffi Graf. Best of luck to her for life after tennis <...

Need more speed
Age 38, been playing at the club level since 30. I think I am losing mph on my serve and forehand, maybe age related. I played a younger guy I hadn't played for a year or so whom I used to b...

Fed will win the FO this year
You read it here first. He's got the game. He seems like a smart kid too, and surely knows that it is never too early to win your first FO.

Federeration Cup Finals spoiler
Dechy d. Kuznetsova 36 76 86 Hmmm.... the plot thickens....! Dave

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