Wimbledon SF rankings - men
First Wimbledon final matching #1/#2 seeds since McEnroe/Connors 1982. Federer will be #1 regardless of the result. Career high for Ancic. 1 (1) 5310 Feder...

End of Williams era - no slams held..
About time. Sick of all that mindless shit being passed off as top tier tennis....

Siberian Kathru
Dedicated to the Siberian Khatru of tennis, the astonishing Maria Sharapova: "Siberian Khatru" (Anderson/Howe/Wakeman) Sing, bird of prey; Beauty begins at t...

Serena Displaying Class
Have to give her due. Showing a lot of grace and class.

Watch for the excuses..
Werent none..Selina got creamed end of story.. Macca

Spoiler - Thank god the transition period is over....
Sistas wouldn't have won any slams in Graf/MN era.....

I thought Sharapova would win!!!!
**** Post for FREE via your newsreader at post.usenet.com **** Sharapova is an awesome player. I thought she played a lot better than Serena in the semi-finals and I thought she'...

Sharapova Wins In Straight Sets!
Holy crap! I thought Serena would just crush this girl but she got crushed. I totally missed the first set. Boy this is one of the biggest upsets in history. Wow! John ...

sharapova wins
sharapova d. serena 6-1 6-4 serena was tight but she got outplayed. great win for sharapova.

Sharapova wins 6-1 6-4
Congratulations to 2004 Wimbledon Champion Maria Sharapova. She dominated defending champ Serena Williams 6-1 6-4. Wow... what a performance by this big, young, strong girl. The ...

Wimbledon MEN'S Doubles SF Rankings
I'll let Hops do the singles, but here are the doubles numbers: 1..(3) BBryan.............4545 1..(3) MBryan.............4545 3..(1) Bjorkman...........4510 4..(2) W...

Anyone think Fed will get a set in the final....?

Men's Rankings?
a.k.a. is mario in top 20? ..please? haven't seen them for a while, just girls and their doubles (does anyone care about sanchez/ruano pascual?)

So Nice To See
Is so nice to see a pretty femenine woman who will be able to carry this sport for some time. For too long now women's tennis has been dominated by big rough looking women. ...

eat shit Roddick-bashers
This just isn't onlyhuman's day LOL- Well deserved win by Roddick even below his best. "Ancic" had a chance for momentum change after the 3rd when it rained (AGAIN). No excuses. R...

(SPOILER) Roddick - Ancic
Roddick wins 6-4, 4-6, 7-5, 7-5 -- God answers all prayers. "No" is an answer.

Roddick wins !
6-4 4-6 7-5 7-5 4 close sets, as most of us predicted. Congrats, Andy! -- The banking industry is an infinity of successive felonious larcenies - Thomas Jef...

Sharapova ahead 6-1
Serena is playing terribly, and the big russian is putting it to her... -- The banking industry is an infinity of successive felonious larcenies - Thomas Jefferson

Is Serena actually a Chinese swimmer?
Have you seen those shoulders - she should contest the butterfly in Athens... butch pig.

What's the deal with Roddick's facial hair?
Doesn't he realise that while he's still wearing a cap, he looks like a teenage punk...

Cry-baby Roddick walks off...
Umpire was too gutless to stop him, so the tournament ref should've defaulted him.

Its only raining on court 1 LOL-
This just isn't Roddick's day LOL-

Research project: Boy/older male relationships
Apologies are offered for this off topic post, but it is desirable in this type of research to solicit respondents from widely divergent groups which have no particular interest in the sub...

Racket Technology
Nick Schulz writes in Slate today about how racket technology is ruining tennis: This year's men's draw at Wimbledon is more a serving contest than a tennis tournament. Defending cham...

Roddick in a real dog fight now
I just knew super mario would come back in the match.

roddick rain delay..?
How come all the other courts are still playing?

Roddick in dogfight
tied in the 3rd. Wish we (USA) could see it. As it is, i'm stuck watching blinking numbers change on my computer. And i guess Centre Court will now be empty for the next hour and a hal...

Fed wins again... Roddick struggles...
Go mini-Goran... ;-)

Fed beats Grosjean
6-2 6-3 7-6 Fed hasn't looked good in t-breakers - something that could haunt him vs. either of the two huge-serving semifinalists. -- The banking industry is an...

Moment shift due to rain
Roddick has lost second set after being a break up Roger is a break down in the 3rd set

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