BBC Wimbledon - Sue Barkers table
Anyone here in the UK reckon that the BBC will have a competition to guess how many tennis balls in that glass table that Sue Barker sits at?

Hey Wendy!!
Some big steak is fine. Medium :-)

Prince NXG Experimental MP
If anyone is interested I have one on ebay. Sorry if this is the wrong group to be posting to. ...

Roddic-Federer final
Dream matchup... #1 versus #2 in a Wimbledon final... a sequel to of one of the previous year's most talked-about encounters (Wim semis)... the way Roddick is serving I think he has a real s...

mystery inspiration
Who do you think was on about when she said the following: "one person I'd like to thank - but I'm not going to give the name of - for inspiring me to win this tournament"

Time for Bud Collins to go away
The French interviews were bad. Today's interviews were worse. I admire NBC for loyalty but he is embarrassing the network.

Maria Sharapova
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White girl wins Wimbledon
Cheers, Ms.Sharapova, for trouncing Sista Williams. And for those you talk of Russian, Siberian, etc.,etc., the fact of the matter is that Ms. Sharapova is a fine speciman of north european ...

Contest update
Congratulations to larry70dj, who was the only contestant to get the women's final exactly right. Also to Davide Tosi, gp calliauw and Dj Acp, who also predicted that Sharapova ...

Winning streak on grass
Federer's 23-match winning streak on grass ties him with three-time champion McEnroe and seven-time winner Pete Sampras. Only Bjorn Borg (41 straight) had a longer run.

I'll have a scoreline prediction later today, but i do know one thing - this will be a *war*, not a wipeout like last year. Fed is in top form, but Roddick is clearly improved over las...

Williams "reign of terror" at an end
Picture two ugly, muscular black women at opposite ends of the court playing the final of Wimbledon, grunting and clubbing the ball like two fucking barbarians. That's just not te...

Tennis in Surrey
Hi, im thinking about joining a Tennis club in Surrey are there any anyone here can reccommend?. Regards, Ben Smith

Russkies now dominate...
.. the ova horde has finally broken through.. the Americans and Belgians have been swamped... -- The banking industry is an infinity of successive felonious larcenies ...

Serena's soft-serving backfires...
Early in this event, i warned that Serena wouldn't win if she followed RW's strategy of lowering the pace on her serve to boost her placement. Her serve is a huge weapon on grass, and it mak...

A Big congrats to Roddick
I didn't think he would be Ancic. i think its true that he has improved. im not a Roddick fan. but congrats to him reaching another Wimbledon final.. Federer better be on his A game tomorrow...

Johan Kriek wearing a corset?
If anybody is watching Johan Kriek playing at Wimbledon at the moment (BBC Interactive), is he wearing some kind of corset. It only seems to be at the front.

Brad Gilbert has new book: "I've Got Your Back"
Brad has a new book that has a September release date. Details below.... About the Author Brad Gilbert is the author of the tennis classic Winning Ugly, which has sold more ...

"How To Play Tennis"
Something tells me the release of this book is two years too late. Venus and Serena picked Wimbledon to release the book figuring one of them would win the title and help book sales. <...

quick quiz 7304
Not counting this year, when was the last time the #1 and #2 seeds met for the men's title? -- The banking industry is an infinity of successive felonious larcenies

Prediction Roddick v Federer
Federer 6-4 5-7 6-4 6-2

That's Just Great
The one unbiased commentator on 9 - Tony Trabet - has retired from commentating. Hopefully they employ another non-Australian so we at least have some rest from "Lleyton is just so awe...

Court 1
Dang, been on the court with two out of the four players playing the doubles now...

The Language of Tigers
"C'mon!" (All the tigers are using it, male and female.) ((ESL gone bad?)) -- Why isn't The Tennis Channel on Adelphia?

Maria Sharapova wins Wimbledon
Maria Sharapova has won her first Wimbledon crown defeating Serena Williams on Centre Court in the Ladies Final at Wimbledon 2004.

Maria Sharapova
17-year-old Maria Sharapova has won her first Wimbledon crown defeating Serena Williams 6-1 6-4.

Maybe now Serena will start noticing "all these ovas"?
And, by the way, it is sharApova, not sharapOva.

Wimbledon F Rankings, Race; Doubles SF; Observations
Obviously a career high for Sharapova. The last time Serena lost to a non-Top Ten player was to Rubin at Los Angeles 2002. The last time she held only one title (and it not a Slam...

Question about ladies' final (spoiler included)
Is Sharapova the lowest seed to win the Wimbledon ladies' singles title in the Open Era? AO: Capriati (2001) FO: ASV (1989)? W: ? USO: Serena (1999) _______...

Sue Barker's post-final interviews
All a bit farcical I must say.

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