If agassi had Serena William's serve?
how many more grand slams would he win? definately more than his current 8. ummm... intriguing!!!!

Re: Sharapova on the cover of SI
The difference was that Hingis was a known player, who was supposed to win (most of the time). Sharapova was unknown to most people that didn't follow tennis. I'm not saying her looks had no...

Re: How many Grand Slams would pete win??
> Obviously this is pure conjecture (from what appears to be a > novice in the sport). Pete's forehand was a distinct weapon, so > were his volleyes, and his backhand was not too ba...

r.s.t. record?
Wow, I was here just before the men's final on Sunday, and the next time today a few hours ago. In that time, little over 48 hours, there were 1841 new messages. Usually that kind of n...

Always the Rackets . . .
Haven't the balls been changing over the last coupla decades too? -- Why isn't The Tennis Channel on Adelphia?

Federer plays tennis like God
It's not my favourite but if I could play a sport like anyone in the world today it would be tennis like Federer. Not only does he look the best but he plays the best as well.

Re: Why Pete Sampras won 14 grand slams?
Spiderboy wrote: > cuz of Agassi... > > he won his first from agassi, and his last from agassi.. > > pete sampras was 4-1 against agassi in slams finals. ...

Re: Sharapova on the cover of SI
Eric Patton wrote: > I'm shocked that they would go with the thin, pretty, 17-year-old blond > girl. Truly shocked. They put her on there because she won Wimbled...

Re: How many Grand Slams would pete win??
Spiderboy wrote: > if he had agassi's service? > let me guess... > zero? zip? nada? none? And if you take away Agassi's ground strokes (or anybody's groun...

How many Grand Slams would pete win??
if he had agassi's service? let me guess... zero? zip? nada? none? another question is... how many grand slams would agassi win if he had pete's service? 30? ...

Sharapova on the cover of SI
I'm shocked that they would go with the thin, pretty, 17-year-old blond girl. Truly shocked.

Sharapova and Federer at the Wimbledon "Ball"/Dinner
Well, mostly Sharapova ... but still enough for Roddick to want to crash the party:-) http://www.mariaworld.net/offcourtf.htm Marius Hancu

Why Pete Sampras won 14 grand slams?
cuz of Agassi... he won his first from agassi, and his last from agassi.. pete sampras was 4-1 against agassi in slams finals. that's 80% winning percentage. com...

sampras/agassi - fast/slow hardcourts
with regard to the argument that faster hardcourts favoured sampras more than agassi, and vice versa for slow hardcourts, just a little thoughtbubble... in 2000, the aussie open c...

Pick a coach for Federer
I think Federer can play even better if he has the services of a full-time coach. Any suggestions on who who would be a good pick for him? My picks would be: 1. Tony Roche. A ...

Some official serve speeds of different pros
Official world records: (from my memory some of these, for examle cannot remember whether Rusedski's record at some point was 146mph?) 1991 Rosset 133mph 1992 Ivanisevic 136mph

Sampras peak period and Hewitt
1993-1998, he won at least 2 slams each year(except 1996) and/or finished #1 1993 - Wimbledon, US Open 1994 - Australian Open, Wimbledon 1995 - Wimbledon, US Open 1996 - US O...

Ferrero and Federer
The Ferrero nightmare continues. Just lost in the first round of the clay court swiss open. Federer, poor guy, is obliged to play and give 100 percent effort. Gotta be tough. ...

repost Eric Patton is Steve Jaros
From: VH5150VP (vh5150vp@aol.com) Subject: Eric Patton is StephenJ View this article only Newsgroups: alt.music.van-halen Date: 1998/08/27 >Eric Pat...

Israelis are animals
This story will never be reported in America by the "American" media. Pictures available at the link below. Precious Jerusalem fresco defaced Georgia has official...

Who is Pete Sampras' #1 Nemesis???
Hewitt... the best returner in the history... i remembered stupid john mac once said that agassi was the best returner ever... no shit... agassi was just a "good" returner, N...

So who inspired Sharapova to win Wimbledon?
Sharapova, during her victory speech said she wanted to thank someone that inspired her to win Wimbledon....but wasn't gonna name that person's name. Anybody have any clue who it is? ...

Re: No nuance in either player's game.
> Most great matches are long but not all long matches are great. Such > was the case Sunday. Fed. vs Rod. was a classic example of the > continuing devolution of the pro game, na...

serena/sharapova difference:
is the difference between sharapova and serena the fact that sharapova received proper coaching from a young age? i know richard williams is the only confirmed 'genius' in the women's tennis...

Glad Roddick Lost
Sorry, but I'm not a fan A-Rod. As someone else pointed out, he's a fairly ordinary tennis player with a big serve (when it's working), average ground strokes, and a poor volley. I think he ...

Young guns this week
Nadal makes his return in Bastad, plays Vanek 1R. Soderling is in Nadal's half. Berdych is in Gstaad. Gasquet and Monfils, who received a WC, are slated to meet ...

VOTE: Could a 22 year old pete sampras dominate the 2000's?
against the likes of fedex, hewitt, roddick, ancic, and other upcoming stars? could he still win 14 slams let alone one? YES NO

Give a hand to the american runnerups
They lost on the court. They showed class off the court. Even with Bud Collins asking asine questions.

Count how many times Roger returned Rod's rockets
Nobody but Federer could have returned the huge serves Roddick threw in that Wimbledon final. any other player would have been blown off the court with those serves alone. count how man...

one thing that disappointed me was his failure to win 1 French Open. But seeing how clay is really for the specialists, I don't really hold it against him. You say that Borg won 5 FOs, but h...

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