Coverage of Davis Cup Final
Does anyone know which network will control the broadcasts rights for the Davis Cup Final in North East Asia? I'm in Japan and so far haven't been able to confirm if Sky Sports or Australi...

Clijsters and Henin in Fed cup?
Is it true that Belgium team will be without them? Thx

Courier forehand
What do people think about Couriers forehand. He seemed to use a very unconventional technique with hardly any take back at all, yet he had an awesome forehand. Hasn't been any other players...

Have you heard about the match fixing allegations?!

Tennis matches on DVD
I've got lots of matches available on DVD. Visit my website for the current list Thanks David

Rob Lowe Is Preternaturally Youthful. Roger Clemens Can Be, Too!
OK, I admit it. When I read in the _TV Guide_ that "[Rob] Lowe, 39, remains so handsome, unblemished and preternaturally young looking..." I had to resort to my dictionary to look...

Kournikova retires...
According to Norwegian newspaper VG... In Norwegoian, but still... -- Charlotte Vale: Oh Jerry, don't let's ask ...

Clijsters Beats Henin When It Doesn't Matter
I bet Henin let her win so Clijsters father wouldn't make stupid comments in the paper again. Clijsters and Hewitt deserve each other. Two of the biggest tennis losers ever.

More Cool Depth Stuff
How competitive has tennis been over the past few decades and have there been any major trends in round-by-round competition during that time? Well, your intrepid reporter has decided to...

Davenport Article Re:Swisscom
Interesting article I read on (Canadian sports network, for those of you who are not from here) Any comments on the retirement rumour mentioned in it? And can we now take this as a si...

Whoever has the Tennis Channel
Could make some good money taping the masters series and selling them on ebay. ** hint, hint ** ;) -- K. -------- "I don't want 'Fop', goddammit, I'm a Dapper Dan man!"

ATP players throwing matches?
New (sort of) scandal alert: ATP - MATCH FIXERS WILL BE PUNISHED Monday 13th October 2003 The men's professional tennis tour vowed on Monday it would stop at not...

Fred Perry Etonic tennis shoes
Does anyone remember the old Fred Perry tennis shoes with the blue pivot? I think they stopped making them about 10-15 years ago. I have been searching the web for vintage shoe retailers - b...

Navratilova: Fed Cup
Rememberr how we talked about Navratilova's being unable to qualify for the Olympics if she didn't play Fed Cup, or at least make herself available for same?

No wonder Roddick lost to Feds at Wimbledon.....
Another reason I don't bet on tennis.... ; ) Tennis players throwing matchesBy Gavin Versi, Clive White London October 13, 2003

Where to buy tickets to Wimbledon?
Hi, I'm looking at going to Wimbledon next summer when I visit Britain and France. I've always wanted to go and so I'm going to give it a try. To make a long story short, has any...

Is it okay to list Tennis item for sale here?
Please no spam just a smiple yes or no. If the anwser is no wher can I list Tennis items for sale? Thank you for your time and feedback. Remember with each order we ship a FREE p...

great double for Feds, but maybe not so wise?
Well done to Federer for taking both single and doubles titles at this years Vienna tournament. Not something that happens that often these days. Still maybe not such a wise move to pla...

Filderstadt, Tashkent F Rankings
Note the change in Daniilidou's score (though it doesn't affect her ranking). I messed up the process of putting in her qualifying scores. There may be a few other changes that I ...

Tales of the Fish Market
From Sunday, October 12 A Fishy fan club By Darren Rovell NEW YORK -- Mardy F...

Federer related Question
Federer won his 6th title of the year today in Vienna. Just wondering when was the last time a player has won at least 1 hard, clay, grass and indoor carpet event in the same calendar year? ...

clijsters - henin-hardenne result
clijsters d. henin-hardenne 5-7 6-4 6-2

Current Issues Article Archive
A growing archive of fascinating media articles on current issues & affairs. Available at Arcis Foundation Website: -- Posted by News Bulk Poster Un...

Former ITF boss calls Australians morons
The former ITF boss, Richard Lewis, now the boss of the Rugby Football League in England has called the Australian administrators of the game absolute morons. He blamed Aust...

Where to go for Tennis Racket discussions?
Other than Tennis Warehouse, where else do people discuss rackets? Thanks Perry

Tapes of Chris Evert
Does anyone know where I can find Chris Evert's matches on tape, That are for sale? Glenda

Has The Bratislava Tourney Been Dropped?
Yahoo is showing that there is a tourney scheduled for the women next week in Bratislava, but the WTA calndar doesn't show it. Is it still on? or has it been cancelled after the oringinal sc...

Belgian Fed Cup Chances Go Belly-Up?
>Belgian team without Nos. 1 and 2 in world > >Associated Press > > BRUSSELS, Belgium -- Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin-Hardenne > will skip the Fed Cup, le...

Filderstadt, Tashkent SF Rankings
The final will, of course, be played for the #1 ranking. Given Clijsters and her nerves, it looks like Henin will be #1 come Monday. 1 (1) CLIJSTERS 6443* 2 (2)...

Henin leads Kim 5-0....
....this yr. Should be 6-0 as Henin was up a set at Wimbledon tune-up final before withdrawing. It seems there's a huge talent disparity between the 2 girls. Henin has also...

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