Roland Garros tennis museum
I'm going to Paris this weekend, and I heard that the French tennis federation has opened a museum at Roland Garros. Has any of you guys been there, and if so, was it worth the visit? ...

question for Waltz
How *are* they working the points for the championships? And: I guess this was also true in the 16-player days, but it wasn't as small a group and so I guess didn't seem as obvious, ...

Houston outdoors
Per the website the Masters Cup will be on outdoor hardcourt, not indoor. Does this surprise anyone e...

Madrid final on ESPN2?!
on Sunday night at 1:00am EST (tape delay). when/how did this happen? did anyone know about this in advance? has ESPN2 been showing matches the whole week?

Another Amazing Serving Display from JHH!
11 aces in eight service games and twice she made three in a row (all those people who snorted about her serve not being within a light year of Serena's care to comment?). Also she only...

al Jaz eera Agassi
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Historic Week
Well, potentially, anyway, though it didn't really come off. *All four* #1 rankings -- men's singles, men's doubles, women's singles, women's doubles -- were on the line this week...

Tennis Trading Card question
Has anyone seen the Netpro Tennis set 2003 Premier Editions at any of the matches? I was just wondering if it would be worththe time and money to set up a stand at some of the matches? Woul...

Madrid F rankings + Race update
Ferrero wins his 4th MS title (first off clay), 4th title this year and 11th overall. He joins Stich (1993) and Agassi (2002) as the only players to win clay and indoor MS in the same year....

Madrid final (spoiler)
Ferrero def Massu 6-3 6-4 6-3 Pretty routine win for Ferrero, both players were bit flat. Ferrero was missing a lot of first serves. Massu has nice inside-out forehand but Ferre...

Linz draw
Is that supposed (after all the seeds are taken care of) to be random? If not, how it's done? I'm asking, because what I see is this: top 4 seeds are given 1st round byes and put...

Head tennis racket - situation happily resolved
I previously posted a letter I wrote to the Head tennis company. The recap: I innocently broke the racket, but Head declined replacing it because they claimed I abused it. My (excessively lo...

Ted's Tennis Zürich F Rankings
Week ending 19 October 2003 ADJ. AVG OP UNADJ. TW( LW) PLAYER W-L RATING RATING PL RATING -----...

Zurich DOUBLES Final Rankings
Well, I hardly need to have bothered. No change at the top. Ruano Pascual and Suarez *still* don't have an indoor (or grass) doubles title. DOUBLES: 1 (1) SUGIYAMA ...

Zurich F Rankings
Doubles rankings to follow once the final is played. I again repeat that, though JHH is now #1, she will lose the ranking next week. We've had seven different #1 players in ...

Swisscom Challenge Semi Finale
New vidcaps of Jelena Dokic and Kim Clijsters .

Playing a song in your head
I find it helps me to avoid distractions, and stay relaxed between points, if I have a song picked out to play in my head during a match. Anyone else use this technique? My current selecti...

Doubles Lob/Groundstroke Question
I was playing doubles..intermediate level.. Both teams had one player at net and one deep. We were lobbing diagonally (both deep players were also in a diagonal position. I was one of the <...

String Tension Question
Two identical racquets strung with the same gauge syn gut. One is strung at 60 the other at 50. How will the play of one vs. the other. Thanks, Ken

Do you like tennis ? Notre Dame too ? I've got a very nice white button down short sleaved shirt that says Notre Dame tennis on it and has a couple of blue and gold tennis rackets...

Henin's bruised face
I noticed Justine Henin has bruises on both sides of her face and what looks like a cut on her lips. Anyone know what happened to her? Was she in a fight or something? Chri...

TMS Madrid: Ferrero vs. Federer (SPOILS)
Ferrero downs Federer to reach Madrid final Oct 18, 2003 MADRID, Spain (AP) -- Juan Carlos Ferrero beat Roger Federer 6-4, 4-6, 6-4 Saturday to reach the Tennis Masters Mad...

He has been one of the hottest players on tour for the last three months. Ranked #73 on 7/14/03, and never ranked above #50, since then Massu Won Amersfoort Finalist Kitzbuh...

Madrid SF rankings
First MS Final for Massu; already at career high rank and would get to #12 if he wins tomorrow. First non-clay MS Final for Ferrero. JCF holds a 3-1 career edge, including a three set...

FS: 1999 French Open Men's Final Agassi DVD
FS: 1999 French Open Men's Final on DVD Andre Agassi vs. Andrei Medvedev The match is split up on two discs. The first three sets and pre-match commentary are on disc one a...

Price of WILSON 6.3???
Hello, I have been offered a semi-new Wilson 6.3 tennis racket, and I want to know if the prices is fair. Anybody can give me an idea of the price of such a raquet?

Zurich SF Rankings
If Henin wins the final, she makes it to #1 -- for a week. But it looks more and more as if the year-end Championships will settle things, even though Henin will go in with the advantag...

where is Noah's 6'10" son going to play college basketball?
I read a newspaper article which first said he is going to attend Florida (usually understood to mean the University of Florida), but then later said that he chose Florida over "other ACC sc...

Clijsters - Dokic spoiler
Dokic def. Clijsters 1-6,6-3,6-4 Strange match. First set was 17 minutes. It looked like a typical Clijsters match. I was thinking how she seems to be so much above almost e...

Dokic possessed
Dokic "just hits the ball. There is no rhyme or reason", said Chanda Rubin. ((Webpage {}, near bottom of page.))

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