08 May 2007 05:18:10
Same day tickets to the French Open?

Our trip is not until 2008, but I am hoping to get some advice from
those who have gone, or are going this year. I've checked the
site, and understand the advance ticket reservation policy, and I see
that there are a number of ticket agencies offering them as well. We
are thinking of going in the first week, but not the opening day, but
may wish to decide what day at the last minute. Is it possible to
walk up to Roland Garros and get tickets? I see that the official
talks about the availability of unreserved tickets at Roland Garros,
but I have no idea if this is likely to work, possible, or unlikely.
would welcome anyone's experience in this area. Thanks.

08 May 2007 14:30:56
Re: Same day tickets to the French Open?

You'd have to withstand a reeeeeeeally long queue.

08 May 2007 18:02:26
Re: Same day tickets to the French Open?

I am going this year and they turned down my request for tickets :-(

However, I am still trying to go on the first Monday ... hoping to get in
with a grounds pass sometime around Noon or 1 p.m. Is that a pipe dream or
can I do it?

I would go and stand really early in the q but I do not want to put my old
mom through that ...

Any advice is appreciated!


09 May 2007 02:26:32
Re: Same day tickets to the French Open?

I've been to Roland Garros three times, 00, 01 and 06. YOU WILL NOT
get official tickets there, it's hopeless.

The black market is not too bad, though. If you wait until 11 or so,
you will get them at a reasonable price. Don't buy from the
professional scalpers. There are a lot of fellow tennis fans who just
want to sell their extra tickets to other fans, without ripping them

That's how we ended up two metres away from Richard Williams at Court
no 1 last year. Try to get tickets for that one, it is by far the best
one if you want to get close to the players. And the tickets are much
cheaper than Suzanne Lenglen/Chatrier court. Plus, they just show some
poor guy getting hammered by Nadal and Federer anyway, plus the French