jumps in harness
Has anyone (adult) tried practicing a jump in harness? How did you find it - helpful, onerous, scary, fun? There's a coach - former Olympian/Worlds pair skater - who has done harn...

adult friend
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adult friend
adult friend http://adultfriendfinder.com/go/g765384

LF: Used Mens Goalie Skates
As subject line states. I'm looking for used mens goalie skates size 9 or 9.5. If anyone out there has a pair that they are not using anymore and would like to get rid off them, send m...

Jump Take offs
Apparently an observation my coach has made about my jump take offs is that i tend to scrunch my shoulders up and "jump with my arms". Coach keeps using the spring analogy with that if...

Excited about tonight!
Only back on this board again after 6 months away and wanted to say that i'm incredibly excited about going onto theice otnight with new skates! After much careful consideration i...

Looking for hints/tricks
I'm looking for any hints/tricks people use to convince their bodies to a) get their weight entirely over one foot/leg, and b) get their one foot/leg to accept the responsibility for an ou...

John Watts Freedom blades
Just been given a pair of these weird things to sharpen for a coach in a hurry. Curved heel end, rounds into an approx 1.25 inch additional section of straight edge at very roughly 45 degre...

guy's MO's on pairs carries
My wife and I are back to scary stuff. I can pick her up with minimal grunting and headbutting but doing those tiny stiff legged mohawk turns while carrying her is a whole different anima...

Mirror Image....
Skating last night at Chelmsford Forum. Not so many figure skaters there (Iwas the only fellow on figure skates) but there was one quite decent one, a tall lanky gal of 17 or 18 years. Good ...

Find out your girlfriend/boyfriend/friend have any crush?
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USFSA posts online educational videos for adult skating
Gang, For those who didn't see, USFSA has posted some online educational videos for adult skating. Check it out: http://www.usfigureskating.org/Story.asp?id=35461&type=news ...

great practice
I don't really have anything exciting to report. I just had a great time working my FS2 elements. I finally feel like I have some "air time" on the half jumps, I feel like I could do the ...

Dancing with the Stars (Series 3) - Did Anyone Here Watch?
Did anyone here watch the first episode of Dancing with the Stars (Series 3) that aired tonight? How do you rate this compared to "Skating with Celebrities"? Here's our feedback ...

leaning out on FO3's
well here is a new one for me. In lesson today trying to get rid of skid on initial lobe of LFO3 (don't do it on R) coach had me work dance 3's but was unhappy with my knee action so she ...

BOOTLEGGER Jeans Generation B -- Vote for Dancer Ashley Bell
DanceScape is pleased to provide our support to Dancer, ASHLEY BELL, who has been selected as one of the TOP 50 Canadians who consistently excel at their passion. Some of Ashley's...

Knee meds
Last season I hardly skated at all ... maybe 4 times on the ice, about 30 minutes each. My knee and big toe hurt like the dickens all winter. It started up about 3 years ago, and I had ...

Swedish Tour Skating Calendar
I just found this tour skating calendar from Stockholm Outdoor Alliance. Available in PDF, MS-word and HTML formats: http://www.alliansen.net/almanacka/ ( I'm...

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