Skating could be growing your brain (long and a bit scientific)
I was away from my broadband for the weekend, so took the March National Geographic with me for company. Didn't expect to read stuff of great relevance to skating, but the big feature "Be...

A pretty good back outside 3 drill
For me, this move is not impossible, but I seem to have an incurable toepick drag in the BO3. I have tried the sitback part of the move, but I find it just about worthless. Today, worki...
Hi Guys I often log into this newsgroup, but rarely write. However this week we launched a website to promote a group of Ice Dancers based in the London area, who are trained b...

Nordic skating in Oslo, Sunday
Hi all, So, just finished putting up the pics of our Sunday trip. Just three guys, so it was more of an expedition.

Sound system query
I read the FAQ about the lousy acoustics at most rinks. Are there rinks that have good or better than typical acoustics? Any ideas, suggestions on inexpensive and relatively easy ways...

Query about skating club operation
Do people here belong to actual skating clubs? Are your clubs non-profit? What does your club do for fund raising? LK

Nordic Skating in Oslo, Saturday
Hi all, I did my first trip on sea ice today, it just hasn't been cold enough long enough in the Oslo fjord for ice to build up other than in one or two secluded backwaters.

Another "Arabian Dance" variation
I got the great idea <insert mild snicker> of sword balancing on the head while doing simple skating moves on the ice e.g., swizzles stroking, mohawks. <insert laugh now> Which...

Advanced 3 drill ...
Started learning the 3-style that uses a small lift and drop while moving the free skate front to back or back to front. I still have a slight toe-pick scratch in my front double 3 com...

Skating Magazine: Romance On Ice
In this month's Skating Magazine, the cover story is called "Romance On Ice" in which they show 8 different couples that met on ice and have gotten married. Of those, all but ONE met thru ...

Kissed the ice today!
:-) Hard enough to feel it, not hard enough to split a lip and start bleeding... Anyway, we had a regional tv team from the state tv channel NRK with us out on the ice. I g...

Diet and exercise advice?
Okay, so here's the problem. I would like to lose a few pounds but don't want to lose energy. Does anyone have any advice? Any dietary advice including copious amounts of chocolate would be ...

Why do we stop skating?
"Why do we test?" thread reminded me of all the adults I've met who have stopped skating. As if it was a child's activity or something they did just to get their children started.

.. secret to the mohawks
.. on the ice tonight ( yes, I'm way overdoing it ) ... and I had a eureka moment. I have a bad side, and that mohawk in the MITF is sometimes scratchy ... sometimes dangerous. Tonigh...

Syncro Attack
... so I'm working a new move and not watching .. and suddenly here come the ladies in back spirals. I figure go in the center circle, and let them pass. Nope .. all 4 of them zero'd me...

Testing..... my story
I enjoy reading everyone's stories about testing. Now it's my turn to share. Yesterday I tested MITF Pre-Bronze Adult. I'll spare you the story of my horrible nervousness... wha...

Just say NO to Bin Ladin!!!!
Hi all I am helping a friend promote a web site. You see a childhood friend of hers lost her husband at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. She has run into some hard times and my frei...

4WD, wide stance, Ridell sucess
The new ice skates are f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c! I now leave tracings. These blades feel more forgiving of a balance miscalculation. These heavier skates are not tripped up on the ice as

Welcome to*
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Attention to detail
I've been working on forward crossovers for years now. I'm close to running them, but before I do that I need to get feet closer together on the cross on my offside, which would be CW. One t...

Nothing like this has ever been created, until now!

I want one
Googling on a Sunday afternoon, I came upon this page: I *want* one of these, if only... The "used pipes" page is particularly

Skating rink in London
I know from lurking here for quite a while that several of you are from England. (Aside: I greatly enjoy reading all posts on this group.) Today I watched a HBO movie called "The Blonde Bom...

Upgraded our skates
Upgrade to Ridell. It took about 2-1/2 hours to fit both me and daughter and heat mold the skates I finally bought. It was challenge to fit each of us because we both have narrow toes, bal...

Lesson from a BIG coach
We held our annual skating competition today at the local rink, and one of the judges was the brother of one of the rink staff. He's apparently a coach near Detroit and participated in an ...

Decision to add a coach was hard...
Our rink recently hired an ice dance specialist. I attended a few of the "free 1/2 hour lessons" at the Wednesday adult sessions, which he taught. I recognized right away there was no othe...

Nordic skating on =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Kr=F8deren=2C_Norway?=
Hi all, Finished 50+ km on ice today, tired as h... Pics here: <> Lovely ice most o...

Injured again
I'd like to say from a 2ble Axel, but sadly it was from a 3turn at hardly any speed. I was half asleep, lost my balance, fell quite casually and the free leg's toepick got caught on the ice,...

small insights on backspin
For those of us struggling to get a decent backspin I've recently learned a few things that are useful, atleast for me: 1) Like a scratch spin, you can force a backspin but the most consis...

Injured again
I'd like to say from a 2ble Axel, but sadly it was from a 3turn at hardly any speed. I was half asleep, lost my balance, fell quite casually and the free leg's toepick got caught on the ice,...

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