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shoulders on flip loop and toe
Lesson today was on stacking everything up each piece over the one below and rotations to match. Seems I have been under the misconception that the shoulders for a loop, flip and toe take...

Just when I thought I'd finally learned where those Gawdamned toe picks are.... snagged left side pick on the ice, trying to outrace a friend of mine who skates on speed skates. Problem was ...

We're open
Nice day. Good ice. Skated well in light public session. Good to see familiar faces again. Jumps seemed stable, and I landed all of them .. even a fast Sal ?? I generally don't come bac...

Skating costume length
What is a good length for a long skirt as part of a skating costume? My 8 year-old wants to be Snow White's evil stepmother/evil witch and have a costume for a Halloween parade and Halloween...

Anixety & Beta blockers use by musicians
The subject came here a few months ago. There is an article in Sunday's New York Times about musician using beta blockers to overcome debilitating stage fright. I...

Brave New Me on Ice...sorta post lesson 6
I'm standing on the ice--I've learned to stand without losing balance--thinking how to learn balance faster and wanting to express something without fear of falling and realizing I need to p...

Working backward
My experience with skating is that whatever you are having trouble with can be traced (partly) to whatever you did before. So, you go back to perfect that earlier skill, and learn that in ...

1 more day .. sortof
Brilliant. The creeps opened the rink all week to the private clubs only. Me and the kids can stand outside and watch. Nice of them. Thoughtful too. Bunch of self-serving freeloaders fo...

Boots too stiff? try this
I've had my "medium" strength boots 1 1/2 yr now without any creasing and still had trouble getting enough ankle bend. This came to a head while trying to learn a sit spin, so I sent them...

Music cutting software?
My coach is getting into cutting skating music on a computer (yes, he'd been using tape recorders until now!) and wants me to help him, being more computer literate. Do you have a...

3 more days
Spent the evening putting tar paper on the roof of bunny barn #2. Still t-shirt weather. I know it ain't gonna open. First thing I'm going to do is find Coachy and remind her that I ord...

Exercise I Found for my Muscle
FWIW, I found a neat exercise, by experimenting with resistance bands (the rubber band type), which seems to target my strained adductor and related .... muscles (?). If anyone knows the ro...

Sunday's ABC Skating
This past Sunday was some sort of TV skating competition. I taped it and have not watched much of it yet. I did notice that the French guy and an American both have the arm folded

The next weird thing
I caught myself 3 times Saturday evening unconsciously doing a inside foot, push-off with the bent knee and balance-on-the-thigh stroke movement rather than heel-to-toe step when I was walki...

Stroking and Footwork DVD
Has anyone seen the Advanced Stroking, Footwork, and Hydroblade Principles DVD (Charles Butler)? I was curious as it was a DVD, as opposed to CD or VHS.

1 more week
Busting for an adult rec skate program at the rink. Might get it too. Might not. Spent today putting new roof on bunny barn #2. Nice warm weather in the high 70s. Neighbors came over to...

Travel, rental skates, keeping conditioning
When I travel by air and stay for a week or more, I have tried bringing my skates. The idea is to skate at least once per week to keep my muscles/tendons, especially my feet, from losing to...

Lessons learned from hosting Regionals
We just got done hosting Regionals, still have to teardown tomorrow. Here are a few assorted observations that some of you may find useful. If you also do a non-qualifying event, as ...

Gift for Instructor?
Finish your Christmas shopping yet? :-) For a change this year, how about the idea of a gift for our instructor and their significant other? In some ways this might be more appropri...

Well used Ice at lesson 5
I was "playing" tonight with edges and figured out where the weight is on the back inside edge of the right foot so I could hold my left foot up. And by the end of the session I almost knew...

Ironic Injury Observations
On ice briefly Monday for stroking and minimal moves which did not aggravate current injury. The skills I work, but not as much as I should when at full steam, were the ones which did not h...

My first Axel?
Or not? I am not really sure to be honest. I hadn't tried them for months and was waiting for the competition to finish before I hurt myself. So I spent 20mins yesterday trying them, and for...

A follow-up post from the British Adult Champs, having messed up my programme myself, and having seen so many skaters not skate anywhere near what they were able to in the warm-up. I watched...

I'm becoming more and more convinced that my problems with balance are due to holding too much tension in my shoulders and neck (as I always do), which make me scrunch down and pull me for...

Groin Pull
Was reading thru RSSIR archives for into on this injury. Came across some useful information. Questions, though, for anyone who has had this injury. I know it's hard to answer because I'm ...

British Adult Championships
Well, it was great to meet Ant at last, and to see George again. I do think Ant was clever to recognise me..... I'm sorry I didn't get to see either of you skate, nor John F, either, but yo...

spins vs jumps
Dick Button likes to say that spins take more strength than jumps because you have to hold a spin for so long but jumps are over in a second. But I have to say, I'm a LOT more tired after a...

So what's it with the ice?
Okay, harder is faster ice for hockey. Softer as in fresh zamboni ice is more slippery. You put salt on the icy sidewalk to make it harder, lower the freezing temp to walk on.

2 more weeks
It almost cooled off today. I almost even wore a light jacket to work this AM. Must be global warming. Today, I put $35 worth of gas in my truck. I know a guy who puts $80 worth in his ...

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