27 Jan 2005 05:23:05
SPOILER Euros 2005 Pairs LP COP rant!

I don't know if i'd OD'd on skating by watching all of the mens SP, or
the lower quality picture from using the extended record option on the
DVD or (and is this just me or are they using) slightly bizarre camera
angles? Its like they got a camera somewhere on a diagonal line which
is slightly higher than normal but too low to be the annoying ceiling
cam they use.

Either way i hope they sort it out and/or sack the camera men before
next year's Olympics because they seemed to refuse to swap cameras when
the men were doing their lutzes and we ended up getting the ending and
half the rotation of the lutzes on the panning away ceiling

Anyway all of that rant (hopefully provioding sufficient spoiler space
to say - i didn't feel a thig about T&M's LP - yes it was technically
good and their unison was great and their speed looked good but
connection to the music? I might have to rewatch it for the above
reasons but i didn't get it.

And sweet lord if COP is going to breed the ridiculously overpacked
obviously difficulty enhanced programs performed poorly like Obertas
and Slavnov did then i'm going to stop watching the pairs because i
don't think my heart can take it! Firstly on non COP or prgramme
specific point - someone should be shot for thinking that his brown
almost illusion fabricesque trousers are a look, they are hideous -
he'd look less ridiculous if he was wearing her skirt!

And (having missed the SPs due to a brain malfunction) did she spend
the whole night up bathing in St Tropez (the fake tan not the place!)
or has she installed a UV lamp in her bedroom at night - she looked

Onto the program - split quad twist!!!! Impressive albeit slightly ugly
since she had to rotate so quickly it looked like her free leg was
flapping in the wind (a bit like the wobbling a pencil between your
fingers trick to make it look bendy!) Have they been doing this all
season (we're GP deprived in the UK) The stupid idiots in charge of
replays decided we'd be best watching the throw loop four times rather
than the (history making?) quad twist so i had to work out the new
fangled DVD player and do it myself...amzing that it went up laterally
but she does the three rotations in the lateral position then has to
straighten up for the landing and actually quickly does the fourth turn
as she's in his arms - seemingly caught but i think she just lands on
the ice with his hands just about around her but the angle is such that
you can't tell...that or he's oiled his hands so she can do a full
rotation in them without worrying!

I did like one of the lifts that ends in a carry with her in an upside
down position holding onto his legs and him sqautting...it does make
for an easy target for obscene jokes but....

But that Hokey Cokey lift where up she goes, down she goes, up again,
down again...which way are going now? oh yeah up again and down one
last time , looks ...bizarre? It wasn't badly done and i think is as
good as it could be done but it just isn't pleasing to watch. All of
their lifts are like the ridiculous dance lifts but scarrier because of
the over head element and greater amount of hokey cokey they're putting

Three lots of triple toes? Can anyone say Zayak? Does the rule not
apply to pairs? At least try a different triple - i don't think they
even tried double axels.

Finally, at the start of the pairs LP it was quite novel to see the
death spiral with all manner of ming-mong entrances but now - i just
want to see conventional entries with low positions and more than
barely one revolution...under leg over leg sprawl on the ice and change
foot or leg positions (i;m thinknig hokey cokey again now!)...none of
them are well done so they don't look nice - i don't think the shoot
the duck entrances are nice and actually think that's an easier
entrance to the conventional death sprial entrance with a nice slowly
lowering down to ice level since the skater squats down in to the shoot
the duck to get low to the ice.

Obertas and Slavnovs twenty ways to change the edge and pivot to crank
up level three was not pleasing to the eye. IN fact next year i suggest
they just keep the same program but skate to teh Hokey Cokey and that
way their moves will be in keeping with the music.

All in all i must say that, of all the disciplines, (with the exception
of dance which i don't really watch with as much fanatisicm as the
others!) COP really seems to be ruining the pairs more than anything.

27 Jan 2005 12:43:54
Re: SPOILER Euros 2005 Pairs LP COP rant!

Well, Ant, I guess I'm lucky I don't have cable/satellite. I'll have
to wait for someone to loan me a tape, and maybe I"ll skip pairs! Or
not. I'd be interested to see what my perception is after reading
your post.

On recent tapes I've watched of other comps, I do see what you mean
about the camera angle. Strange.

COP appears to be instilling, from what you observed in pairs, a "try
anything that is remotely different or unusual, or 'difficult',
regardless of how it looks" mentality. Some of that I've noticed with
a few inside edge spins (there was a thread already in RSSIR re
this...) in singles --- some of which are interesting, others which
just, to my esthetic sense, look weird. I still mostly like COP better
than 6.0. I think it's improving singles, and generally making it more
fun to watch.

28 Jan 2005 01:57:10
Re: SPOILER Euros 2005 Pairs LP COP rant!

Google's playing all manner of weirdness this...i posted this to the
other news group!!


28 Jan 2005 06:45:19
Re: SPOILER Euros 2005 Pairs LP COP rant!

ant wrote:
> Google's playing all manner of weirdness this...i posted this to the
> other news group!!
> Sorry!
> Ant

'S'OK, it was fun to read it here!


28 Jan 2005 21:43:14
The Walsh Family
Re: SPOILER Euros 2005 Pairs LP COP rant!

I thought so, however, I loved the rant. This is inevitable with this sort
of scoring system, obviously they need to revise it or increase the
importance of artistic merit, which, by its subjective nature, puts us right
back into the mess we started in.

"ant" <a__nt@hotmail.com > wrote in message
> Google's playing all manner of weirdness this...i posted this to the
> other news group!!
> Sorry!
> Ant