29 Sep 2003 15:14:12
Passed Gamma!


Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who has helped me over the past year and a
half with tips about 3-turns, mohawks, hockey stops!

It's hard to say if any particular thing was "the" key for me. I
think the process has really been, like a door with many locks that
randomly open and shut, I've needed a whole ringful of keys, some of
which are essential one day and some another. Some of the *recent*
"keys" for me were:

FO 3-turn:
1. Experiment with letting your body travel around the curve
naturally at the same time as your foot (i.e. not forcing the turn
with the shoulders, but not pre-setting the shoulders into position
2. For the check/exit, feel like there's a hand pushing back on your
free shoulder and free hip.
3. Press the free hip and shoulder down the whole time (to
counteract the tendency for them to rise).

FI mohawk:
1. big pizza before and *after*. (Thanks Janet!)
2. bend the knees. (I still don't do this enough).
3. *** place the free foot down on the *ball* of the foot, and
*slide* it down, and be sure it's coming down on an Inside edge.
(Instead of stamping it down, on the flat long part of the blade, and
on the flat or even the Outside edge.)
4. shoulders and hips parallel to tracing (turn the free hip out
5. *** Let the skating foot "hook"/curve slightly going into the
turn: since I don't have a lot of turn-out, I need to get to where the
skating foot and free foot both point symmetrically into the circle,
so I'm splitting the difference of the skating foot oozing off the ice
and the free foot oozing onto it.
(***'s are the ultra-biggies that made the final difference for
*me*, others might have a different route :-).

Hockey stops:
1. Bend the knees beforehand.
2. Keep them bent afterwards.
3. (There's a little kneerise in the middle, but once I got the knee
BEND down, the kneerise seemed to take care of itself. Mostly.)
4. Practice them with one hand on the boards to get comfortable with
them. (Thanks Sling!). Once I wasn't afraid of them any more, I
could start doing them out on free ice.

Yesterday I even found myself doing some hockey stops that felt like I
was swooooshing, instead of a laborious creaky clumsy exercise!

30 Sep 2003 14:28:29
janet swan hill
Re: Passed Gamma!


Well, many congratulations!

Everything you learned will come in handy immediately as you tackle Delta and


30 Sep 2003 15:30:55
Annabel Smyth
Re: Passed Gamma!

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Well done! So how did you celebrate????
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30 Sep 2003 18:24:24
Julia Garcia
Re: Passed Gamma!


Congratulations! Now on to Delta!


30 Sep 2003 19:48:07
Elizabeth Shack
Re: Passed Gamma!

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