21 Sep 2003 02:31:13
W Letendre
New Boots are "Keepers"

Went to Nashoba rink for their Saturday Night Adult Skate, in order to
give new boots and blades a thorough "burn in" before lesson on Monday
(and my thanks to Annabel for info!).

***Sigh*** Gotta tell ya, Reidell Royals are some wicked nice boots. Was
a little concerned at first; felt like new skates had taken all my edges
and hidden them someplace. Well, they hadn't gone all that far, just a
few mm fore or aft of where they used to be. Found them all, now, and
they all eight feel way more stable and solid than I've been used to.
Keepin' these boots, no question about it!

W Letendre

20 Sep 2003 21:24:08
Re: New Boots are "Keepers"

I called Riedell, and they sent me some longer laces.
I recommend 150 cm so you can double lace up the
hooks. Makes a big difference after a while.