23 Nov 2004 00:21:58
Got a great online golf game..

wow, I found new online golf game, Shot-Online.
I really love playing golf, but there's no enough time to go to
so I tried to find some nice golf game and finally!
I got it!! kiki :)

well, this golf game with an internet access is great.. and it's quite
interesting.it's kinda fun and in beta already.Graphics are decent,
the courses are solid and it's like making my own pro golfer!(for your
reference, they have 7 courses..) it also helps improve my golf
skill.. If you're enjoyng golf in any form.. I'm sure that you'll like

Actually, I need more people who can enjoy the rounding with me at the
Shot-Online..anybody who wants to join me? 'cause none of my friends
don't like computer game, i want to make some friends through this
game.. ah, you may be wonder the URL of this site.. so I'll tell you.
The URL is "http://www.shot-online.com".isn't it easy? If you send me
a message after joining this site, I'll let you know my id in Shot
See ya.