Who's Skated to David Foster's Music In Competition?
I recall an SP done to "Winter Games" but cannot remember who. David is a wonderful composer and "I Have Nothing" is one of my favorite songs, and "The Symphony Sessions" is one of my fave ...

U.S. Figure Skating Championships Portland Oregon-Gold series tickets availible
We purchased what i think is a gold series of tickets to the Championship in Portland with i think it a ticket to everything going on. Practice Pass Novice Short Programs N...

GP Final -- Participants?
With Johnny Weir out of the Grand Prix final, has a substitute been named? Unfortunately Plushenko is the first alternate -- but I've read nothing about him going? Has anyone else pulled o...

Piezerat and Anissina
Hi! I wonder if enyone has Suzanna in their collection - I'd be very grateful for help in finding it. Aleksandra

World Team Champs in Wpg
Is on tsn right now, and the artistic portion will be on tonight. S&P lead in the tech for the pairs music: Radar Love B&S - 2nd Michael Bolton - oh puleaze........

Skating in National Monuments?
Now that the French have shown world leadership in putting tiny, lame rinks with bad ice up in the air for people that want something that sounds like a good vacation idea: What n...

GPF Hanoi
The #)($*()#&(* remailer at nym.alias.net is down AGAIN. Anyway, for anyone attending GPF in Hanoi, there is just one item that pertains to anyone travelling to Hanoi on a US passport....

GPF Hanoi
The #)($*()#&(* remailer at nym.alias.net is down AGAIN. Anyway, for anyone attending GPF in Hanoi, there is just one item that pertains to anyone travelling to Hanoi on a US passport....

Kristi - stills from Friday?
Does anyone have screen stills from Ice Wars on Dec. 3 2004? The yahoogroup doesn't have any right now. Thanks

Re: Just watched Ice Wars on tape
My coworker the casual skating fan told me that she tuned in during Kurt Browning's first program and watched for nearly a minute before realizing that he was not Scott Hamilton.

Kurt's Gotta Skate IV
is on CBC tonight - check your local listings for time. Starring: Kurt (of course), Shae-Lynne Bourne, Katarina Witt, Brian Orser, Jason Dunjen (yea - I hope he'll be skating with Yuk...

More people on other newgroups think Alexei is gay.

World Team Challenge
in Winnipeg on Friday night: http://tinyurl.com/4dad6 Who are Lucie Stadelmann and Ian Jenkins? They are part of the European team. My guess - Team Russia will w...

Giant Wedgie Alert !!
Eeeeeewwwww I see Arakawa is still having costume wedgie problems. Yup, just what I want to see - her big butt cheeks. http://www.tsn.ca/figure_skating/

Debbi Wilkes: Ban Michelle and Sasha from Worlds
TSN.ca: Grand Prix Final Preview http://www.tsn.ca/figure%5Fskating/news_story.asp?ID=107289&hubName=figure_s kating Quote: *World Champion Evgeni Plushenko decided to stay home...

What's Harder: Making An Athlete Into an Artist, or an Artist into an Athlete?
Remember the story of how Sandra Bezic turned the big and awkward Boitano into the emotional, graceful leading man? Boitano was one of the most poised men on the ice, but I am curious about...

Marshalls World Cup
Michelle was soundly defeated at Marshalls World Cup by Irina Slutskaya. Sasha came in third (but probably deserved second place). Looks like Michelle's dreams of Olympic gold are sli...

This new google sucks - Johnny Weir Withdrawal
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm having trouble getting used to the new display in google. I read someone's post that Johnny Weir withdrew from the GPF. The post didn't say why (or ...

Weir withdraws from GPF
http://tinyurl.com/4gt2r Shelagh

Meno & Sand Are Parents
A boy, Jack Henry, 7 lbs 3 oz, red hair. My first thought: Jack??? Not Apple or Phinnaeus or Banjo? Barbara --- "Greetings, large black person. Let us not forget to...

Page 84
Well, the first orders of "Cracked Ice" have shipped at last to the U.S. Alas, the publisher discovered -- too late -- that the printers messed up and left page 84 completely blank on ...

Rex - Joannie Rochette
You were asking about her performance at Eric Bompard (France).... and yeah, CBC called it - the Grand Prix of France. I just had another look at my tape - CBC kindly showed this comp ...

Eastern Sectionals on CN8
Found it on as I was doing a channel surf. Brianna Perry is a lovely skater, hopefully she will get better. Derrick Delmore is still competing? Good for him. Even though they showed ...

Does anyone know if we were to count actual scores from the GP events (rather than points based on ranking) if the we would end up with the same finalists. It seems that would be a fairer...

Is spinning healthy? Maybe not for some.
I am a 50 year old former professional skater, who in the last five years has experienced some dizziness when spinning, usually at the end of a spin, or after my first sit spin of a session,...

the rest of Ice Wars
I zipped through the rest of Ice Wars and IMO Yamaguchi's Christopher Dean program saved the whole broadcast. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Completely new stuff for her, not resting on her ...

Just watched Ice Wars on tape
And I'm *really* glad I had it taped. How long were those commercial breaks? I swear it took a good five minutes to fast-forward through them. Ice Wars wasn't nearly as bad as I had...

Il Mirto e La Rosa (The Myrtle and The Rose)
Isn't the music Todd Eldredge used for his second Ice Wars program the song Janet was trying to identify a few weeks ago? The singer is Alessandro Safina. The album is entitled 'Alessand...

How many men does the US get to send to Worlds this year?
I thought the U.S. men only had two spots for Worlds, but someone on FSU said the U.S. has three. So how many is it? Two or three? And if it is three, how did that happen?

My Ice Wars thoughts
Ok I thought this was one of the worst Ice Wars yet. However I did enjoy two things: - Alexi Yagudin - He turned out 2 very solid performances. I thought he was by far the best gu...

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