Cracked Ice listing on
Lorrie - I did a search on Amazon and came up with this this: Although the book is not availab...

Jane Pauley show
On Thursday or Friday, Jane Pauley had Paul Wylie, Katia Gordeeva, and JoJo Starbuck on as guests. (Oh yeah, Andrea Bocelli too, but I skipped over those parts, sorry.) I skimmed and delet...

Grand Prix Final Way to go Jeff Buttle and Joannie Rochette!!

I love when that happens!
I have certain songs that, over the years, I've been dying to see someone skate to. One of them has been "Radar Love". And Jamie and David did it proud!! Well, back to the ...

Marshall's World Cup
Just watched this on regular broadcast. Yep, no cable or satellite here.... My impressions. Joubert looks tired. Weir looked tired (I like a lot of things in his skating, and of...

Bocelli Special
Just watched some of this...typical professional television show. Elegance prized,technical wonders largely avoided.But I can't see what Bourne gained from waving that piece of cloth a...

Keeping It Real: Superb Johnny Weir Interview Love him or hate him, his honesty and directness are a refreshing change from the "I just want to skate well" spiel that has bec...

American Skating World Magazine
Does "American Skating World" publication still exist? Thanks, S

How USFSA Chooses "Callers"
According to the interview with Brian Boitano in the current issue of Blades on Ice, he was called by the USFSA on one or two days' notice to see if he could be the technical caller at a C...

Subscription Flight Schedules/Canadian Nationals
I just subscribed to a subscription airline schedule service, where I can download airline schedules, and I have found flights to London, Ontario that you will NOT find in any of...

Irina's sp costume - I like it. Pat C

re: Slutskaya's jumps
>Has anyone noticed that Slutskaya's jump landings are pretty awful? > >Her landing edge is very short and she just flops her free leg foot/toe down >quickly immediately aft...

Four Continents?
Is there any info out on it yet?

1990 World Team Member Doug Williams Interview
Doug was kind enough to respond to my query of "Where are the now... on ice?" His answers are here: Happy Holidays!

Cracked Ice replacement copies
Paolo Frascolla, the "Cracked Ice" publisher at Libreria dello Sport, confirmed yesterday that he'll be sending correct replacement copies to everyone who got one of the mistaken ones with t...

Beverly Smith's Article on 'Cracked Ice' "Bloc judging has always been the only real and serious problem in figure skating, says former top ...

Re: Japanese Nationals
Usually, people there do not celebrate Christmas as a significant memorial for Christ. However, on the commercial level, it is hyped. People flock at bakeries to purchase special Chris...

Debbi Wilkes (grumble) "Unless the rest of you know something I don't, like some legitimate reason to selfishly "dis" the ISU ...

Japan Nationals Questions
Please forgive me if this either comes off as very ignorant or in some way, offensive, its not my purpose..... I was noting on SKATEweb that the Japanese nationals is Dec. 24-26. ...

Repost - World Team Challenge Part 2
If you've already seen my original post, ignore this. The Artistic Programs Women Oksana Baiul skated to Vanessa Mae with a few seconds of Britney Spears My Prerogative...

Oh yee gods!
Back to the discussion (?) on sports pictures. Here is a link to a pic of Emanuel Sandhu - a head shot - and it is brutal. Ugh Shelagh

Missing Posts
I sent through my "Part 2" post on the World Team Challenge, and don't see it on my ng reader. I don't see it on Google either. I also posted on an article on Totmianina & Marinin

Men who perform figure skating are PUSSIES ! ! ! !! !
Figure skating is no sport for REAL men.REAL men enjoy sports like BOXING, wrestling, kung fu or football. Figure skating is a girls sport and men who like it are crossdressers or...

Slutskaya's jumps
Has anyone noticed that Slutskaya's jump landings are pretty awful? Her landing edge is very short and she just flops her free leg foot/toe down quickly immediately after the lan...

The World Team Challenge Part 1
There are spoilers all over the place here - so if you don't want to know..... It was held Friday night, December 10 in Winnipeg, Canada in our new arena.... they say it was sold...

Welcome to*
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US Men and Endorsements
I lurk a lot at a particular skating forum (it's best not to mention the name), but I cannot stand the posters there - I find them quite smug and condescending; despite having an account the...

Who won/or is ahead in world team championships?
What team (include skaters please) is leading (won)? How did Baiul, Browning, and Yagudin do?

Video of world team champs?
Anyone have the video of both programs for the World Team Championships? I would be willing to pay you. Please let me know

Krylova & Leliukh programs
Does anyone have any programs by Anjelika Krylova & earlier partner Vladimir Leliukh?I would be interested in buying a copy.

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