2004 ISU Congress Algiers
Anonymous Demonic Media will be covering the 2004 ISU Congress in Algiers, scheduled for 7th to 11th June. This will be the time when the ISU gives the final decision on whether or ...

The Dick Button 1978 bashing incident...more information
This article is meant as a summary of what Dirk has posted thus far about the 1978 incident in which Dick Button was beaten by thugs (along with four other men), and his claims that the medi...

Comcast is asking for opinions on future channels
If you subscribe to Comcast, now's your chance to easily let them know you're interested in the nascent Figure Skating channel (whatever it's called -- can someone elese clarify?). ...

COI Atlanta
I drove up to Atlanta from Orlando to see this year's Champions on Ice. Since others have given far better particulars than I can impart, I thought I would share my general impressions. <...

Skating on TV -- What's Next, Y'all?
What will happen to Dick and Peggy. After all, he's 75 this year, maybe he wants to slow down. Since ESPN usually shows the programs that ABC doesn't, will this change when and i...

Michelle vs. Henie
Realistically speaking, what kind of competition did Henie have in her day? I am not casting aspersions on her wonderful accomplishments, but surely skating in those days was not as fraught ...

What Next for Amber, Angela, Michael, Ryan et al.....
They are now amongst the oldest elite US skaters. What is next for them? No doubt Weiss will go for another Olympics. But what about the others, who always seem to reach just short of the...

Announcing a New Figure-Skating Photo Gallery!
I'm very happy to announce the opening of my new online photo gallery, Liza Dey Photography! It includes two full "rooms" (50, total) of my figure-skating photos, dating back to 1990, in ad...

Re: Updated Buttonisms List
Someone suggested "hanging laundry" -- does anyone have the entire quote? Barbara --- "You with your thick face have hurt my instep!" - English subtitle in kung fu film ...

COI contest has screwed up quiz to win tickets
http://www.billingsgazette.com/contests/champions/entry.php See question 3: She was the first woman to do a triple triple in competition. Nancy Kerrigan Michelle Kwan ...

The Second Mark
The book by Joy Goodwin, I believe, is what I was talking about in an earlier post regarding an alum from my university who was writing a book about the pairs skating in SLC. She works with...

A future judge maybe???
I have finally gotten around to watching my tape of the Ladies short programs from worlds, and I was watching them with my six year old daughter. During Julia Sebestyen's spins (she perform...

Updated Buttonisms List
SCHOOL COMMENTARY That was first rate! Round-shouldered or rounded back That won't stand them in good stead. Good boy! Oh! Oh! Did you SEE that??...

IRC-casts in Jeopardy for next season
Our IRC-casts for the 2004-2005 season could in in jeopardy. The guy who runs the site where we do our IRC-casts wants to charge US$49 per month to use his site (OUTRAEGEOUS). Beca...

One Mo' Time..."All Time Podium Greats"
I hope this is it. (I'm becoming extremely impatient with myself.) "THE ALL -TIME SKATING PODIUM GREATS" The Obvious Queen, with 14 Podium Appearances: Sonja Henie, NOR ...

Ice Skating Elvis
Hi, what is the name of the guy who was just on ESPN in an Elvis suit...? We had the t.v. on mute! I was in a restaurant... Also, to what song did he skate? Visually, he was fab. :)

"The Second Mark"
My mom just got me this book for my birthday. I've flipped through it, but not really read it yet. So a few questions.... 1) Has anyone here read it? What did you think? ...

HAYDENETTES! 2004, U.S. Synchro Champs!

"All-Time Podium Greats," Revised
OK, here we go again. Any problems, let me know. "THE ALL -TIME SKATING PODIUM GREATS" The Obvious Queen, with 14 Podium Appearances: Sonja Henie, NOR The Obvious...

Another article on children in sports
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4556240/ "At a time when parents push their 5- and 6-year-old children into competitive sports leagues and the sports marketing machinery rewards youn...

Part II The World Championships Summed Up by Rex -- The Poetaster
And now the ladies The Ice Dancers and the Ladies An ice dancer's moves can be quite precocious Their bodies, long and lean, their costumes, atrocious. Like spangled bo...

Kwan's worlds exhibition program
In Michelle's exhibition program, was her final spin a back or forward scratch spin? She looks like she's spinning much faster than she does in her SP and FS final spins. Ho...

Invasion of the Podium People: In Praise of Competitive Longevity
I was moved to write this one following this world championships, largely to make a point about that skater whose competitive demise is once again being predicted as imminent (how many times...

The World Championships Summed Up by Rex -- The Poetaster
I was caught up on my work today and worked on a poem that sums up my feelings about the World Championships. If you like it, I will also send the one on the ice dancers and the ladies.

Johnny Weir to work with Tarasova
I read this on another website. Weir is a spectacular skater and will work with Tarasova on his quad.

Spoiler - Marshalls Challenge in Providence
Don't know if this will be televised, so ... S P O I L E R ...

2004 USFSA Adult Training Camp
The brochure and application for the 2004 USFSA Adult Training Camp hosted by the American Academy FSC and the Ice House is now on their website. The address is www.icehousenj.com. Look un...

need extra cash? Learn how to earn it online, legally
Dear Internet User, Good day, This article I've written is all about the fact where I earned an ASTOUNDING amount of money in less than a month and I've decided to share or reveal...

Happy Birthday Janet Lynn!
It's a day late. Sorry.

Keanu Reeves, M. Kwan+Richard Gere-famous Buddhists?
I think all of these celebs are Buddhist practitioners.

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