Because they were originally a promotional item which in turn did not go over well. You had to send in 3 UPC codes from 3 Lipton products and money to cover postage and handling to receive o...

Lu Chen engaged and opening rink in China
Former world champion Chen to set up Asia's biggest indoor skating center Quote: Chen was invited by Shenzhen's Hu...

Sasha Cohen's "Swan Lake"
I LOVED Sasha Cohen's long program this season. I had it on tape and the tape broke? Could anybody please copy a tape for me? I would be happy to pay. I really hope she performs it on TV aga...

another random silly observation
I was watching some exhibition skating last night. Unlike the competition, the house lights are turned down and the skater is bathed in bright light from about four or more spot lights. Isn'...

The Blue Costume US Men Used To Wear.....
When Nationals did that 40th anniversary fluff piece, I saw some of the men from the 1960's clips wearing this. Why don't the American male skaters where THAT today? Johnny Weir would look ...

Copying articles whole cloth
A webmaster is telling me that it is perfectly legal and ethical for him to copy newspaper and magazine articles in full and print them on his website, insisting there is no necessity to pro...

Champions on Ice photos online
My photos from the recent Champions on Ice stop in Chicago are now online at [URL=][/URL] Along with photos from the show are images taken during the p...

Will Alexei get engaged now that Todd is engaged?
It could be so. Alexei wants babies he said.

Watch that internet patch from M$ Corporation
--uexqxzjziws Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary="mrbcxslzpr"; type="multipart/alternative" --mrbcxslzpr Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="dcsnanhujqlne"...

Sandhu and Macleod Stay Together
Apologies if someone has posted this already but both the Vancouver papers have carried stories in the past week saying that Emanuel Sandhu and Joanne Macleod have agreed to keep working t...

Todd's engagement
Does anyone have a link to a photo of Megan?

Did you hear... Todd is ENGAGED!!
Here's the link: Aw, man, I totally missed my chance!! :-) Bev

Are there any fellow Richard-hunters out there?
To those of you above it all, my apologies in advance: I know I'm not the only one who follows Ricky (Richard, Richie, Richard Johnson, Richard Manahan, Ricardo, Rina, webdragon, ...

Costume Co. Problems- Tighe Industries
Any one else have any experience with Tighe Industries, Inc.? They have costume catalogs, one is Curtain Call Costumes the other is Perform. We ordered some costumes for an upcoming even...

I Strangled My Dog Then Fucked it
Pictures of me strangleing and fucking my dog bobo

Teenage Boys Shat on By Fathers
My own Personal Pictures of Teenage Boys Being Shat on

Skating In Strange (And Political) Places
The 5/03 issue of Newsweek magazine features a cover article on Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes-Ferreira Heinz Kerry, the multi-billion-dollar woman behind John Kerry. The Newsweek...

Insights into changes in Tim Goebel?
I've seen Tim skate live many times over the years, and yesterday at COI I was struck that he seems much more "solid" -- he looks noticably bigger (not fat, just not the wispy little guy I'm...

more articles
Sonia Bianchetti has written another article on matters relating to the upcoming ISU Congress, and given me permission to post it on SkateWeb:

article from the Protopopovs
Oleg & Ludmila Protopopov have contributed a rather amazing article to the WSF web site. It is very long (a 35-page PDF document) and presents their arguments for figure skating being repre...

FS: Elvis Stojko 1998 Olympics "Promo" Sheet
Elvis Stojko 1998 Olympics "Promo" Sheet I have for sale a 1998 full-color 8 12" x 11" Elvis Stojko "Promo" Sheet (Canadian Issue Product). The sheet features a smiling Elvis Stojko

Play, talk, learn, shop and live skating!
If you want to discuss or read posts regarding your favorite sport, come to and click on our forums. From there you can post and view messages pertaining to you...

Re: Christine Brennan
"Darby Wiggins" <> wrote in message > I just came back from listening to Christine Brennan speak at my > work/school an...

poll: If you had a way back machine
What skater do you miss watching in competition? Lu Chen

question about access to r.s.s.i.f.
The recent influx of trolls and spam here makes me wonder if anyone else experienced what I did a few days ago. I pulled up my "favorites" one morning, and clicked on the one that is <...


Wash DC Cherry Blossom Comp Info
The admission charge for the Cherry Blossom Invitational taking place this week in Alexandria VA (suburban Washington DC) is $7 per day or $20 for all four days (Thursday - Sunday). The sma...

Worlds photos online
1203 images from the recent World Figure Skating Championships are now online at Included are photos from all of the events of the competition, exhibitions, practice sessi...

Looking For The Competitive Edge?
Since you demand that your body perform at its utmost best it should only be natural that you would demand the best nutrition to feed it. Check out an...

Stroking -- And Crossovers -- The Soviet Way
(Note: I just posted this on rssir but then thought it might interest some folks over here as well.) I just finished reading "The Second Mark" (my brief review is posted on rssif ...

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