25 Sep 2004 07:26:52
Sweet-Stick Edge Enhancer

To find out more: http://www.kidsportstv.com/sweet-stick.ca/index.html

The Sweet Stick, an Affordable, Easy to Use, Edge Enhancer for Hockey,
Goalie and Figure Skates. Based on years of research the Sweet Stick unique
materials and design restores your edges quickly, easily and safely.

Reduced Fatigue
Increased Skating Speed
More Powerful Crossovers
Enhanced Maneuverability
Increase time between sharpening

The Sweet Stick is a hand held skate sharpener. The physics surrounding the
creation of the Sweet Stick is a fusion of composite materials that produces
a ceramic with "Diamond like Hardness" which will feel the steel. Using the
Sweet Stick in conjunction with traditional skate sharpening, will give you

Mom's, Dad's, Coaches, Referees & NHL Teams, use the Sweet Stick as the
perfect tool to keep rink-side, in your bag or in your pocket to freshen
your edges anytime. Quickly, Easily and Safely!

Don't settle for anything but the "Original Sweet Stick" ceramic hand held
skate sharpener!

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