14 Dec 2004 23:50:11
Repost - World Team Challenge Part 2

If you've already seen my original post, ignore this.

The Artistic Programs

Oksana Baiul skated to Vanessa Mae with a few seconds of Britney Spears My
She managed a couple of triples, but somehow managed to cut her knee. She
was shown in the K&C with one of her team mates holding a tissue up to her
knee, and it was quite bloody. I wondered why she had a bandage on her knee
when she came out for the finale at the end of the night. Now I know.

Karen Cadavy - Amazing Grace - LeAnne Rimes(sp?)
A beautiful, graceful program.

Maria Butyrskaya - Abba Medley
This was not one of her better skates, and she fell twice on her jumps. She
came last.

Jen Robinson - Simple Gifts - Alisson Krauss/ Yo Yo Ma
This was skated very well, and she placed first. Pro skating seems to agree
with Jen as she seems much more relaxed, and looked like she was having a
great time. She was even given a 10, as well as two 9.9's and was amazed
and ecstatic.

Stadelman/Jenkins - La Strada - Nino Rota
This was a scary program. He almost dropped her on one lift, and while
flinging her about in a "Headbanger", he almost did bang her head on the
ice. Her hair dusted the ice and the audience gasped. Bleah.

CTV showed a fluff piece on John Zimmerman.

Ina/Zimmerman - I'm For Real
Contained their usual trademark moves.

Berez/Sikh - Medley of disco & hip-hop
I did NOT like this program. The costumes were awful, and the whole thing
seemed very frantic. They also stripped off various layers of clothing a
couple of times, which did not add to the effect. Their last layer of
clothes had a French look to it, which they skated to Russian type ethnic
music. Quite incongruous. I was amazed they were awarded 4 x 9.9 and one
9.6. The mark of 9.6 was more consistent with the actual skate.

Sale & Pelletier - Over the Rainbow - Jewel, choreo'd by Roca & Sur
This program has a lot of difficult elements, and I'm not sure they were
totally comfortable with it yet. I can't say I cared for the dress Jaimie
wore. They had problems with a couple of their elements, but on the whole I
think this program should have come out ahead of B&S. However, the judges
chose to tie them. (shrug)

Sabovcik - The Promise - Bruce Springsteen
I wasn't all that impressed with this program, since there were a number of
jumps with not much else in between

Todd Eldredge - something by Bocelli???
Not much to say - a typical Todd artistic program - in a red shirt and
pants. He's sticking true to the formula posted by someone here a few days

Alexei Yagudin - Moon Over Bourbon Street - Sting
A wonderful departure for Alexei... a slow, soulful song with a program to
match. He wore a black tank top (sigh, drool) and black pants. He was
totally into the music, with graceful arm movements matching it, but still
managed some triples... and I swear he was channeling Kurt and Nyah with
some of his moves. I'd love to know who choreographed this work for him.
He received 4 x 10's, and one 9.9

Kurt Browning - Passion-The Feeling Begins - Peter Gabriel
He said in an interview later this piece was choreo'd by Louis Oyo(sp?) from
Spain, a friend of his wife Sonia. I think Kurt must be taking some dance
classes with her, as his arm and hand movements are truly beautiful and
balletic. He had great footwork and interpreted the music very well. You
could tell he came out to skate well and wanted to win! He received 3 x
10's, a 9.9 and a 9.8.

In a later interview with the winning Canadian team, David Pelletier was
obviously totally in awe of Kurt and his skating. I was so happy to see
Kurt skate those two programs rather than the Home Handyman ones he used at
Ice Wars. Thank heavens he used his head. It was very nostalgic to see
Michael Jiranik there with him.